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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Gauri am I saying right. Gauri says I don’t know, I have to go home. Soumya asks Suhani will you not do anything if anyone insults Yuvraaj. Suhani says no, I will fight with that person but not send anyone innocent to jail. Soumya says rubbish, Gauri tell Suhani what will you do if anyone insults Aditya. Menka says no, she will kill that person. Suhani says no, she can just fight, not send anyone to jail, am I saying right Gauri. Gauri says yes. Menka says liar. Gauri says if anyone did not do mistake, then we should not send him to jail, but if person did mistake, he should be punished. Rags says enough, I can’t see this drama. She asks Gauri and Menka to come. Menka says Soumya, I will come alone tomorrow for the nail art and leaves.


shuts the door. Suhani says we have to do something before Yuvraaj listens to Dadi. She asks what will you do if someone says I killed someone. Soumya says I will slap that person. Suhani says Yuvraaj will do same if I go without proof, all the drama went waste, I will leave. She slips and falls down. Soumya asks are you fine. Suhani says yes, and sits on the sofa. Her purse falls and that mobile comes out. She tells Soumya that its same phone by which Krishna got the message, it belongs to someone from the house. She checks it and says there is a video in this. She plays the video, and they see it. They both get shocked.

Soumya says how can this happen. Suhani says dad is bearing all this because of this person, his life got ruined. She cries. Dadi scolds Rags and Menka for taking Gauri there. Rags and Menka tall that Aditya has sent Gauri with them. Aditya says I felt Gauri will feel relaxed, I did not know Suhani and Soumya will create this drama, Soumya asked me to send Gauri. Gauri cries. Dadi says I think it was their plan. Pratima says that was between Soumya and her customer, why are we worried.

Yuvraaj comes and asks why is Gauri crying. Soumya asks Suhani to be strong, we have proof that uncle is innocent. Suhani says but I m scared, this truth will come out and it will affect everyone badly, no one cheated me like this. Soumya says take this phone and go to Yuvraaj, I m sure he will understand you, he will handle this situation. Suhani says yes, you are right. Her purse falls and Suhani picks it. She leaves.

Yuvraaj asks what, did Suhani and Soumya did this. Rags says yes. Dadi says now you know why did they did. Gauri says yes, they told me all this. Dadi asks them to be away from Suhani and her known people. Yuvraaj says no Dadi, I will talk to Suhani, Gauri don’t cry. Pratima asks Gauri not to be scared. Menka says even garbage man is scared of Suhani, someone threw phone from our house and Suhani scolded him. Gauri gets tensed. Rags says Dadi is right, we should be away from Suhani and her known people. Gauri goes to her room and recalls Suhani’s words.

Aditya sees Gauri worried and asks are you fine. He gets a call. She asks whose call is it. He says I have kept my engagement ring mortgaged, Suhani blamed me that I have misbehaved with you. Gauri says no, how can Suhani say this. He says its okay, I proved myself innocent, but ring has gone, maybe jeweler will sell it. She fumes.

Pratima asks Suhani what are you doing here. Gauri hides and looks on. Yuvraaj talks to Suhani and says I want to talk to you, meet me now. Suhani asks Bhavna to go to Lata, I will come. She says I m at home Yuvraaj in Bhavna’s room. He says wait there, I m coming. Gauri worries.

Aditya sees Gauri tensed and asks are you fine, I m going to take my ring from jeweler, I hope he gives me back without beating me. Gauri asks why will he beat you. He says if Menka can insult me for few dry fruits, why can’t jeweler beat me, he slapped me last time. Gauri asks what and shouts Dadi, come out. Everyone come and ask what happened Gauri. Gauri says Dadi, get Aditya’s ring back, I want it back. Dadi says who told you. Gauri says just get the ring. Dadi scolds Menka. Menka says I did not do anything. Gauri says leave all this, get ring. Aditya says I was talking to jeweler, and Gauri heard it. Gauri says why this happens with Aditya all this, Menka insulted him that day for dry fruits. Dadi scolds Menka. Gauri says Suhani did wrong, now nothing bad will happen. She asks Aditya to call jeweler and Dadi will talk to get ring back. Dadi says we will buy new one. Gauri says no, I want the same one. Dadi asks jeweler to get ring at Birla house. Gauri asks Aditya to slap the man, as he has slapped the man. She gets hyper. Aditya and Dadi says fine, calm down.

Dadi asks Menka to say sorry to Aditya. Menka says sorry. Aditya says its okay. Gauri says you will be punished if you do mistake. Suhani comes and says Gauri said right. Dadi asks what are you doing here. Suhani says I came for imp thing to apologize to Gauri. Dadi says leave it, it was your acting. Suhani asks why will I act. Gauri says because you are mad and bad, get lost and pushes Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani does she not have shame, do you think no one will stop you. Rags says before she does anything, throw her out. Saurabh asks her to shut up. Suhani says I just want to get truth out, why are you against truth, maybe because truth is bitter, even when hiding truth is getting someone innocent punished.

Rags says now Suhani will blame someone. Yuvraaj says I know Suhani is desperate to prove Pankaj innocence. Suhani says its better to show proof than telling it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mouni Godavari

    I’m sure that mobile is not with her Tomorrow also suhani can’t prove pankaj’s innocence

    1. U know i am sure of that too bc the purse falling once was not enough!Big round of applause for such a drag like seriously…

  2. Stop dragging

  3. Wow..reading precap really wrks awesome…real culprit is still not known to everyone..precap has seeioulsy saved 30 mins of precious time

  4. Why is suhani so stupid. Why does she keep going to birla house. Has she no self respect or common sense. She should be giving the phone and video in it to her lawyer. How can she take matters in her own hand. This serial is just too silly and want to drag it.

  5. Pratima has produced three impotent sons and got three bahus to match. Surely this is not a reflection of Indian society!!!

    1. Sure, this is not a reflection of Indian society. I feel old series like Dekh bhai dekh were more bold and a good example of broad minded Indian society unlike these bulls**t shows.
      Ekta Kapoor lowered the standard of Indian television.

  6. Real culprit is qauri

  7. I dont agree to you salina. Indians are same as they show in there cant find more idots and stupids other than india.such bull shits and stories are seen in pakistani punjabi movies too.full bunch of stupid writters and directors

    1. Indians are not what they are showing in these dramas..These things never happens in real life. you people only know how to spread hatred.
      if you don’t like indians don’t watch indian shows..

  8. My blood pressure is so high I cant take this story line anymore

    When is this going to end –

    On a serious note — when are you going to get the love birds together
    It’s killing me not seeing them having there moment X

  9. lala indians are not full if you have problem with indians then stop watching show its better for you and mind your language next i know this is boring track but you dont have any right to tallk about indians

  10. Dragging n drawing and then some more. Suhani has no self respect. If she wants to show the video to her husband why doesn’t she call home over at her mums place. The writers are really boring us and putting us off from watching all this stupidity. I prefer to read the update than actually waste 30 minutes of my time watching this drivel!!!!

  11. Pearley hobaichan

    I agree with lala thanks for saying it

  12. this will be BS if they dont solve this stupid suspense of who did it,,,,theses guys can really drag a story to its grave

  13. Enough of this guari saga. ……. Wish to see yuvani centric tracks ……..(which v hv almost lost after confession ).

  14. I hope the video show gauri n no one else she did it to herself

  15. Obviously that video won’t be there in the phone because her purse fell down, too much dragging

  16. Guys do you remember when suhani falls twice in the parlor I think it fell down there and gauri is behind all of this when she hears the phone was thrown in the due in she worries because she knows there is some video

  17. Guys the upcoming episode is suhani will call fake police so that gauri can tell all the truth because gauri loves aditya and she can’t tolerate someone misbehaving with him so she will get hyper and she will say that she wanted to frame suhano hence she blamed suhani,s father birlas would be shocked ..the police wanted to take aditya csz she loves aditya the most

  18. The phone will go missing.. And once again sohani will fail in proving her dad innocent… Too much drama.boring.

  19. Seriously they r dragging this……its getting bored nw…..if they wont reveal today I am not gonna watch this serial

  20. What is in that video i really want to knw

  21. i dunno why she cudnt fwd the video to 2-3 trusted ppls fone so that there is a backup. Thats the first thing anyone wud do.

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