Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saying Suhani is my mumma, I don’t miss my dad, as she is my mum and dad both. Suhani says no. Yuvaan says I was feeling bad that I don’t have Papa and no one gives me gift, so I was saying uncle. Pratima nods to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed seeing Yuvaan and smiles realizing Yuvaan is his son. He looks at Dadi angrily and recalls Dadi’s lies. Dadi goes from there. Yuvraaj apologizes to Yuvaan and says sorry, I could not get anything for you. Yuvaan says its okay, I did not feel bad. Yuvraaj thanks and hugs him. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj goes to Dadi and gets angry. Dadi says I know I m responsible for this. He says I don’t know what do you expect from me, you lied to me that my son did not survive. She says I had no other option. He says you always

give this excuse. She says fine, now tell me, will you make me leave this house. Bhavna talks to Suhani and asks what will you do now. Suhani says don’t know, I should have not come here. Bhavna asks her to come back. Suhani says I miss you. Bhavna asks did you talk to Yuvraaj. Suhani says no, Yuvaan called me mumma infront of Yuvraaj, so he understood. Bhavna asks what did he say then.

Yuvraaj says Dadi took all decisions for me, you did not ask me, you did not even inform me, I did not know my son is alive, I have right to know about my children. Dadi asks what would you do knowing. He says anything, now this question does not matter. Soumya says exactly, better than talking about past, we should think of future, we did not wish you meet Suhani like this. Yuvraaj says I wanted to give surprise to you all. Dadi says I knew this would happen, as I asked them to make Suhani leave. Pratima says then how would Yuvraaj meet Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says Dadi would have never told me truth all my life. Pratima says I would have always told you truth. Dadi says fine, what will you do now. Suhani says I will come back. Bhavna says Yuvraaj will wish to stay with Yuvaan.

Rags provokes Soumya against Suhani. Soumya cries and says maybe I lost. Rags asks how can you lose so soon, you want Krishna to know that Yuvraaj is not her father. She asks him to make a last try. Pratima asks Suhani how can you leave, I know there is nothing like before, but Yuvaan is Yuvraaj’s son, let them spend time. Suhani says no, I can’t stay here, when Yuvraaj saw Yuvaan for the first time, I saw pain and anger in his eyes, which was in my eyes when I saw Yuvani for the first time. Pratima asks Suhani not to leave.

Soumya goes to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I did not get anything for Yuvaan. Soumya says because you did not know about Yuvaan, like Suhani did not know about Yuvani. He says she kept my son away from me since many years. She says but now you have chance to stay with Yuvaan. She gives sindoor and mangalsutra, and says its for Suhani, I don’t want to come between you two. He asks what are you saying. She cries and says I know you feel Krishna and I are your responsibility, but I free you today, you will be more happy with Suhani and your children, I will manage Krishna.

She emotionally tortures him. She says if Dadi did not do this, then Suhani would have taken both your kids with her, then maybe you would not have Yuvani too. He takes sindoor and mangalsutra and goes. Rags asks Soumya where did Yuvraaj go. Soumya says don’t know, you said this plan will work. Rags says yes, did he go to accept Suhani, oh no, what will happen now.

Pratima says I wish I could go back in time and change things. Yuvraaj says no use, nothing would have changed, Suhani would have left us, now Yuvaan is snatched from me, that time Suhani would have snatched Yuvani too.

He asks how did Suhani leave on his saying. She asks what I stay here and bear your anger, you asked me to leave and it was not wrong, if I left, was it wrong. He asks why did you take my son away, why did you not tell me. She says I was not told about my daughter. He says you would have known if you stayed here, you left your daughter with all relations, you left everything and filled poison in Yuvaan’s heart that his Papa left him. Suhani cries.

He asks did you think how bad I felt when I heard Yuvaan telling Krishna and Yuvani that he does not have any Papa. She says even I feel bad when my daughter calls Soumya Maa. He says you left Yuvani, you left this house, and now when you have left us, why did you come back. She says for my daughter. Dadi smiles seeing them argue. She says I don’t have right on this mangalsutra and sindoor, because I went away from your heart and life, your happiness is to stay without me, manage your family, be happy, I will not come in between your happiness, I have enough blames on me. She says you always blame others, you left children and its Dadi’s mistake, if you left, its my mistake, what blame are you saying. She says fine, I will accept my blames. He says no, don’t do this favor.

She says I trusted a wrong man Sajan and did big mistake, I m still bearing punishment, if you think other mistake is also mine, I will accept, nurse lied to me, you asked me to leave, all this is my mistake, I m sorry, forgive me. Menka asks Rags whats happening. Yuvraaj says its great, Suhani accepted her mistake, then I should also accept by biggest mistake. Sharad comes there. Yuvraaj says my biggest mistake was that I married you Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani to pack bags and leave. Suhani says yes, I will leave. Yuvraaj holds her hand and stops her. Suhani asks him to leave her hand. He asks her to go, but before that, end our relation forever. Suhani cries. He drags her. Dadi stops Pratima and asks her not to talk in between.

Yuvraaj takes Suhani to house temple and takes aarti diyas. He holds the burning fire and says people join relations infront of Lord, today I end all my relations with you. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj blows off a diya and says you and I are just strangers, I m not related to your pain and sorrow. He blows off another diya. He says from today, we will never be together. He blows off third diya. Pratima cries. Rags, Dadi, Menka and Soumya get glad. Suhani cries looking at him.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that she is no more Suhani Yuvraaj Birla, she is just Suhani Srivastav. He blows off the last diya.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. NAPSHa J

    I will always hate u Yuvraj for this epi!!!!
    Suhani u just move on with Sambhav and Yuvaan…..

  2. subha

    soumya cant feel guilty fr dng this? cheeee…. just hate her… always yuvraj being a emotional fool fr dadi soumya.. but y not fr such situvation. i feel toooo much..cryng.

  3. saaya

    Uff Suhani……………….open ur mouth ………..say how Barbie along wid dadi tried to kill uuu….tell him that it was ur bad luck that u got married to such a cheap family where there are stupid ******* lyk Dadi,Rags and menka,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ask him y he never tried to search her and married her bestfrnd………………..

  4. krysty

    though i dont know anythng ant this serial but only tit-bits yet m sure of 1 thing—YUVRAAJ BIRLA ISS MAD AND SO R OTHER BIRLA MEMBERS!! others dnt stop 4m plottin and yuvraj doesnt stop 4m being an idiot..

  5. Seriously what century do you live in Producers and Writers???
    It was bad enough having a Leap Year and now you got this stupid story line that Yuvraaj wants to cut all ties with Suhani — why had Dadi got of the hook — if my child was kept away from me I would be killing the person who separated us — not the person who gave birth

    Also what bullshit – the whole house knew Suhani was pregnant- so if she did leave would they have not known she had both kids — with Yuvraaj saying he would of not seen them both so good job had one

    Does not make sense – you have lowered the standards of this drama
    Better to end it as its a load of rubbish at the moment

  6. Nisa

    Oh no no
    This is so sad and sooo humiliating for Suhani

    I hope that Yuvraaj regrets this decision which is made in a state of anger

  7. binafsha

    Omg!!! What’s going on…yuvraaj is going to end his relation with suhani…if so,then no one is willing watch the coming episodes. we just want suhani n yuvraaj to unite as past…but the present episode is not at all fair. let the serial go in a smooth way with yuvraaj and suhani’s cute relation.

  8. bhavika

    Let yuvraaj end his relationship with sowmya rather than with suhani. Episode is going worst with yuvraj’s behaviour n thoughts of ending relationship with suhani…if so,then it’s going to be the worst serial ever…huh

  9. Juhu

    How dare he talks to suhani in this way. I think suhain accepts to marry and she will say to k to bhavana

  10. Sushma

    Omg! !!! I hv not seen the episode but just reading the updates I am literally crying fr suhani how can yuvraj do this to her? How can he be so harsh at her? Didn’t expect this frm yuvraj. .

  11. Reena

    Oh really yuvani together was only good. And why always the evil dadi and sowmya win. Why don’t you show that true love only lasts for ever. And yuvraj character is totally damaged of this episode. A woman struggled for her true love is cheated by her own love is not at all accepted.
    Also both yuvani are cheated by dadi. Please show that all wrong doings are always punished.

  12. Reena

    If yuvraj and suhani are separated it’s waste to continue. Please do end it. serial is interested withl their cute romance, nok jhok and trust. If not please please end it. If continued also 80 % will not see.

    • Aqsxxh

      Exactly Reena… I dont want to c suhani with Sambhav… He is a nice guy but it has always been Yuvani….

  13. Lucy

    I just want to say, that I TOLD YOU SO. No matter WHAT Dadi does, Yuvraj LOVES DADI THE MOST. I going to say and I don’t care what you guys think, but Yuvraj has that right to love dadi, this is the matter that which I told you a month ago about pure love. No women in Yuvraj life can come between this. Yuvraj doesn’t deserve to be loved by anyone. It is sad, but Suhani must move on with her life. I am not surprised by this, I knew that this would have happened. Yuvraj is what I call lazy, he wanted Suhani to beg, please him and work hard on their marriage. While he does the screaming, shouting, telling her that he is always right. Soumya is the right Birla daughter in law. Yuvraj is at peace with soumya and he should stay with her. I wasn’t fooled by the bathroom scene, I saw the anger in him, when he saw Suhani, I hope Suhani would have took her son and run

  14. Poppy

    Well, what did I say, yesterday, still want suhani and Yuvraj together. NO NO NO! The question is would YOU HAVE STAYED WITH A MAN LIKE YUVRAJ.

  15. Tripti Roy

    I really not imagine ….writers are making viewers emotionally fool.yuvraj ka character itna cheep hai ,pyar ka matlab hi nahi pata….now it became disgusting…plezzzzz change the track

  16. roz

    Reallyy Sad epi….. 🙁 ….hw could u do lyk this yuvraj………that last part where 3 witches -Soumya-Dadi-Rags-smiled seeing yuvANI’s fight,,,,,that was the worst part……y yuvraaaj…yyyyy..WTH z wrng wid uuu that u always fall in Soumya & Dadi’ words………..

    nw I want Sambav back for Suhani………….Yuvraj shud beg to her to bring her back

  17. Nisa

    I agree with Reena
    If Yuvraaj has decided to end it with Suhani then i feel its not worth watching this

    I think Yeh Mohabatteins ratings will increase

  18. Edel

    What the heck! Yuvraj’s actions defies all logical reasoning. He is a spoilt entitled brat! We were made to believe from past episodes that he knows Suhani so well, so why not understand her predicament now? Writers, you’re doing this all wrong!

  19. Devi

    How could yuvraj do such a big mistake… He kw suhani wel. N he kw abt dadi n her truth…. Maybe tym can he s in anger n tym’l change everytng. Bt how can soumya do ths to her bestie? Hw can she b so mean… I kw she fel protectv abt her daughtr n hr future bt she kw suhani wel na? Yearz back also soumya did such a big mistake to come betwn yuvi n suhani. Yuvi n suhani r made 4 each otr n they each otr only can stay hapy. I guez they unite so soon. I fel v.bad for suhani. Realy. I fel lyk m facng such a situatn. Hope evrytng change soon… 🙁

  20. Rya

    Stupid yuvraj should definitely regret for what he did today….. so suhani take ur son n dont go away…… buy a house opp birla house n stay with sambhav n ur son……

  21. Meera Pandit

    It’s getting too much I feel like the writers of the suhani si el ladki serial are promoting bad people rather than the good ones this was an opportunity of the grandson to know how bad his grandma is but no one is bothered about suhani with the exception of the mother in law n sharad, it’s very sad to see bad people happy what are u teaching kids who are watching the tv series

  22. Rose

    Yuvraaj… I don’t expect this. Suhani plzz go away from that house and move on with sambav. Soumya and dadi so disguisting

  23. I hate u yuvi n dadi n soumya she is a bad wmn in de wrld n bad frnd toooo
    Suhani n yuvaan lve u suhani u did a big mistake u chus a bad frnd n bad saaaasurall too

  24. Amna

    I will never forgive Yuvraj for what he did. Suhani open your mouth stop staying quiet:(:(:(

    I can’t watch YHM and SSEL I don’t like their tracks both shows just make me mad

  25. Anita

    Yuvraj is not saying anything to dadi but is scolding Suhani how could he dadi did a crime …come on

  26. anon

    Yuvraaj needs to go and die somewhere!
    And soumya… doesn’t she feel guilty at all? Omg soumya ruined my life no joke f**kING hate her guts. How does she not feel guilty? How? Her best friend did a lot for her and this is how she repays her? Ugh and yuvraaj! Despite knowing the truth he still supports dadi! Id I could I would’ve killed her already! How is she still alive anyway? Especially after that leap! Ugh hate this soo much

  27. I know that suhani will marry sambhav and then the day which she marry to him yuvraj know all the truth then he regret to suhani

  28. I eagerly waiting for yuvraj returns
    But not this type of reaction
    He should be angry on dadi
    But he scolding suhani
    Suhani you just leave birla house
    No best to stay with selfish people
    Yuvraj don’t know what he is doing in anger
    Seriously how can tell such words that to in Temple I mean in front of god
    Jyada hogaya yuvraj
    Now what will he do
    Does he will not send yuvan with suhani???
    What is next track
    Simply dragging bankwass Soumya
    She is one big cheater
    When will suhani get to know about her
    Yuvraj mistake why he didn’t come at delivery time
    He only did all mistakes by believing dadi all the time


    this is not fair for suhani at all…she bears everything….u should actually give yuvan to the birlas and start a new life….yuvan is a birla after all….suhani has to bear for yuvaan….also…actually yuvan is cute she should move on with sambhav atleast he respects her….u know they will unite YuvAni ….but after suhani facing a lot of difficulty….im 100 percent sure they will unite them…because the title says suhani si ek ladki…but after suhani faces a lot of problems.,.then the whole birla family will support her…but know she will suffer for a short time….if they dont unite them….then whos gonna waste time watching the episode or even reading the update….lets hope for the best coz…diss…is getting on my nerves…

  30. This serial me friendship ka value be nahi hai
    Soumya she is one criminal in the show
    Of course dadi is more dangerous .
    Buy Soumya don’t know value of friendship
    Now I am feeling like
    Suhani should gone before yuvraj comes to birla house

  31. ash

    what the hell ???? yuvraj till now ur disgusting…. have u guts enough ur relation with suhani how dare u..?? how c’ld u telling lyk enough to go… so u move on with sowmya na.

    suhani ill leave her both kids and move her life also .she has a rights to move on… not oly u mr.disgusting yuvraj…

    till now dnt u have ur own sense… always anyone blaming suhani u trust it.. fought her …. nw ur going ur extreme of life …if u dnt want suhani na..

    one chance come her hand on that time u realise u sake ur life with b***y sowmya..

  32. I want to give yuvraj a tight slap at that time when he was blaming suhani, he supports Dadi’s cruel game always now I badly miss samvab suhani should move on then yuvarj will realize his Mistake

  33. vasu

    really I dont expected this from yuvraj… I thought he will handle the situation very smoothly… but he’s not…. he think on himself only… like all time… he should feel little for suhani and should think what her state… she also facing the same situation too…. and at any time she can also blame yuvraj… but she dint do like so… so think yuvraj she is till feel for you…. if you dont want her plz tell her clearly… but dont hurt her… there are many ways to break the relation…

  34. Payal

    I am really not interested in soaps, but I have watching this with my mother in law. I think this track is nonsense. Every time the evil grandmother does something wrong, the family let it go. Why is the male lead accusing is wife? I thought Indian family is about unity but I guessed wrong these dump and stupid Indian soaps is just about belittling Indian women. I am trying hard to convince my mother in law to not watch such nonsense, she should find something better with her precious time.

  35. anjali

    yuvraj is behaving like a puppet…he believes soumya and dadi but not suhani. com’n yarr..suhani plz leave from there with yuvan and also file a case for yuvani’s custody.. writers plz give her some respect.
    and what kind of frndshp is this?? jo tera hai woh mera bhi hai??is that what soumya thinking?? jab bhi koi pblm uski lyf mein aa jathi hai tab woh yuvi or suhani ke beach mein aa jati hain?? is there is no other place than birla house for her?? writers are spoiling every charcter. yuvraj deserve a tight slap from suhani.. then only he will come to senses… or suhani have to move onwith sambhav..then yuvi will realize her value as before when she’s going to marry rohan..

  36. Riri

    Yuvraj I pray one day ur grandmother kills u or hurt your kids then u will realise how evil minded she is. Suhani, pls move on u need a brighter life. As of Soumya u re yrt to receive ur share of bitterness. Rags u re nothing but a mistake to humanity. I just hate dis show esp Yuvraj.

  37. Joy

    This Yuvraj is a jerk!
    We all known that this will happen, everytime, it’s Suhani’s fault and not dadi! Yuvraj was the one who asks Suhani to go, if she would have stayed he would have been angry, and if she would have gone he would have been angry also, whatever Suhani will have done, he would have been angry.
    Soumya is such an hypocrit, if she would have simply tell Suhani the truth, that she is insecure about Krishna futures…. Suhani will have leave by herself.
    I hope in tomorrow episode, Suhani will give a slap to Yuvraj, that’s what he deserves
    I hate this guy, really, now i defenitely don’t want them to unite, Yuvraj always insults Suhani, no women deserves that
    Even if i hate Soumya, i will be happy if she also goes with Yuvani and Krishna and leaves Yuvraj alone, that’s what he deserves, he will understand his mistake when everybody will leave him

  38. ci

    I expected this.suhani desrve this.Don’t love someone madly.He will hurt you more.

    one more thing yuvi will do this for suhani’s sake.May be it is like that.

  39. Leila

    Yuvraj don’t no the whole truth but his dadi the old bag should die in front of him n do should soumya

  40. AMNA


  41. uaha..

    How disgusting of Yuvrak…stupid and blind at same time..Dumass..its your Dadi’s fajlt.amd now Soumya joined the twits of Birla..such shitless serial..dummy can you not see through soumya tears..what about you wife Suhani who is thete for her..Yuvraj spineless and gutless..dumass you are kicking your own heartless think ypu are clever well you are gutless..shameless man.

  42. Joy

    Suhani should slap Yuvraj, i’m sure now that Yuvraj will try to take Yuvaan away from Suhani, he is so angry that he will do anything to hurt her. If he wanted to end his relation with Suhani he should married Soumya, after all Soumya is a the best daughter in law for this selfish family, they are all the same!
    I want Soumya to leave Yuvraj and to go with her 2 daughter, Yuvraj should be alone, no women in the world should have a husband like him, he is just thinking about himself and not even about his child.
    The episode made me so angry

  43. bims

    Hello everyone, please I love Suhani’s way of dressing, am not an Indian am an African. Is there any online store to get them?
    I really love to have something similar.

  44. Aqsxxh

    This episode made me cry… Im only 15 and this is the only serial I watch (I used to watch Nisha Ur Uske Cousins) I really hated it… I think the writers would get them back together as they are the main ppl in the show… Today’s episode ruined my life… Yuvraaj will regret what he has done bcos he always had memories of YuvAni… He needs to learn to control his anger.

    • Aqsxxh

      I mean I really hated today’s episode… I loved NAUC ^^ It was the 2nd best after SSEL but i think it is the top best now Ty writers for ruining everything ;-;

  45. Aqsxxh

    I think Pratima will move in with Suhani as she loves suhani soooo much like she is her mom…. I hope she does i also hope Saurav (Rag’s husband) does too! That would be amazing! Because when He finds out what Yuv done to Suhani Sauruv would never forgive him! EVER! Then Yuvraaj will realise he is wrong and would beg suhani! I hope this happens as Suhani has changed Yuvani and thats a good turning point, Krishna is also starting to like Suhani better so i can c where the writers are going to! hopefully Yuv would realise his mistake… because I have always liked YuvAni even with 6 yrs of seperation they still held their dearest memories with each other… Stay Strong Suhani We all love you!

  46. sns fan

    I can’t believe that yuvraj is more angry at suhani then his grandma. Dadi lied and broke his family in half but all she gets is a slap on the wrist and no real punishment where else suhani who was cheated is divorced. Yuvraj deserves soumya they are both selfish and care only for each other. Suhani deserves someone who can put her first and care for her not like manchild yuvraj.

  47. Afra

    Yeh serial mey hamesha negative characters ko hee badawa detey heen..positive ko nahi….pata nahi es chandrakala buddi ka raaj kab tak chalegaya…rags,dadi doesn’t change asusual…

  48. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    No words to say….this episode after yesterday’s episode!!!! We had some much hope of seeing Yuvraj and Suhani together but now we are heartbroken…..every word you said made us cry … cry for Suhani….How can Yuvraj be so insensitive…. he was away from his child so was suhani….a mother’s separation from child is more painful than from the father….. inspite of all the problems Yuvan is a good boy who still loves his father even though he has never seen him ever and neither has any hope of seeing him and look at what Yuvraj has done to Yuvani…brought her a step mother who has spoiled her in the pretext of loving her! she does not love her at all.

    What is next Yuvraj Birla…will you seek custody of both Yuvani and Yuvan now? I thought after all these years he would have got some sense and would have forgiven Suhani even though she was not at fault….i think it is better for Suhani to go away and be at peace just forget Yuvraj .. .before going she should tell everyone how Dadi brought Barbie who almost killed her and Pratima….. then Suhani should leave forever but she should bring the Birlas to ashes…. the wealth and looks they are so so proud of should turn to dust!! they all should beg in the streets everyone of then including Pratima and Saurabh….what is the use of being a silent spectator….. Ram too had done the same to Sita….She died peacefully in her mother earths arms while Ram lived a miserable life…. then who are you Yuvraj Birla! She should take both Yuvan and Yuvani with her….what is Yuvraj so attached to…he never wanted children … he wanted them only for Suhani’s sake… so what is he crying about now????

    Sambhav please come back and bring a smile on Suhani’s face… please show her what true love trust and friendship is…

  49. Kashish

    Writers are gone mad showing such disgusting episodes where always selfish, evil Dadi and saumya wins as usual. I hated you yuvraj, saumya, Dadi feel like sapping you all. You all big shame on true relations. I think writers only know to separate true love sameness like yeh hai mohabbatein. In real life writers don’t have any true relations with sure for writers true love, good relations doesn’t have any value. So they are showing their reality in episodes. Big shame for such serials

  50. Kashish

    Writers if you can’t show honesty, true relations, true love. Stop the show .Viewers will stopped watching such shows whetr evil wins

  51. Anshuka

    I think suhani should not cry this time and give him back for his wrong doings. Why should always women should bear humiliation why can’t men. Please suhani this is the time you should show your stengths he is hurting your self respect please give answer to all his blames don’t just cry and leave , don’t be a looser show women power tell him that you doesn’t need him any more in your life he is a big looser not a good husband father not even a good human

  52. Vasu

    How can you let bad people win all the time. It’s time to show good wins over evil that too with a bang. let sowmya and dadi die, suhani and yuvraj should be together and upbring the children with values.

  53. Sushma

    Wow yuvraj ur r too good hats off to u, u marrying suhani was a biggest mistake is that what u said? U r 10000000%right fr if that was not the fact suhani would be the happiest person on the earth. Just look at the past yuvraj & see what u &ur fmly hv done to Suhani. Where is her innocence, her simplicity, her take it easy attitude, her ever smiling face, her freedom? U all hv
    taken out the life out of her .Did u ever try to give her a dignified life ? R u the 1 complaining suhani fr taking her own decision? Where u confident enough to take decisions no yuvraj birla u still r not ,u r &always will be a dependent person &that’s the reason I am proud of suhani whether it’s right or wrong she takes her own decisions &stands by it throughout what ever be the consequences. She too is going through the same pain as u r still u find a reason to bounce back at her how ridiculous. …. inspite of all this I would still say u hv &u will luv suhani the most &hv a dought whether u hv reacted like this just fr suhani’s happiness fr u know fr sure she will never be respected in that haunted house. .&that’s the only positive side in me wishing to think like that fr I onced luved yuvani. …….

  54. Pranathi

    Yuvraj u are going to realise the pain in the Future for the things what you are doing now!!!!!!!!!!

  55. clara

    Suhani try to be negative with then and specially yuvraj please suhani u have to do some thing otherwise its a dumb twist and show a good tit for tat for dadi

  56. pamela suppanee

    Soumya is just someone who always look good things for herself. She is very selfish but she will have to pay for it in the future. I hope in future Krishna prefers suhani to her.Then she will feel how bad she react in thepast.

  57. mo

    Yuvraj has no, consideration, that suhani was pregnant at the time. He left her own her own, when she was giving birth to the twin. What did he expects, that she beg him to accept her again. He promised her that no matter WHATEVER happens he well be there for her. But as always he breaks his promise to Suhani. Yuvraj is never going to change, he is far more happy with soumya. Like he replaced suhani for Barbie, he released suhani as mother to yuvani with soumya. Yuvraj is a weak man, he find more easier to pick on suhani, because she is good hearted. Yuvraj won’t able to that soumya, because he knows that she won’t stand for it.

  58. Rafida

    Suhani has digged her own grave by staying back in Birla house. She should have gone from there when she came thrte .

  59. mo

    @ sarah That is true, but if sharad didn’t con her into coming to allahbad then, this would never would have happened. Then that Pratma made her stay. The problem with suhani is that she doesn’t listen to the right advice, like her father told her to forget about the Birla Family, he made a mistake, by forcing yuvraj marrying her in the first place. But the stupid girl has falling in love with yuvraj. That played into Pratma hand and told Suhani to do something, that pratma still can’t do to this day, is to change people that does not want to change. If Suhani had just said NO, then she would not have the problems, that she is having now. The things is about Sharad and Pratma is that they are BIRLA, they don’t care about Suhani as they are making out. If they did then, they would have seen that Yuvraj is not right for her.

  60. Savvy

    i was so mad when Yuvraaj said the biggest mistake he made was to marry her. that hurt me even. if my husband said that to me- I wud die . then he broke relationship and blow out the diyas. OMG… Poor Suhani. That’s the biggest insult from a weak no good husband. they are all useless. she teached them to work.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.