Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Yuvraaj that she is going on terrace as she is not feeling sleepy. Rachna comes to Lata and asks about dad. Lata says he went for work, whats the matter, you are coming from Suhani’s home. Rachna says something is wrong there, don’t know what. Lata asks did anyone say anything. Rachna says Soumya. Lata asks what did she do. Rachna says Yuvraaj is giving her more importance, he asked her to make food and coffee, I did not find this good. Lata says even I saw that, Soumya is behaving like its her home, she forgot that its Suhani’s inlaws house and she is guest. Rachna says but Yuvraaj should understand it, we have to talk to him, we can’t neglect this matter.

Suhani stands in lawn and is upset. Yuvraaj comes to her and asks you said you

are going on terrace. She says yes, but I came here, I m afraid of peace. He says like I m scared of your silence. She sees him on phone and thinks. Dadi sees the painting and Soumya hit the right mark and asks her to make Suhani doubt on Yuvraaj, that he is lying, then our work will be done. Soumya asks if they talk then.. Dadi says let them, as Yuvraaj does not have anything to prove, and she will not believe him. Soumya says I sent him a sad message. Dadi says what, let me think. She says I will see Suhani, I will tell you later. She says tomorrow sunset will take away many people’s happiness. She smiles and leaves.

Sharad hears them and says whats going on, what will Dadi and Soumya do till tomorrow evening, I have to find out.

Suhani says what should I do, shall I ask Yuvraaj or check his phone, I don’t like doing this, then what to do. Soumya sees Yuvraaj and smiles. Snoopi comes in between and Sharad takes him. Sharad taunts Soumya and they laugh. He says he was joking. Soumya thinks if she does not delete the message, Suhani will know she is lying, I have to delete it. Suhani sleeps. Sharad and Yuvraaj come back from walk. Sharad says good night and takes Snoopi. Yuvraaj sees Soumya going on terrace and thinks is she going to do something wrong again.

He says I have to stop her and goes to her. She bends down and smiles. He asks what is she doing. She says nothing, I was taking some fresh air. He keeps his phone there and says I was scared. She says I m fine now, you supported me and made me out of my depression, how can I do wrong. He says yes, Suhani gets upset seeing you worried. He leaves his phone and goes. She takes his phone and he stops. She hides the phone. He asks her to go to garden and checks for his phone.

He asks her to see his phone. She says no, its not here. He says call from your phone. She says I did not bring my phone. He says but it was here, just see, maybe I forgot in hall. She asks him will he give her company till the room. He says sure. Menka smiles seeing them. Suhani wakes up and looks for Yuvraaj. Menka tells her about seeing him with Soumya. Suhani does not believe. Menka asks her to see herself and leaves. Suhani goes to Soumya’s room and says no, I should not doubt on my husband. She starts leaving and turns to see Yuvraaj coming out of Soumya’s room.

She is shocked and goes to her room. Yuvraaj changes clothes and gets ready to sleep. He asks where did she go. She says to get water, where did you go. He says I went with Sharad and Snoopi on walk, and when I came I saw Soumya going on terrace and I got worried if she does anything, so I dropped her to her room. She says she is feeling sleepy. Its morning, Yuvraaj comes from jogging and greets good morning to Suhani.

She gives him orange juice. She asks him about Soumya’s message. He says I told you, she was feeling low, you can see the message then you will believe. He says my phone is missing since night, I think its in Sharad’s room. Soumya greets him and says he forgot his phone in her room. He says but it was missing from terrace. She says don’t know, I got it in my room. He says how did the inbox messages get deleted.

Menka tells Suhani that Dadi is calling her, she was not lying yesterday night. Suhani comes to Dadi. Dadi asks her to prove she is educated. She asks her to read her old mails. Rags and Menka look on. Suhani checks mail and reads the mail by Yuvraaj, and sees Soumya’s pic. She reads that she is his choice and I want to marry her. Dadi smiles and asks her to read and say its whose mail. Suhani gets upset.

Suhani tells Sharad that Yuvraaj has sent Soumya’s pic to Dadi for marriage, tell me truly don’t you know about this matter. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super fast update! Thanks Amena

    Just hope Yuvraaj understands Soumya and her evil deeds

  2. Yuvraj cant u use ur brain at upstairs she only told u ur phone is not there & u checked ur pockets also then how ur phone will be in her room at mng & all msgs on ur phone is deleted what ur phone walked itself 2 Soumya’s room…………….
    show makers u make fool hero character in the show bt dont think audience is also fools 2 accept such scrap
    We r fed up with this story line now pls just stop the nonsense

  3. atlast the truth is out..

  4. Nyc suhani vl knelw the truth nw

    1. hey suhani u will know d truth tomorrow 😛

  5. supa cool ! finally suhani is gonna knw the truth…….aab ayega maza….

    1. No suhani will not realize the truth the director will drag the serial

  6. Waiting for tomo episode !!! Suhani knows the truth

  7. What Suhani come 2 know abt the truth tmrow i dont think so bcs anklet scene is not yet over & i saw on sbs segment suhani wear different dress at that time nt red dress she wore today

  8. Nice thing will happened to somya and now suhani will show the bad thing hidden in her she just showed her good side to soumya know

  9. If sharad say d truth wht vl suhani do omg i cnt imagine it:-(

  10. waiting for saturday’s episode… as they dont show suhahi’s reaction for truth tmrw nly…. (they may eeven show it on mndy)

  11. Budhu yuvraj tuhme kya kush samaj nahi aata

  12. Sharad will tell half truth to suhani that saumya is behind yuvraj.

  13. He will not tell suhani that yuvraj was in love with ifsuhani will openly fight with saumya and blame her of coming between her and yuvraj, at that time saumya will reveal the truth by saying that not she but suhani came between both.

  14. Pratimaji, give a tight slap to Yuvi to come to his senses and think what is happening around. He claims he is smart.

  15. hope some interestin episodes frm tomorrow

    yuvaraj plz use ur brain :O

  16. wen suhani know her father blackmailed yuvaraj dunno wat decision suhani may take chances of gng

  17. hi,i am frm TN.i am watching this serial from begining. i think yuvraj don’t know to act.poor acting. o suhani how to accept the truth. writers don’t hurt suhani anymore

  18. Ya u r right yuvraj’s acting is very poooor

  19. the directors really think we are idiots…
    they keep on changing soumya’s bedroom according to their convenience
    one moment its on the ground floor and another moment its on first floor…seriously directors..have some respect for your audience ..!!!

  20. I want just suhani leave the house. bcz yuvrj dont deserve suhani.he never gng to love suh.this marrg only compromis & unsuccesful.suh plz dont fight sowmya bcz u always innocent.if u fight no differenc between suh & sowya.plz get out of birla house & prove urself.concent ur beauty.fully birla family think ur innocent & importance.they come to call.otherwise ur position is always this.

    1. What a bad idea

  21. Sharad is going to tell a believable story with most of the facts except for the part that Yuvi was infatuated/loved Soumya in the past. Suhani is never ever going to know that detail about Yuvi-Soumya because destiny has other plans. Destiny which is decided by God Almighty has decided that Suhani and Yuvraj are made for each other and destined to be together forever. Suhani belongs to a school of thought which believes in love after marriage. That is why she was okay with Ankit Soumya’s matchmaking even though she knew that it was one sided love from Ankit’s side. She is a broad minded person with high moral values. She is going to look at the whole picture and nothing in isolation. Here the two people concerned are the ones she loves, adores and trusts the most. She is going to look for solid proofs to back up the allegations. After getting the proofs, she is going to put them where they belong.

    1. don’t forget that suhani read the email sent by yuvraaj to dadi ..showing picture of “soumya the devil”
      and saying — I WANT TO MARRY THIS GIRL
      its crystal clear now…nothing sharad says would contradict it.

      and if the directors some how manage to turn it around then ..HATS OFF.

  22. Soumya is happy to see distance between Suhani and Yuvraj but her happiness will not be for too long.

    Suhani finds out that Yuvraj has no feelings for Soumya and it is Soumya who is trying to get Yuvraj.

    Suhani is upset to see dark side of her best friend Soumya but decides not to say her anything this time.

    Suhani decides to save her marriage and does not let Soumya get Yuvraj at any cost.

    Suhani and Yuvraj’s love will go on high at Holi where both celebrate it in a romantic way.

    Let’s see if Soumya realizes that Yuvraj and Suhani made for each other.

  23. Myyy god please end this show you guys r fooling d audience with crap story line. Hero’s expression r real rubbish

  24. Simply they r dragging the story fooling theaudience

  25. yaa even i think that the truth will nt b out in the next episode c0z anklet secene is still remaining.


      1. there are spoilers from monday on this website
        there was a spoiler for suhani
        go check it out

  26. Ohh my God, I just can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode, because for sure suhani will oust soumya cuz she will change attitudes wow

  27. someone should throw out dadi>>>

  28. Boring serial make some twist

  29. I will not this serial anymore as the story is not interesting in fact really dry and boring

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