Vishkanya 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan comes back home meeting temple lady and gives prasad to Kumkum and Malay lying it is prasad. Apu comes and gives sandesh to Malay and says he likes it a lot and she prepared it. Malay says since Vardaan gave him prasad first, he will eat that. Vardaan says it is good time to show Apu’s talent, she should prepare Satyanarayan pooja prasad tomorrow, reminiscing temple lady words that Apu will lose her powers tomorrow. Apu thinks why vardaan wants to make her prasad when she will be writhing in pain tomorrow.

In room, Malay nurses Vardaa’s wound and apologizes her. She says she wants his love and not sympathy. He says he is guilty and asks if she loves him or not. She says it is irrelevant and sleeps on floor. Malay sleeps on bed and thinks tomorrow he will tell Vardaan what she wants to hear. Apu sees all this via window and fumes that Vardan is very clever and wants to grab Malay, but she will not let that happen.

Apu goes to her room and feels very weak over night. Kalpana looks at calender and tells Dida that tomorrow is amavasya and Apu will be very weak and will turn blue.

In the morning, Vardaan starts pooja. Malay asks why so early today. She says today she needs special blessings from god and prays god to expose Apu’s secret today. Apu comes and tells Malay likes her singing. Vardaan says she can sing aarti then. Apu sings bhajan and her hand turns blue. She coughs and reminisces Kalpana warning her not to exert herself on amavasya. She says she is getting weak and will go and rest. Vardaan says she has to prepare prasad and cannot rest, thinks she will expose Apu today and will kick her out of house.

Kalpana with Dida waits in balcony to see Apu. Apu opens door and receives groceries. She smiles at Kalpana and Dida, but Vardan comes and Apu goes back in. Temple lady comes to meet Vardaan. Kalpana thinks who is she and goes near to listen their conversation. Vardaan asks lady how does she know she stays here. Lady says she knows everythign, gives some powder and says if she sprinkles on evil spirit, she will never come near this house. Kalpana gets tensed hearing their conversation.

Precap: Apu confronts Vardaan that she knows it is her dirty trick. Vardaan says she asked her to go herself, but she did not, today after getting exposed she has to leave at any cost.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Nandana

    hi guys i am back

    1. Siddhi

      Welcome back Nandana missed u very much.first to comment ?I will give u a gold crown today

    2. Kathy

      Hi nandana … How u doing???? Wow first to comment ….

    3. Kathy

      Siddhi dear already given u a crown … From my side I will give u a gold medal…. ?

  2. Shai

    Why the image of this serial change??? I can’t bear the face of this crappy chipkali

    1. me too dear

    2. Kathy

      Me too Shai…

    3. Siddhi

      Same here

  3. Shai

    Guys, from now on you can call Malay Mr dhokebaaz Mittal, as said by Aishwarya khare in her Instagram page

    1. Kathy

      Yes Shai… He is indeed a dhokebaaz… Hate him….

  4. Shai

    Oooshi di, welcome back…. I missed you a lot!!!! Tell us more abot yourself, you went on tour right?

    1. yar kya btaon bs thek hi tha bs kch aharion pr charhe the w maze ka tha

  5. What the hell malay… what gonna say to vardaan what is wanna listen??? What rubbish… idiot malay doesn’t deserve apu nor vardaan… he was in love with apu n said cant leave without her now he easily forget his love to apu n is going towards vardaan….. may be any other 3rd girls come in show n malay start loving her… hahaha totally rubbish… will stop reading update onwards

    1. Well said abt this idiot malay ?

    2. Thank u ?

    3. Kathy

      Wel said sumedha… Ur right… Go to hell Malay….

    4. Thank u dear… how are u??

    5. Kathy

      Am good sumedha … How r u???

  6. Mona146

    Is malay father alive? Why there is no mention of him? I hate you chipkali? Dont leave nandita Apu!

    1. Kathy

      Hi Mona…. How u doing???? Yah he is alive … Don’t know dear…. Y nowadays cv’s not showing him… I think cv’s just remember chipkali only .. That’s y she is their everywhere….

    2. Mona146

      Good kathy! I dont really understand how he is not shown even when nandita is ill. He was main person who is responsible for all this mishap of kalpana right. He suddenly disappeared after getting cured suddenly. We understand that story revolves around main characters but remaining so called important characters in many serials just vanish until they are felt needed by CVs again. I feel we audience are taken for granted.

  7. Narendran

    ?????vardhaan!?????worst role I have ever seen

    1. Siddhi

      Yeah me too naren

    2. Kathy

      Very worst seen ever …

  8. Serial ta bordankyna Ho gaya
    Now apu is missing from promo too. I used to watch this show but…..

  9. Nandana

    Did u meant me shai ?

    1. Shai

      Welcome nandana

  10. Hiii everyone actually my another aunt (phuphi) want me actually my father have 3 sister my father elder sister want me I mean my custody so from so many days this case is going and 2 morrow is last hearing I don’t know wht will happen booze I don’t want to go wt her real thing is she hate me but now a days she is caring me so much and I m not well to i m very tensed ???

    1. Ayesha, I pray and ask God to help you in your situation. I want you to have a life with peace in your heart, kindness and compassion from people. I want you to love yourself and let others love and care for you. Stay strong and positive ??

    2. Ayesha don’t worry forgo this matter to Allah He will do the best thing for u and believe on Him always

    3. Kathy

      Oh dear…. Allah surely will help u…. Just trust him…. Nothing will go wrong… Praying for u…. Am sure Allah will give the best for u… Take care

    4. him should be Him as it’s for Allah

    5. Kathy

      Yes ur right dear…

    6. Siddhi

      Hope your custody gets to write person who is really caring.

    7. Mona146

      All the best. Looks like she is faking it to black mail you emotionally. I probably should not say this since I do not know her. All the best. waiting to hear from you.

  11. Siddhi

    How is my dp guys?

    1. Kathy

      Siddhi dear… It’s lovely…??

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks di

  12. Nandana

    Is this malay is going to say i love u to chipkali is he gone mad what the hell is he going to do . Is his love to appu is this much only ? After all apu had told him that she still loves him and what hell he is going to do ? Plz throw the chipkali out of the vishkanya serial :angry face:

    1. Kathy

      Nandana… This Malay is hopeless yaar…

  13. I really love vaardan a lot she is beautiful guys stop hating on her

    1. dude,she isn’t lovely at all.she has blank expressions?chk it once plz
      she is a witch? she deceived malay nd married to him;she knew everything abt Nandita(dat she is a vamp of Apulays love),still supporting her;she knew dat apulay loves each other,still broke thm;most important,she knew dat Apu is a Vishkannya,thn why ds pretending track??
      lol..we will hate her

    2. sorry but we actually hate the 3rd person in love stories and she is the third person and always will be if u remember

  14. Wat is gng on.. This chipkali is really lucky nd cunning i hate her to the core. Chipkali is nice bt her character is over acting she doesn’t know nothing about nanditas past nd unnecessarily intefering in others life. Malay ur an idiot u don’t deserve apu nd hw dare he expect such a thing from stupid chipkali i totally confused abt this serial. If they’ve shown chipkali from starting itself we can accept her even though we didn’t like her bt totally they are changing the track nd apu first of all kill this idiot malay nd chipkalli nd plz apu don’t waste your time who doesn’t understand ur pure love nd u should get a nice partner soon nd he should be a true lover for apu nd they should live their life happily nd this malay nd chipkalli go to hell ?

  15. Nandana

    Thanks siddhi for giving the crown and me too missed u all 🙂

  16. Nandana

    And ur do is very nice siddhi and did u became the fan of rishi ?;)

    1. Siddhi

      Yeah u are right I became big fan of Rishi aka Ssharad Malhotra

    2. Siddhi

      I love kasam and hate vishkanya

  17. Nandana

    I meant dp

  18. What the hell is going on? Just can’t tolerate that Vardaan. Either new hero should be entered or this vardaan should be ousted from the show. It seems like Apu is the villain. Why they r not giving importance to Apu’s character.

  19. Anika

    What the hell!
    Why they named this serial Vishkanya when they want to show Sati-savitri bahu and her dumb charecterless husband ???

    This Malay is afterall Hash and Nandita’s son! He is bound to be like his parents.
    Malay Vardaan couple are just reflection of Nandita Harshvardhan couple.

    They should be punished!
    First Malay played with Apu’s emotion and now loving Vardaan. Wow Malay Mittal! Great! ???
    I am watching for the first time that serials male lead is a charecterless , female lead is cheap cunning disgusting girl and villain is a victim who wants justice for her family ! ??

    1. Kathy

      Well said Anika….

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