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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani going to confront Barbie. Barbie thinks whats the matter, does Suhani have doubt on me. She starts acting of stomach ache. Suhani worries and takes her to hospital. Soumya calls Suhani and says I m in tension. Suhani says I m also in tension. Soumya asks what happened. Suhani thinks to tell Soumya or not. She tells Soumya about some girl who does not remember anything she does, she is behaving strange. She tells her matter saying its some other girl’s matter. She says that girl did not remember she slapped her mum in law. Soumya asks what, did anything else happen. Suhani tells everything. Soumya says I feel someone is hypnotizing her, this happened with me too, person does not remember what he has done in that time period, that mother-son used to hypnotize me,

ask your friend not to worry, tell your friend to control mind and not focus on that person’s words, read hanuman chalisa and recall good memories, her mind will be diverted and she won’t be hypnotized. Suhani says fine, I will tell her. Barbie comes and says Suhani, I m fine. Suhani tells Soumya that I will talk later. Barbie comes with the hypnotism locket. Suhani sees it and gets shocked.

She starts chanting hanuman chalisa as Soumya suggested her. Barbie shows the locket and asks Suhani to look into her eyes. Suhani diverts her mind. Barbie says you won’t go to psychiatrist and will go what I say, come home with me now. Suhani agrees and looks on. Barbie goes. Suhani chants the chalisa.

Suhani and Barbie are on the way. Suhani recalls about Barbie. The auto gets on speed breaker and gives a jerk. Barbie scolds the driver and thinks Suhani is still hypnotized. She asks Suhani will she go to psychiatrist. Suhani says no. Barbie thinks if Suhani acting.

Yuvraaj and Saurabh talk about Suhani’s state. Yuvraaj says I can’t lose Suhani, her life is most imp to me. Saurabh says don’t worry, I m with you. Barbie and Suhani come home. Suhani checks her phone. Barbie tells Suhani that whoever opens the door, you will insult that person, and thinks this is way to bring out the truth to know is Suhani acting or not. Bhavna opens the door. She asks Suhani where were you, I was finding you, I need to talk to you. Suhani starts insulting Bhavna. She asks Bhavna why did she not defend her when everyone was blaming her for Golu’s matter, and scolds bhavna. Dadi looks on. Barbie smiles. Sharad comes there and gets shocked. Sharad shouts Suhani seeing her talk badly with Bhavna. Bhavna asks Sharad to tell Suhani to leave. Suhani says I m leaving and goes to her room. She shuts the door and cries. Sharad consoles Bhavna and takes her.

Soumya asks Lalita for food. Lalita says there is no food for you, we were getting exposed because of you. Soumya says so what. Lalita scolds her. Soumya asks her why is she fooling people. Rakhi says stop nonsense, do as we say, and reminds her about the video. Lalita says we kept special program today, you have to assure people you really kept fast. They lock Soumya inside the room and leave.

Barbie tells Dadi everything. Dadi asks how did Suhani know. Barbie says Suhani had doubt on me, her trance broke in auto itself, but she scolded Bhavna here. Dadi says Suhani is clever, if she was not in your control, why did she misbehave with Bhavna. Barbie says she did that to win my trust. Dadi says no, she won’t say such big thing for your trust, I think she is in your control. Barbie shows Suhani’s message for Yuvraaj. Suhani writes Yuvraaj to come to temple as she has to tell him about Barbie’s doings. Dadi says we can’t let this happen. Barbie says we will kidnap her, there is no way. Dadi says fine, kidnap her. Barbie says fine, I will do some arrangements.

Pratima comes to Suhani and tells her that you have hurt Bhavna a lot, you have to apologize to her. Barbie comes and asks Suhani are you fine, your phone fell outside. Suhani thanks her and says I have to rest, I m unwell, you both go. She lies to sleep. Pratima and Barbie leave.

Soumya feels weak and goes to open the door. Krishna comes and sees her falling. He makes her drink water and asks what is the matter. She says I did not have breakfast. He says don’t do this acting, you know you will faint by being hungry, you are the owner of the house fine, eat something, else I will be blamed to torture you. Lalita and Rakhi come home. Krishna asks Lalita to give food to Soumya. Lalita acts sweet to Soumya infront of Krishna. Sharad calls Yuvraaj and tells him everything. Bhavna cries and tells what all Suhani said. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Bhavna ends call.


Barbie calls the goons to kidnap Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys I think so Barbie will be kidnapped becoz even she was wearing orange colour dress

  2. Meghna i think so too. I hope it. Finally suhani know the truth. Plzz end this track soon

  3. ushhh… now suhani has came to her attitude…

  4. Pls stop this idiotic stuff and show something in which the good wins and the evil punished to make this serial worth watching

  5. I hope Suhani isn’t kidnapped and she reveals all to yuvraj. End this track asap.

  6. Suhani is acting to catch barbie n she is the will be kidnap

  7. Plz finish this idiotic things show something good in the serial like something good things happening in suhani and yuvraj

  8. Wow let me give a ??
    So sharad can call yuvraj to inform him about Suhani behaviour

    But Suhani can’t make a simple call to yuvraj — no she has to go and meet him

    How pathetic. — I mean she has her phone clued to her hip — but can’t call to say about Barbie

    What a pile of ????

  9. pamela suppanee

    please finish dadi and Barbie evil plan and show something good for suhani and yuvraj. dadi can’t be so dominating

  10. suhani shouldn’t be kidnapped because Berbie needs to be exposed now kidnapping suhani shows that evil can win over good which has been happening to suhani for quite sometime now, is there body finding what is happening strange ,don’t make it to look like gopi situation .let suhani gain the upper hand this time around or will berbie kidnap suhani hiptonize the whole family and marry yuvraj,suhani is main character that interest me cause she is calm and smart let god intervene for uniting guauri and her family even when all odds are against her and pls end dadi’s pretence you can’t stop some from getting pregnant just because you don’t like her that’s not her decision to make it’s the Almighty himself that makes decision not human looking for positive changes thanks

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