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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit asking groom and bride to come for jaimala. Krishna asks Suhani to come with her. Suhani cries. Saurabh and Sharad lift Soumya assuming she is Suhani, and tease Yuvraaj asking him to put varmala now. Dadi asks them to leave Suhani, mahurat is passing. Yuvraaj is about to make Soumya wear garlands, and Suhani stops him, holding his hand. Everyone get shocked seeing Suhani. Everyone look at the bride. Lata asks if you are here, then who is in mandap. Soumya gets tensed. Pratima lifts the ghunghat. They all get shocked seeing Soumya in Suhani’s place.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that he can’t make Soumya wear these garlands. Yuvraaj asks whats happening. They all ask whats happening. Suhani tells Soumya that she can’t wear this garland. Pratima says yes, its your

right. Suhani says no, I m saying this because this garland has dangerous thorns, that would make Soumya paralyzed. Rags asks Soumya how did she play this cheap trick. Yuvraaj asks Soumya whats happening. Kids ask whats happening. Bhavna, Suhani and Sharad lie to kids that it was a game and Suhani has won. Saurabh asks kids to take a break and have food.

Soumya asks Lata is she angry seeing her in bridal dress, you wanted to see me in white saree. Lata asks what is she saying. Rags stops Soumya from saying and scolds her. Pratima and Pankaj ask Soumya why did she do this. Pankaj says I don’t differentiate between you, Suhani and Bhavna. Soumya says I would have become bahu, and no one could kick me out of this house, like you all are doing now.

Soumya asks will you become part of this if this happened with Suhani, no you would have fought for her rights. Sambhav says I understand your pain, its not easy to lose love. She says no, you did not give 6 years to this house and served them as bahu, you did not love other’s child as yours, you are not kicked out from here. She asks Yuvraaj why is he doing this, did he just use her to get rid of his sorrows. She forcibly tries to make him wear garlands. Yuvraaj asks her to stop it. Dadi slaps Soumya. Suhani holds Soumya. Dadi asks Soumya how dare she forcibly marry Yuvraaj, I always supported you, I have forgiven you after your lie of marriage, I kept you here and even then you are calling me wrong, I permitted you to stay here and Krishna.

Suhani defends Soumya and says did anyone think what is Soumya going through, we did not think of her. Bhavna says I spoke to Soumya and told her that I will take care of her and Krishna. Pratima says no one knows Soumya’s importance better than me, but she did wrong today. Dadi asks them to kick Soumya out, Soumya would have become this house’s bahu if Suhani came late.

Suhani asks Sharad would he not fight for her if Soumya and Yuvraaj got married, everyone did not wish Yuvraaj to get married to Soumya, why did anyone not think of Soumya. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that I m your culprit, Suhani is right, we got Soumya here at this point, else she would have not done this. Rags says you have no idea what she can do. Saurabh asks her not to talk in between. Menka says we have proof against Soumya, we helped her. Rags asks Menka to shut up, let Yuvraaj handle this matter. Yuvraaj says Soumya can’t do such thing, she did wrong as we did wrong with her, we forgot to think of her, she fell lonely. He apologizes to Soumya.

Soumya says its fine, but I have lost. Suhani says Yuvraaj and I got separated 6 years ago, it was not your mistake. He says yes, if Dadi told us truth, we would have not seen this truth. Sharad says yes, Soumya raised Yuvani as her own daughter. Suhani says this marriage had to stop, if jaimala happened, you would have died, I told you about the poisonous thorns. Pratima asks how did this thorns jaimala came here. They all get thinking.

Suhani says I heard someone talking but could not hear, maybe its Leela. Sambhav says I threatened her to send her to jail, maybe she did this to take revenge. Saurabh says I will increase security. Bhavna says if Soumya worn this garland, what would happen to Krishna. Suhani says we have to protect children from Leela.

Soumya gets the right jaimala and asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to go jaimala rasam. She says Suhani always kept her friendship and I just did enmity, today I will also keep friendship. Pratima says yes, lots of time got wasted. Yuvraaj and Suhanie xchange garlands.

Yuvraaj goes to talk to Pratima. She says Soumya has to leave from here, anywhere, but away from this house, she will stay with Krishna, we will take care of her expenses. Yuvraaj says she did this being helpless. Pratima says I don’t know anything, she did much wrong, she has to leave. Pankaj is also angry, but Suhani defends Soumya. Pratima says Soumya can do this again for Krishna’s sake. Yuvraaj says I will talk to Soumya. Suhani says I will just talk to Soumya and come. Lata stops her and asks her to talk to Soumya after pheras. Pankaj says Lata is right. Krishna comes and asks Suhani was she really playing game. Suhani says yes. Krishna asks why were you crying then. Suhani says I got scared and cried, you can ask Bhavna if you don’t believe me. Bhavna says yes Krishna, Suhani wants a reason to cry. Pankaj says yes, she used to lose game and ask me to make her win. Krishna says fine, but mumma lost because of me. Suhani says no, Soumya wins because of you, and hugs her.

Yuvraaj asks Sharad did you see Soumya. Sharad says no. Yuvraaj says Soumya and I did this acting since 6 years, I can’t leave her alone like this. Soumya asks Menka to leave. Menka says this is my house, you can’t ask me to leave, I can kick you out if I want, but I won’t. She leaves. Yuvraaj thinks where did Soumya go. Menka shuts the door angrily and goes. Yuvraaj sees door shut and says Soumya is not here. Dadi thinks to do something to stop the marriage.

Yuvraaj gets Suhani’s message to come outside and meet him. He turns and sees goons. The goons hit him and make him unconscious. Dadi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvraj to kidnapped?… I think suhani will tell to marry yuvraj but yuvraj is not der

  2. Maybe Suhani will tell soumya to marry yuvraj

  3. Ruksy

    so evil how can someone want to ruin their grandsons life like that

  4. I believe the kidnapping rumor is true after reading the precap. I still believe that somya has some other plans.

    1. yuvi kidnapping was dadi plan sanaa no sowmya

  5. Ab kya tamasha honevalla he. I am a regular viewer,and dont make me stop watching it . Pls it is getting so bored . Make suhani and yuvraj marry fast . Dont lag the story more. After their marriage let them live a happy life and show the story after 15 years. So that yuvani and yuvan grow up. And show their story , marriage etc.

    1. I didn’t watch this show if suhani really get married to sambhav
      I am regular watcher plz don’t do this

      1. It’s not called show but a foolishness
        I hate it

      2. I just hate it

      3. I promised that I never watch this show again again again

  6. yuvi kidnap news was not fake.. its real … lol.. 😛
    but Xxyy… if anyone force to suhani u marry sambhav…. ?????
    OMG !!!!!
    pls reunite yuvani …

    1. Don’t know ash… but in telly chakar it was written dat suhani marriage will happen n we don’t know…. with whom??? It may b sambhav or yuvraj may come enter also

      1. 😀 Xxyy if reunite not happend means defintly stop watching this serial ..what about u xxyy

      2. Nithu

        In telly chakkar i read dat sambhav will fill suhani maang….

    2. Ash, I too will stop watching…

  7. Dadi had gone mad .nobody knows if real dadi or twin…..apne sabse pyare pote ke sath itna galat koi kaise kar sakta hai?????? I guess dadi hi asli nahi hai…..chalo ye bhi achchha hua yuvraj kidnap ho gaya warna mahan suhani Madame yuvraj ki shadi soumya se karwa deti ….ab dadi ne jise dulha banaya hoga usse hi soumya ki shaadi hogi……..good!!!!!

  8. A v disoppointing episode …..

  9. Dadi will always remain the same no matter whatever happens. I understood that this was all some plan of her after dadi started to behave sweetly with suhani and calling her Suhani. By the way there is a high chance of Sambhav to end up marrying Suhani as yuvi is missing. Still hope for the best.?

  10. This serial is so boring!!!!!!???? But today’s episode was good but not that much!!!????

  11. I think yuvraj has kidnapped then dadi will make sambhav as dulha .suhani has big big big heart.woh soumya ki shaadi yuvraj se karayegi but lagta hai end mein sab kuchh theek ho jayega .unfortunately sambhav aur soumya ki shaadi ho jayegi ……aur yuvraj suhani ek saath rahenge…….

  12. Soumya is behind yuvraj kidnapping n good put her ass out n marry suhani

  13. This writters are stupid. They should have make Yuvraj realising his mistakes but nothing like that happened. Dadi is still doing her evil plan and didn’t get punished till now, same for Rags and Menka and what is worst is that everybody still trust dadi. We are bored to see the same things again and again. Does every girls want to marry Yuvraj??? first Soumya, then Barbie then again Soumya. Same for Suhani: first Rohan than Sambhav, maybe Rohan will come back again after that. And same evil people who just want one things: to separate Suhani and Yuvraj.
    I don’t know if dadi is real dadi or not. Because real Dadi will never burnt her money and she will never make Yuvraj kidnapped, but on the contrary, would have made Suhani being kidnaped. But she doesn’t want this marriage to happen so, it seems like she is real dadi. But i still don’t understand why did she do all that if she don’t want this marriage to happen? Why did she asked the kids to say Suhani’s name and told them it was a game? I’m very confused!

  14. Ruksy

    there’s a chance that sambav will turn bad and its also possible that sambav is the one helping twin dadi

  15. Maybe dadi might put sambhav as the groom and suhani might get married to him……

  16. what a twist, Suhani’s wedding, Soumya the bride, Yuvraaj kidnapped.

    so sadddd, please bring happiness to this serial

  17. This is the most confusing episode ever on ssel

  18. It’s a weird story-line, multiple marriages with the same set of characters and multiple ceremonies for the same couple even though they are not officially divorced. And bad characters are always forgiven or their bad steps are always justified. It’s a dumb story line in my view, intelligence has no place is such shows and story-line, illogical story.

  19. LOL…What crap dunraj realised now that it his fault for bringing Soumya to the Birla house 6 yrs ago…but hold on are they 3 or 5 yrs old…to make this kind of mistake…the blames lies with them both…firstly why dumraj did not look for Suhani and shameless Soumya did she really think that Suhani would not return or meet by chance in their lifetime..and would it have been easier to tell Suhani ‘dear friend Suhani hi how r the way since you left i am living with your husband in your bedroom’ how disgusting…they made the biggest mistake..and dumraj blamed Suhani for everything..high time Dadi needs to be punished with lazy rags and mental menka.Pratima you can use your brain and mouth when you want to so why don’t you and Saurabh decide on the birla family..instead of allowing the evil dadi manipulate the family…why have you forgiven her for hiding your dtr all these years…no mother would or could forgive this kind of cruelty. You listening Yuvraj…sort your evil dadi out than the shameful soumya.Serial going bad to worse.Wake up writers…

  20. Suhani you should be smart enough in taking caring of your family and kids. You cannot give support to Sowmya who always wants to steal your husband. She tried to enter your house when Krishna is poor and now Krishna is dead. She always wants to steal your life. Disgusting friend. She took care of your daughter on the selfish note, as she also has a daughter to take care of her own daughter. Open your eyes she is not your sagi behan to be so kind to her.
    Dadi never likes you, open your eyes…She is giving you all the troubles and make her realize her mistakes. Always behind beauty.

  21. Writers always taking dadi,rags,menka and soumya side.They are making us fool.story showing negativity …….again and again same thing in story .bar bar ghoom ke story yuvraj and suhani ke seperation par aa jati hai its not are right Joy I agree with you.I am also fed up..

  22. May be somya will marry sambhav as yuvraj is kidnapped by dadi

  23. Fan of suhani yuvraj

    aree raaammm kya bhukkad hoti ja rahi hai story writter ji. control karo. ek bat to nahi samaj aai ki agar 6 sal suhani yuraj dur the to talakh todhi huva tha fir se sadhi kyo? chalo thik hai serial me kuch bhi ho sakata hai lekin bachho ke samane kuch bhi ho raha hai not good for new generation realllly. asali papa nakali papa kya hai ye… i am fan of this serial but if story soon not getting right path i will stop to see….

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