Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking to apologize to Bhavna. Barbie starts hypnotizing Suhani again. Rags comes to Dadi and says I have to talk something important in private. Yuvraaj says I will come later. Pratima stops Yuvraaj and says we have to hear it too if Rags is saying about Suhani. Rags says fine, but Yuvraaj will not feel good. He asks her to talk well then. Dadi asks Rags to say. Rags says Suhani genuinely needs help, we should help her, we are ignoring her problem, our family can have risk by it.

Suhani goes to terrace. Bhavna sees her. Yuvraaj asks Rags what do you mean. Rags says I think we should send Suhani in mental rehab like Gauri. They ask what. Suhani stands on the railing. Yuvraaj argues with Rags about Suhani. She says why can’t we decide for Suhani. Pratima

asks Rags to stop it. Dadi asks Rags to go. Rags says no, you have to take a decision. Pratima scolds Rags.

Sharad comes running and tells Yuvraaj that Suhani has stood on the railing. Yuvraaj rushes to Suhani and gets shocked seeing her. He thinks how to stop Suhani. Everyone come there and get shocked.

Yuvraaj asks her to come down. She asks why. He says you will fall. She says I have come to fall. Barbie comes there. Yuvraaj asks why do you want to fall, come down. Suhani asks what shall I do then. They all get worried. Barbie thinks now Suhani will get saved again, no…. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to count down till 3. He says no. she says I will count down myself, and starts. They all get worried. Yuvraaj falls down on the floor. Suhani’s hypnotism breaks by the sound. She realizes where she is standing and shouts Yuvraaj, save me. Yuvraaj gets her down safe and makes her sit. Dadi asks Suhani what was she doing. Suhani says I don’t remember, why did I come here. Yuvraaj asks really, you were going to jump from terrace, tell me why. Rags asks Dadi to agree to her. Suhani says I was going to tell sorry to Bhavna. Bhavna says you saw me near stairs and ignored me. Suhani cries and says I don’t remember anything, take me to doctor. Yuvraaj agrees and consoles.

Rakhi tells everyone that Soumya kept Nirjala fast. Rakhi and Lalita see some sweets silver line on Soumya’s lips. The man asks whats happening. Rakhi lies that Soumya is spewing silver, and fools people.

Suhani is sad and tells Pratima that she really do not know whats happening. Pratima hugs Suhani and says I will take you to doctor in evening. Barbie comes and asks Suhani to have samosas. Pratima goes. Barbie shuts door and window. Suhani asks Barbie to go. Barbie says no, I will change your mood. The locket falls and Suhani asks what fell down. Barbie says nothing and picks it. Suhani says I want to be alone. Barbie says I will accompany you here and you won’t be bored, look into my eyes, you don’t have to sleep, you have to see into my eyes, are you with me. Suhani nods. Barbie asks her to sit there. Barbie asks her to close her eyes. She uses the locket and asks Suhani to open her eyes now. She asks Suhani to look at this locket, you don’t have to go to psychiatrist, whatever happens. Suhani says I won’t go. Snoppi barks and Suhani gets out of that spell. Barbie hides the locket. Suhani holds her head and asks Barbie what are you doing here. Barbie says nothing, I think snoopi wants to meet you. Suhani says I will sleep, I m tired. Barbie says wait, I will help you, look at me Suhani. She continues hypnotizing Suhani. She says you don’t have to go to psychiatrist, you will refuse to Pratima. Suhani agrees. Barbie asks her to close her eyes now. Barbie opens the door and Snoopi barks at her. Barbie takes samosa plate and leaves. Suhani says its good you came snoopi, I was feeling weak like someone took our my life from me. Suhani recalls Barbie’s words and says whenever something strange happens with me, its always Barbie with me. Barbie told me to look into her eyes. She thinks to go and talk to Barbie.

Soumya tells Suhani that maybe that girl is hypnotizing you. Suhani asks what. Soumya says this happened with me too, that mother-son used to hypnotize me. Barbie comes and says Suhani…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow what’s wrong with barbie. Good that suhani is safe. I think suhani and somu come know the truth and get barbie out of that house.

  2. U r right rani.. And also dadi shud get d hell out of yuvaanis life… She is so dumbstruck lady.. I mean how sick she is??? Disgusting..

  3. I hope suhani will know the truth. Plzz stop this hypnotism drama.

  4. Good to see suhani is finding something fishy about barbie.
    Yuvraj’s reaction was too good. ….
    Plz throw dadi &barbie out of the house just hate them. …both r evil with the same plastic smile with loads of makeup. .yukkk

  5. I am totally lost for words
    Don’t know if I should cry or in such frustration smash my phone when watching

    You just totally contradicted Barbie
    First she used her eyes only to get Suhani on the ledge

    Then she used her pendant in order to instruct Suhani from seeing the doctors

    Please at least be a bit consistent

    Another time waster — don’t know why I get sucked into watching this drama

    I’m just waiting for the Hanky Panky stuff between the love birds
    That’s what keeps me watching lol

  6. pls something good should come out of it,its high time the truth about berbie and dadi be reviled to everyone suhani deserve to be a mother after everything she have gone through plssss make her wish to come true

  7. Soumya is rte n i hope suhani don’t let barbie her

  8. pls make suhani to get pregnant unexpectedly since nothing stops her from becoming a mother let god intervene on her behalf since dadi have made clear that’s only reason that she can separate them just because she doesn’t like suhani,just like yuvraj secretly did a DNA test on guari let him take suhani to another gynecologist that way dadi will be unmask because its not right for her to have control over who becomes a mother or not she shouldn’t control that too and suhani did so many good this in the family she brought guari back her mother and brothers even when dadi tried to hide the truth,that singled she deserves to become pregnant unexpectedly before the surrogacy takes place .

  9. god suhani, please be your smart and investigative self again only then this show will be worth watching. I have deleted all my taped shows for the last week after reading the written updates…who the hell want to see Barbie and Dadi always up to evil…it’s only fun when Suhani spoils their plans

  10. In all serials negative characters change sum how…but in ths serial dadi didn’t change….she is becoming more devil…ohh God all drama is gng through dadi only….so dragging ..I think dadi is only writer of ths melodrama.. Lol..producer don’t want to spend money for others except to ths devil….ths serial name wouldn’t b suhaani si ek ladki,it should b Dadi si ek chudael…

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