Service Wali Bahu 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev’s brother Ayodhya entering examination hall and interrupting exam. Examiner gets afraid seeing him. Ayodhya says it is his parent’s marriage anniversary today and he wants his brother Dev right now. He dismisses exam for the day and takes Dev in his bike. Dev says he would have let him finish exam. Ayodhya says exam will be tomorrow.

Ayodhya’s children Sonu and Bunty are shown practicing Ramayan drama and creating haoc. Dev’s dad asks them to stop and says their mother creates kurukshetra at home and he does not need ramayan. They ask to give 50 rs as bribe to keep their mouth shut. Dad hesitantly agrees and hands over money to them. Ayodhya and Dev reach home and they ask 20 rs to not create havoc at tonight’s function. He agrees and gives them money. Sister says he is spoiling kids. Ayodhya says they are his children and can do anything. Sister says even she is his sister.

Dev greets his dad’s friend. Friend says he is happy seeing Ayodhya as a big contractor of the city and Dev trying to become bank manager. Conversation continues. Friend asks about Ayodhya’s wife Gulkan. Just then, a lady shouts at servants to bring hot water. She scolds servant for bringing it late, keeps foot in water and throws water on servant’s face, asks to get more hot water. Ayodhya comes and asks if she did not get ready yet. She says she is angry. Servant says palanquin has come.

Dev’s mother asks him why palanquin has come. Dev says it is for her. Mom starts his filmy style conversation. Sister informs that Ayodhya and Gulkan are fighting. Gulkan is seen holding palanquin and asking Ayodhya why did not he tell her about palaquin. He says he forgot. She says then she should forget palnquin also. Mom comes and asks what is happening. Gulkan continues provoking Ayodya. Ayodhya is about to hit her when mom stops him and says they both can use palanquin. Gulkan says she will sit alone. Mom thinks even she will sit alone.

Bhuvaneshwar is busy reading book. Payal comes home sadly. Dad asks what is the issue. She says once she buys car for Rajat, they can tell he bought it. He asks why should he. She says Rajat will not accept car from her as she is younger to Rajat. Dad says it is true inferiority does not come with age alone.

Ayodhya and Dev greet guests in. Gulkan’s brother and SIL come and Dev converses with them and greets in. Dev then addresses guests and gives speech about his parents and family. Dev’s dad comes on horse like a groom. Everyone clap for him. Dev and Ayodhya help him get down. Palanquin comes and Dev says mom is coming in it. Everyone are mesmerized to see beautiful palanquin and clap. Gulkan comes out instead and everyone are surprised to see her. She scolds palanquin carrier for carrying it roughly. Dad’s friend asks where is mom.

Precap: Gulkan slaps Ayodhya in front of guests and tells her sister-in-law that she brought huge dowry and has come here to rule.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What an impressive way to start and end a serial well i am pleased.

  2. Slow but probably sure.I think the wahala and manipulation has started like other shows.I am waiting to start getting the feel of the show.I am not feeling it as yet.

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