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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Yuvraaj where is he going. Yuvraaj says art exhibition and Sharad yawns. He says Soumya and Suhani are coming. Soumya comes and he asks her to go and see Suhani. Sharad asks why are you taking her along. Yuvraaj says her mood was off and she tried to jump from terrace, as Krishna has signed the divorce papers. Soumya comes to Suhani and sees her hand having pain. She asks her to rest and not come along, as Yuvraaj said the same. Suhani is shocked and asks did he say this. Soumya says yes, we will come soon and leaves.

Sharad tells Yuvraaj that Soumya is acting again, she can’t change. Yuvraaj says no, she has changed. Soumya comes and says Suhani has much pain. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks her to take rest, as she is having pain. Soumya says

we will go. Suhani says she will come, why did he ask her if he did not wish her to come. He says what. Dadi asks him to take Suhani too, and signs Soumya. Suhani tells Yuvraaj not to argue. Sharad looks at Soumya and wonders her plan.

They come to see the exhibition. He goes to park his car. Soumya asks why does he drive when they are many drivers. Suhani says its his vintage car, he does not let anyone touch it, and he uses it rarely when he takes me out. The guys tease Soumya and Suhani scolds them. They call her aunty and see Yuvraaj coming. They say he might be this girl’s husband, he is so handsome to be with this dark girl and not this bright moon. Soumya gets a call and talks to Dadi.

Yuvraaj comes and asks what happened. Soumya asks Dadi why did she send Suhani. Dadi says do as I say, you will understand everything. Soumya says fine. Krishna comes there too.

Suhani likes a painting and a man asks whats special in this. She says its good message that its morning after every night. He says he is the painter Aman and he made the painting thinking what he told. She asks can he buy it. The man says sorry, its sold. She asks who bought it. He shows Yuvraaj. She smiles and says its fine, he is my husband. Aman says then your morning will be seeing this painting, your wish came true. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and says its good he bought it, she will fix it in room.

He says he bought it for Soumya, I think her mood will be fine. She asks what happened to her. He says she is very sad, maybe she does not want to show you her sadness. She gets Bhavna’s call and goes. Yuvraaj gets Soumya’s message that she is feeling sad, and leaving, they an enjoy. He thinks will she do suicide again, and thinks to show message to Suhani, but seeing her busy, he leaves. Suhani looks for Soumya and Yuvraaj and says where did they go.

Soumya sees Yuvraaj coming after her and cries. He asks why did she come here. She says no, my fate has loneliness, you go, you have Suhani. He says we all are with you, relax. He sees coffee festival board and asks her to come along. He says when Suhani knows this, she will feel bad, she loves you, and you feel you are alone. Krishna comes there. Suhani says where did they go. The man says painting is packed, where is Sir, I need to give this payment slip to him.

Krishna calls Lalita and says he will go if the girl does not come in 5mins. He sees Soumya. Soumya says when I see you and Suhani, and couples, I feel lonely and cries. She hugs Yuvraaj and Krishna is shocked. The girl meets him and goes to freshen up. Suhani calls Yuvraaj. Soumya says don’t tell Suhani we are together. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he will pick painting later, or she should take it. Krishna tells the girl that he is ready for marriage and the girl gets glad. He leaves angrily.

Suhani stands with the painting and the guys tease her on her dark looks. Suhani slaps the guy and scolds him. Menka asks Ramesh to get snacks. Rags asks is she watching a movie. Menka says yes, it will be fun to watch this film. Suhani comes home and Menka says Suhani came alone and Soumya and Yuvraaj are together. Rags asks her to send Ramesh to terrace else he will help Suhani. Menka says fine and goes.

Rags asks Suhani why did she come alone, they both went to enjoy making her the coolie. Suhani says you worry for me so much, help me in getting the items, but your hands will get dirty, let it be. She leaves. Rags says the film will start now and leaves. Menka laughs and says now it will be fun. Suhani comes to room and thinks something is going on behind her back, which is not told to her. Rags and Menka talk about Suhani going to exhibition to get the items, and she is just like maid.

Rags says he is her husband and is roaming with her friend. Suhani hears them. Rags says I wish I could do something. Menka talks silly and Rags stares at her. Suhani says I m not saying anything, it does not mean I don’t know to answer, I have much work.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Krishna signed the divorce papers and he took the cheque. So Soumya has got upset and was attempting suicide. Soumya tells Suhani that she is very glad these days. Suhani gets puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One friend like Soumya is equal to 1000 hardcore enemies. When will Yuvraj understand her drama and the value of his wife, Suhani, who is average looking but a perfect wife? By the way teach a lesson to dadi, rags and Mena. It is becoming boring. People will stop be living in friendship.

  2. What is dis yar too bad plz change it soon

  3. I completely agree with u suprya.
    how can soumya forget her many years friendship only for money??!!
    I really don’t get it
    she is totally brainless and the greatest fool of d world!!!

  4. i cannot watch this episode bcoz every one hurt suhani wat is her mistake she is wishing to happy everyone but these people are harrassing mentally i cannot tolerate any more the writors what r u doing in serial so many characters but y they r focusing suhani all type harrassement
    yuvraj plz give divorce to suhani and enjoy with sowmaya and share her pain and lonelyness

  5. Yuvraj u din’t deserve 4 the word husband what type of husband u r? stupid u know Suhani’s hand getburnt u told her 2 go home alone & u spend time with that blo*dy shit u have concern 4 that fake crying bt not 4 ur wife wound idiot unknowingly u applying salt on her wound …………

  6. dadi is behind everything … right … bt soumya is matured enuf to understand wats wrong and wats right….. i mean… cmon she s nt a kid !!!

  7. Hey guys Krishna is lucky he got better & cute life partner rather than Stupid Soumya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t like today episode yuvraaj is stupid to leave his wife alone bcos of somyua that soo bad,b4 u leave u have to give her sign or wait for her or text message to her,I know u dont want somyua to wounds herself

  9. i dont feel like watching this serial becoz they are draging it…..just end this drama yaar……yup krishna shd marry her cute life partner aachi shik milegi soumya ko……atlast soumya should blame dadi for supporting her toh hi dadi ka sach samne aayega……bt plz end this drama dont drag it more yaar..

  10. Sowmya will not be with yuvraj and krishna.. once yuvraj will understand the value of suhani and value of a wife he will leave sowmya and krishna also marry another girl. Then she is left with no one. She can enjoy with dadi

  11. Dadi u are really bad i pray very soon ur beautiful soumyua will betray u d way she betray her friend in (ijn)amen,secondly rag I really pity u instead for u to learn how to understands ur husband what he like or dislike u are doing this nonsense let me pray for u too u will reap what u sow in Jesus name(amen)

  12. I never knew that it is a crime to have dark skinned colour lol!

    What is this series teaching our young girls? To bleach themselves with chemicals to become fair skinned? I think the cosmetics products companies are sponsoring this campaign against dark skinned women lol!

  13. I agree with u subby bcos am from African country we are dark,shine and beautiful in complexion but our mind will not dark as dadi think

  14. Suhani is plain but not ugly and she is wheat-complexioned. But her good nature and innocent face reflects on her face making her very appealing. Whereas Soumya may be beautiful according to the director ( actually very dumb in looks too ) but her evil nature and all her lies makes her unappealing and ugly just like Rags. She is a shame for the definition of friendship. Please do something otherwise people will not believe in friends and friendship , specially childhood friendship.

  15. Actually i don find anything less in suhani.she is more beautiful than soumya .And wots wrong wid yuvraj let him be n mental asylum..that wud be better 4 hin

  16. I think the only time yuvraaj will realise suhanis worth when she wants nothing to do with him n leaves

  17. Saumya will be left alone from both sides. Yuvraj will leave her after knowing her truth and then she will try to go to krishna.but krishna will also reject her.i am eager to watch that moment.and by the way saumya looks like chimpazee.

  18. are drama bandh karo yaar aur kitna kicchhoogee

  19. Getting sick and tired of Yuvi’s unwarranted concern for Soumya. He is a dumbo of the worst kind.

  20. fukin hate soumya and that cunt of a husband yuvraaj they should come.clean and be faithful

  21. I feel that painter Aman is more handsome than this Yuvraj……..

    1. Maybe she should hang out with him so yuvraj knows how it feels

  22. Who using my name

  23. From the very beginning saumya knew that yuvraj is rich guy. But she loved krishna and choose him as her life how can she change so much.bcoz she was never behind money. Why writers change her so much????

  24. Pls change this stupid things b/w yuvaraj and soumya. Pls make suhani and yuvaraj more closer.then the show will be very interesting…..its a request…pls …

  25. Guys you are really exploiting the meaning of friendship and just showing how cruel the world is. Yuvraj he does not have genuine care for just looks like formality. The serial is only giving a negative impact to the viewers. Don’t drag on with the cruelty.try to bring in some positive vibes and convey some good meaning to the viewers. or else the show is going to be a flop

  26. omg wat da hell worest episode ever

    yuvaraj cant u fwd da msg dumb
    spumya u b*t*h sharad atleast u make understand dumb yuvaraj

  27. Disgusting show

  28. Yuvraj is the biggest idiot. Cant make his mind up what he wants. So so boring . Getting really fed up of the silly story line. Do the writers even read the comments of the viewers!! Very stupid show

  29. Hugging another woman’s husband is no less than being a pr*stitute, no shame. Hugging your best friend’s husband, well I will insult my intelligence if I mentioned what I think Soumya is. These Indian shows have gotten too westernized than necessary. they have lost cultural teachings. I will watch when they make sense. I guess they think their ratings are good. I tape these shows but end up deleting it after reading these comments.

  30. Sharks y r right

  31. M fed up with the BORING BORING BORING BORING BORING story…….It full of bs! !
    WRITERS IMMEDIATELY STOP THIS RIDICULOUS STORY AND LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE. Initially the concept was interesting but now it’s gone to far long..
    Stop the madness……

  32. i guess Suhani will be an idiot throughout the show. i cant wait for Rags to get it.

  33. that part with the guys making fun of suhani’s skin color was not needed
    that was rude and ignorant and i am ashamed you even showed that backward indian thinking in this serial
    stupid, completely stupid

  34. this is disgusting. The way they have portrayed Suhani, no body can be that dumb. And is Yuvraaj in his senses? He is also acting really stupid. I wonder none of those Birla boys do any work. We have hardly seen anybody including Yuvraaj ever going to office or any work… his only job is to loiter around Soumya – this plot is getting incredibly melodramatic and nonsensical. God save the serial – the TRP will go to zero very soon.

  35. Think its better to avoid friends as well as a bigger family

  36. i hate this yuvraj.Y he always ignores suhani?

  37. Kindly change the script or else now it has less ratings then the show will have to go off air

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