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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saying Suhani is my mumma, I don’t miss my dad, as she is my mum and dad both. Suhani says no. Yuvaan says I was feeling bad that I don’t have Papa and no one gives me gift, so I was saying uncle. Pratima nods to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed seeing Yuvaan and smiles realizing Yuvaan is his son. He looks at Dadi angrily and recalls Dadi’s lies. Dadi goes from there. Yuvraaj apologizes to Yuvaan and says sorry, I could not get anything for you. Yuvaan says its okay, I did not feel bad. Yuvraaj thanks and hugs him. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj goes to Dadi and gets angry. Dadi says I know I m responsible for this. He says I don’t know what do you expect from me, you lied to me that my son did not survive. She says I had no other option. He says you always

give this excuse. She says fine, now tell me, will you make me leave this house. Bhavna talks to Suhani and asks what will you do now. Suhani says don’t know, I should have not come here. Bhavna asks her to come back. Suhani says I miss you. Bhavna asks did you talk to Yuvraaj. Suhani says no, Yuvaan called me mumma infront of Yuvraaj, so he understood. Bhavna asks what did he say then.

Yuvraaj says Dadi took all decisions for me, you did not ask me, you did not even inform me, I did not know my son is alive, I have right to know about my children. Dadi asks what would you do knowing. He says anything, now this question does not matter. Soumya says exactly, better than talking about past, we should think of future, we did not wish you meet Suhani like this. Yuvraaj says I wanted to give surprise to you all. Dadi says I knew this would happen, as I asked them to make Suhani leave. Pratima says then how would Yuvraaj meet Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says Dadi would have never told me truth all my life. Pratima says I would have always told you truth. Dadi says fine, what will you do now. Suhani says I will come back. Bhavna says Yuvraaj will wish to stay with Yuvaan.

Rags provokes Soumya against Suhani. Soumya cries and says maybe I lost. Rags asks how can you lose so soon, you want Krishna to know that Yuvraaj is not her father. She asks him to make a last try. Pratima asks Suhani how can you leave, I know there is nothing like before, but Yuvaan is Yuvraaj’s son, let them spend time. Suhani says no, I can’t stay here, when Yuvraaj saw Yuvaan for the first time, I saw pain and anger in his eyes, which was in my eyes when I saw Yuvani for the first time. Pratima asks Suhani not to leave.

Soumya goes to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I did not get anything for Yuvaan. Soumya says because you did not know about Yuvaan, like Suhani did not know about Yuvani. He says she kept my son away from me since many years. She says but now you have chance to stay with Yuvaan. She gives sindoor and mangalsutra, and says its for Suhani, I don’t want to come between you two. He asks what are you saying. She cries and says I know you feel Krishna and I are your responsibility, but I free you today, you will be more happy with Suhani and your children, I will manage Krishna.

She emotionally tortures him. She says if Dadi did not do this, then Suhani would have taken both your kids with her, then maybe you would not have Yuvani too. He takes sindoor and mangalsutra and goes. Rags asks Soumya where did Yuvraaj go. Soumya says don’t know, you said this plan will work. Rags says yes, did he go to accept Suhani, oh no, what will happen now.

Pratima says I wish I could go back in time and change things. Yuvraaj says no use, nothing would have changed, Suhani would have left us, now Yuvaan is snatched from me, that time Suhani would have snatched Yuvani too.

He asks how did Suhani leave on his saying. She asks what I stay here and bear your anger, you asked me to leave and it was not wrong, if I left, was it wrong. He asks why did you take my son away, why did you not tell me. She says I was not told about my daughter. He says you would have known if you stayed here, you left your daughter with all relations, you left everything and filled poison in Yuvaan’s heart that his Papa left him. Suhani cries.

He asks did you think how bad I felt when I heard Yuvaan telling Krishna and Yuvani that he does not have any Papa. She says even I feel bad when my daughter calls Soumya Maa. He says you left Yuvani, you left this house, and now when you have left us, why did you come back. She says for my daughter. Dadi smiles seeing them argue. She says I don’t have right on this mangalsutra and sindoor, because I went away from your heart and life, your happiness is to stay without me, manage your family, be happy, I will not come in between your happiness, I have enough blames on me. She says you always blame others, you left children and its Dadi’s mistake, if you left, its my mistake, what blame are you saying. She says fine, I will accept my blames. He says no, don’t do this favor.

She says I trusted a wrong man Sajan and did big mistake, I m still bearing punishment, if you think other mistake is also mine, I will accept, nurse lied to me, you asked me to leave, all this is my mistake, I m sorry, forgive me. Menka asks Rags whats happening. Yuvraaj says its great, Suhani accepted her mistake, then I should also accept by biggest mistake. Sharad comes there. Yuvraaj says my biggest mistake was that I married you Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani to pack bags and leave. Suhani says yes, I will leave. Yuvraaj holds her hand and stops her. Suhani asks him to leave her hand. He asks her to go, but before that, end our relation forever. Suhani cries. He drags her. Dadi stops Pratima and asks her not to talk in between.

Yuvraaj takes Suhani to house temple and takes aarti diyas. He holds the burning fire and says people join relations infront of Lord, today I end all my relations with you. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj blows off a diya and says you and I are just strangers, I m not related to your pain and sorrow. He blows off another diya. He says from today, we will never be together. He blows off third diya. Pratima cries. Rags, Dadi, Menka and Soumya get glad. Suhani cries looking at him.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that she is no more Suhani Yuvraaj Birla, she is just Suhani Srivastav. He blows off the last diya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope that he doesn’t take Yuvaan from her

  2. Yuvraj u are going to realise the pain in the Future for the things what you are doing now!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously i am crying while reading this i hate som, dadi ,rag,men,and yuvraj also i hope andpray to god that suhani ki life me sab aacha ho gaye

  4. Suhani try to be negative with then and specially yuvraj please suhani u have to do some thing otherwise its a dumb twist and show a good tit for tat for dadi

  5. when Pratima has to talk and take a stand by she is dumb

  6. WHere is the director? I wanna kick him. Bakwas..

  7. Does anybody know about the upcoming track? Plz share…

  8. pamela suppanee

    Soumya is just someone who always look good things for herself. She is very selfish but she will have to pay for it in the future. I hope in future Krishna prefers suhani to her.Then she will feel how bad she react in thepast.

  9. Yuvraj has no, consideration, that suhani was pregnant at the time. He left her own her own, when she was giving birth to the twin. What did he expects, that she beg him to accept her again. He promised her that no matter WHATEVER happens he well be there for her. But as always he breaks his promise to Suhani. Yuvraj is never going to change, he is far more happy with soumya. Like he replaced suhani for Barbie, he released suhani as mother to yuvani with soumya. Yuvraj is a weak man, he find more easier to pick on suhani, because she is good hearted. Yuvraj won’t able to that soumya, because he knows that she won’t stand for it.

  10. suhani has digged her own pit by coming back to birla house

  11. Suhani has digged her own grave by staying back in Birla house. She should have gone from there when she came thrte .

  12. @ sarah That is true, but if sharad didn’t con her into coming to allahbad then, this would never would have happened. Then that Pratma made her stay. The problem with suhani is that she doesn’t listen to the right advice, like her father told her to forget about the Birla Family, he made a mistake, by forcing yuvraj marrying her in the first place. But the stupid girl has falling in love with yuvraj. That played into Pratma hand and told Suhani to do something, that pratma still can’t do to this day, is to change people that does not want to change. If Suhani had just said NO, then she would not have the problems, that she is having now. The things is about Sharad and Pratma is that they are BIRLA, they don’t care about Suhani as they are making out. If they did then, they would have seen that Yuvraj is not right for her.

  13. i was so mad when Yuvraaj said the biggest mistake he made was to marry her. that hurt me even. if my husband said that to me- I wud die . then he broke relationship and blow out the diyas. OMG… Poor Suhani. That’s the biggest insult from a weak no good husband. they are all useless. she teached them to work.

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