Service Wali Bahu 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal seeig her brother Rajath on the bank of river gambling with his friends. Police reach the spot to arrest all the gamblers. Rajath runs into water, but police arrests him…x Inspector asks constable to kick him into van. Payal reaches spot. Inspector identifies her. She asks what did they do. He says he got a complaint that some people were gambling. She asks if he found money with money. He says no. She says that means they were not gambling and were just playing cards. Inspector releases Rajath, but pushes him on floor. Rajath leaves in his bike while Payal follows him in her govt car to calm him down. Nilu calls her and asks her to come home right now.

Payal reaches home hurriedly. Nilu says groom’s family is coming with alliance. she is surprised to hear that. Mom says mama brought this alliance in a hurry and she could not inform her. Dad asks her to meet bride once friendly.

Groom’s family comes and mama and mom/dad greet them in. Groom’s uncle asks dad Bhuvaneshwar when his daughter has become PWD engineer, why is he staying in college quarters. Mama says jijaji likes simplicity. Uncle asks to bring bride soon. Nilu cracks jokes and tries to cheer up Payal. Mom comes and asks Payal to come out soon. Payal comes with snacks. Groom likes her and smiles. Mama introduces her and Nilu. Uncle asks groom’s parents to question Payal. They question her about her studies. Then, groom’s dad asks bhuvaneshwar howmuch did he spend on Payal’s studies. Bhuvaneshwar says his daughter was always brilliant in studies. Groom’s dad says they have to talk first about dowry and says he has spent 50 lakhs on his son’s studies, so he needs more than 50 lakhs as dowry. Bhuvaneshwar gets angry hearing that and says he made mistake by wasting their time, so this relationship cannot happen. Groom’s dad says if he continues this arrogant attitude, his daughter will be unmarried for life. Bhuvaneshwar says they are his guests, so he is being soft on them and says he could not save money for his children, but their education is their biggest gift and strength. Groom’s people walk out angrily yelling at mama and Bhuvaneshwar.

Mom yells at dad for breaking alliance. Dad says he does not want to marry his daughter in butcher’s family and her education is her biggest dowry, says he will not discuss about marriage from today. Nilu says she called Rajat many times, but he is not picking call.

Rajat comes home. Mom asks him where was he as groom’s people had come with Payal’s alliance. She asks him to get ready for dinner outing to celebrate bahu’s birthday. He says he does not want to go and walks into his room. Payal goes to console him. He says he is a waste body and does not want to burden her, even if he comes to restaurant with her, people will pay attention to her. She tries to convince him, but he continues yelling at her.

Precap: Payal calls a salesman (hero of the show) and tells she wants to buy SUV. He asks so what. She asks if he speaks to his customers so arrogantly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. It sounds a lot like the same story line as Satrangi Sasural

  2. Same old wahala as usual.These writers need to get out of there shell and bring us some good romantic soap with something to think about.Show us who a viewing around the world that India is moving up and not still locked into tradition.This story is a bit hard to digest at this time.

  3. same story like aaj ki housewife hai….sab jaanti hai

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