Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags scolding Sharad. Suhani says this is not just your house Rags. Rags says I have more right here, I will kick out Sharad. Dadi comes and asks how dare you. Sharad gets worried. Dadi scolds Rags and asks how dare you talk to my grandson like that. Sharad, Pratima, Menka, Rags and everyone get shocked and see Dadi. Dadi asks Rags who are you to kick out anyone from this house, I m alive and I will decide who will stay here. Rags says Sharad misbehaved. Dadi says no, you would have said something first. Menka gets dizzy. Dadi asks Sharad not to worry, you are like my other grandsons. She kisses on his forehead. Menka holds her head. Suhani and everyone smile. Dadi goes. Barbie looks on and smiles. Everyone is in shock seeing Dadi’s great change.

Lalita asks

Soumya to see her Bhakts. All the ladies and Bhakt start chanting. Rakhi takes money from them in donation box. Soumya gets angry and helplessly becomes a part of that act. She takes some color in her hand and puts in Rakhi’s eyes.

Bhavna tells Suhani that I can’t believe Dadi can say this, she has called Sharad her grandson, don’t know how did this miracle happen. Suhani says this miracle happened because of Golu. Bhavna asks Suhani to take rest now. She tells how Golu troubles her in bathroom, he does not like taking bath. Suhani says she will give bath to Golu.

Rags and Menka have a talk. Menka asks Rags to open her eyes, Dadi has accepted Suhani and now made Sharad her grandson. Pratima says I can’t believe this. Yuvraaj says I m shocked too, we should celebrate that Sharad became Dadi’s grandson. He teases Sharad. Pratima says Dadi hugged him for the first time. Yuvraaj says I m jealous. The tea falls on Yuvraaj’s shirt. Yuvraaj asks what did you do, I have to change shirt now. Suhani takes Golu for bath. Yuvraaj comes and asks her to clean his shirt. He takes another shirt and goes.

Suhani takes cloth detergent bottle and looks hypnotized. Rakhi argues with Soumya for throwing color in her eyes. Lalita threatens Soumya. Soumya asks what will you do, if you tell this to Krishna, how will you get donation box. She asks Rakhi to be careful. She asks Lalita to go now, as she has to rest. Lalita and Rakhi leave.

Suhani takes Golu to the bathroom, and puts cloth detergent in one tub, while other tub has baby soap for Golu. Babrie thinks to go and stop Suhani. Dadi takes Barbie with her and asks her why did she hypnotize her, to call Sharad her grandson, now Sharad is coming to take my blessings. Barbie says you wanted to know what I did with Suhani. Sharad comes there and gifts a saree to Dadi. Barbie says I will just come. Dadi stops Barbie.

Suhani is about to put Golu in detergent tub. Barbie goes to Suhani and shouts why is Golu crying, stop it. Bhavna comes and asks what happened. She takes Golu and asks what was Golu doing near detergent tub. Suhani asks when did Golu come here. Bhavna asks did you go mad, how could you be so careless. Suhani says I don’t know anything. Bhavna scolds her. Dadi and everyone come there. Yuvraaj asks what happened. Suhani tells everything. She says I don’t remember anything. Menka says Suhani did this to kill Golu. Suhani says everyone knows I can’t think this to hurt Golu, I really don’t remember. Yuvraaj says I gave you my shirt to clean his stain. Suhani asks when did you give me shirt. Menka says you are doing this as you can’t become mum. Yuvraaj scolds Menka. Rags says sorry Yuvraaj, this house needs us too, the truth is Suhani is losing her mental balance, it will be better we keep her away from here. Dadi says enough now, Pratima come with me to talk.

Rakhi writes some message and Lalita says its great. Rakhi says I wrote about Mata’s blessings and the charges of fast. Soumya eats the Prasad. Lalita asks Soumya why is she eating this, when they told everyone that Soumya is fasting. Soumya says so what, I m supporting you being helpless to save my marriage, don’t think I m weak. Lalita asks her to get ready and come out fast. Soumya eats some sweets and goes.

Yuvraaj consoles Suhani and asks her to calm down. Barbie comes and starts acting to show concern. Suhani says something happened to me, I m not able to control my mind. He says its okay, everything will be fine. Barbie says Suhani you are so lucky to get such loving family and caring husband, you should not lose this way. Suhani says I have some way, take me to good doctor. Yuvraaj says fine, I will try. Suhani says no, assure me. He says fine, don’t cry. Barbie thinks if Suhani goes to psychiatrist, he will tell Suhani that someone is hypnotizing her.

Suhani gets on the railing and stands on it, looking down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ipudu idi okkate takkuva..
    hypnotisicm etc etc..
    manchi ga unde serial ni pieces ga chesi champuthunaru.
    manchi ni chupinchandi serials lo not d evil wining over gud eveytime

  2. I hate barbie. I have read that suhani tries to commit suicide and yuvraaj saves her. She did that because of barbie.

  3. Omg wtf is happening to this story?? O.o

  4. Shaheen i read that to. Barbie is a devil kill her and dadi plzz.

  5. OMG is this serial going to go same way as SNS – where Gopi was sent to mental asylum?
    Please stop this and reveal Barbie and Dadi planning before you start to lose TRP. Why does evil always be shown as winning.

  6. This episode was the worse one I have ever seen
    Talking about stealing a story line from another drama

    Didn’t Gopi do the same screen — walking on a ledge not so long ago

    Come on come up with something original

    Yuvraaj isn’t gods gift to women – that everyone wants him for a husband

    We need to see them progress in their one year old relationship

    We need them to get together

    Get a move on

  7. Dear writers, directors or who ever r the conserned people take a break &watch all the episodes ,u urself will know how u r ruining each &every track after yuvani’s remarriage. …..this track is the worst of all plz wake up be logical. ….
    S Shaheen. ..i too read it but very scared to see the epi ,hate barbie &dadi

  8. Well said pali ……

  9. Now is the time suhani’s dad needs to take her out of that house with crazy people. Where is he. Writers suck!!!!! They need to go back to script writing school or get some brain. Every shows copies the story from each other. Where is the originality

  10. make suhani pregnant nd kick barbie out of the house

  11. What nonsense. First sowmya was hypnotized and now suhani. Now sowmya is a devi later after one month suhani will also become devi. Pl. end the track. Send yuvani to some honeymoon.

  12. We already have our own problems that are enough, so from a hard working day I would like to see something positive and beautiful that can make me believe married life is beautiful and worth it. Such negativity doesn’t give hope and it makes one think twice of being married in a joint family. These serials are supposed to relax us, give us hope not make us disgusted of being married in a joint family.

  13. this sierel is so bad with lot of negative things I hate this now

  14. this dadi character is really terrible….. cant she accept Suhani already!
    yuvraaj is inlove with his wife… why all the ridiculous drama!!!

  15. seems in India revenge and bad things triump more than good, why are people so evil.

    1. Yep , that’s that how it looks as portrayed by the so called writers , they are unwittingly or lack of giving Indians bad image.

  16. I think yuvraj and suhani must go out of birla house as a punishment to dadi so that they lead a peaceful life

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