Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima, Sharad and Bhavna getting Suhani home. Sharad says Yuvraaj is just coming. They enter the house and get shocked seeing Yuvani partying at home. Ladki beautiful…..plays……… Suhani and Yuvraaj look on shocked. Yuvani drinks wine. She removes her coat and throws. Yuvraaj goes and switches on the lights. Yuvani stops. Yuvraaj asks her to stop all this. Sharad asks Yuvani to wear her clothes right. Suhani asks Yuvani whats this bad behavior. Dadi, Rags and everyone come. Sharad asks guests to leave.

Suhani scolds Yuvani. Rags stops Suhani and says you are not a role model that Yuvani will follow you. Suhani says I m not talking to you. Yuvani shouts on Suhani that you are not my mum, I don’t want such mum who lies to kids about

their Papa. She asks if Suhani has problem if I danced with a guy, is it not bad that Suhani goes with Yuvraaj. Suhani says he is your Papa. Yuvani says yes, but you have no relation with him, you married Saiyyam’s Papa right, you are his wife, his widow, you have no relation with Yuvraaj.

Pratima angrily slaps Yuvani. She says when Dadi manages Yuvani before, this day would have not come. She scolds Yuvani and asks will she tell anything by getting drunk. Yuvaan says sorry Dadi, but Yuvani did not say anything wrong, Yuvraaj is our Papa, but not Maa’s husband. Saiyyam looks on smiling. Pratima says so what, does a guy and girl have relation of just husband and wife, did we ask anything about your friend with Krishna, does friendship does not exist.

Pratima asks Dadi what did you make this girl. Suhani cries. Rags says Yuvani is asking justified question. Pratima says enough, you don’t explain us whats right and whats wrong, Suhani will decide it, not you. She says everyone knows whatever Suhani did was for this house’s good, she proved this many times.

She asks Dadi not to say anything today, our children have grown up, they got right to question parents. She says I will answer them. She asks Yuvaan and Yuvani to listen, Suhani and Yuvraaj would have got married years ago if fate supported them, but that time, some bad shadows have surrounded our home, so we had to lose to situation, today that shadow has ended, so they both will unite again, I will get them married. They all get shocked. Dadi asks what nonsense, this marriage will not happen.

Pratima says sorry, this is Suhani and Yuvraaj’s life, they were married and were happy, they had small family, situation separated them, they will decide to get married again. Sharad says yes, why to give chance to people to point finger at their relation. Bhavna says yes, kids stayed away from their father, this family got chance to unite. Dadi says I worry for Yuvraaj, I can’t ruin him, he has bear a lot. Pratima says ups and downs come in life. Rags says we have seen more bad time when Suhani was here, we don’t want more problems, its children’s decision too, ask them what they want.

Yuvani says I don’t want anything, I don’t understand, where was Yuvraaj till now, now they want to marry. She cries. She asks Yuvaan to talk to her, is this look right. Krishna says I don’t understand your problem, if my mumma came back, I would have got mad by happiness, I think every day that any miracle happens and my mumma comes back, your Papa is alive and infront of you, why are you not happy.

She tells Yuvaan to understand he is lucky, his mum and dad are alive and want to stay with you, I would have not thought where were my parents before, I would be happy that they are going to unite, I would thank Lord to give another chance to my family, you both should also do this, I know I m not part of this family and have no right to say, I m happy if Suhani and Yuvraaj want to marry.

Yuvaan tells Suhani that he is with her. He hugs Suhani and Yuvraaj. He says welcome back. Saiyyam looks on. Dadi asks Yuvani to say if she has any problem. Yuvani says I really need some time. Dadi says you all are doing wrong. Yuvraaj says Dadi, right or wrong, its my decision, I will do this marriage. Saiyyam gets angry.

Yuvraaj says Suhani was always mine and will always be, but I will do this ritual for the world, I want to live with Suhani and children by all rights. Saiyyam asks Suhani how can you marry someone else, how can you cheat my Papa. Yuvaan says no one is cheating you, your Papa is dead and will never come back. Yuvraaj says we have no right to say this about anyone. He tells Saiyyam that he can understand his feelings, but he will do this marriage. Suhani says no, I can’t do this marriage. Yuvraaj looks on.

Yuvraaj says just because children are blackmailing us, it does not mean we change mind. Suhani says if anything wrong happens. He says we did not try to get back together, being together is our biggest strength.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god!!!..what d heck is happening….why these fools r not revealing everything…it sucks….better change the title to BAAR BAAR DEKHO SUHANI KI SHAADI?…again yuvraj will get kidnapped n another sambhav ki entry hogi….with out tellibg everything how would d children understand their parents…really pissed of with this repititive shit

  2. Episode was good…. but y they r not telling full truth to children…..???

    Today’s episode……. I liked the way yuvani throw her jacket….. N it was on pratima’s face…. so funny…….

    No more marriage of yuvani….. with rasams n all …. it is ridiculous….. first they showed all rasam n marriage with the sam….

    I want simple marriage of yuvani with sindoor n mangalsutra…….

    Nonsense writers….. are still repeating same story…… donkeys

  3. By the way….. pratima rocked today….. she took a stand for a yuvraj n suhani….. rags n dadi r so cheap…. they r making yuvani like them

  4. It is about time this bill shit show should end asap. Low standard trash

  5. Love you saiyyam

    Guys whoever want saiyyam and krishna please tweet 10 tweets per person then only CVS will listen
    If we discuss everything here no one will read this
    So please go and tweet I want to see saiyyam and Krishna but not yuvan and Krishna bcz I don’t want to see another yuvraj and suhani

    1. You have my support!

    2. Agree with you. I also want saiyyam and krishna as a couple

  6. Pratima said “Situation separated them” ,She could hv said ‘Dadi’ separated them,,that’s more crct,,,coz all those situations were created by Dadi

    Suhani first married Yuvi then married Sambav,As far as I knw ,she didn’t give divorce to Yuvi,,,,So,,,,It’s all confusing o.O

    wonder why dadi is nt allowing Yuv-Ani to unite,,,they hv 2 kids (nt kids anymore) and still dadi can’t see them 2gthr,,,does she hv any other plans lyk bringing anthr gori bahu,,,lyk she brought Barbie and Soumya

    Now another week of mrg drama,,,,what

    1. Literally…. Dadi is main cause for this shit

    2. This is so true, that why I had a go at pratima. She always cover Dadi and yuvraj shit.
      She could have told the truth, but pratima didn’t.
      Suhani and Krishna are mugs in that family.

      Mugs means:
      Someone that had no importance, in a family, or friend. Someone that is small, that you whip your feet on. It also mean stupid.
      it is a British slang.

      But still suhani go after that family, trying to save them. Suhani doesn’t understand, no matter WHATEVER she does, suhani always be a MUG!
      pratima doesn’t care about suhani or Krishna. If she did, she would have never let things happened to them.

      Dadi never liked suhani, and never well. I like the precap. When suhani he never let us to be together. What she should have said to Yuvraj. Your DADI Never wanted us to be together.

      Yes I agree with you, about Krishna and saiyyam to be together. This well be far more better love story.

      Yuvaan is too much like his father, he well treat Krishna, the way Yuvraj to Suhani. Like a MUG!

  7. What made them think that Sayyam will let this mrg to happen,,,,nw smthng big will happen ,Yuvraj/Suhani/Yuvan/anyone will be attacked and after that next truth will be revealed…….they need a big reason to reveal the truth,,,,,,,lyk yesterday one part was revealed bcoz Suhani ws abt to die

    1. Yaa really every tym they need some big thing 2 happen…… all nonsense, crap, shit … they r showing 2 us…..

      I regret 2 watch this show….. this is not the old ssel…

    2. Suhani is a stupid character, it what mo have said, suhani should have said Dadi doesn’t want us to be together.

      Anyway I understand Dadi, on why she hate suhani. Even when yuvraj and soumya made a life together. It might be fake, but they made a life together.

      Suhani made a drama out of it, even when she saw her friend, of cause yuvani was happy with soumya.
      Suhani wouldn’t leave.
      The things is Yuvraj and suhani is a disaster as a couple.
      Both of them, do far more better with out each other.
      Yes of cause Dadi, has something to do with it. But suhani is the course of it.
      Suhani behaved, like Krishna is behaving now. The minutes suhani found out about her father forced yuvraj to marry her. Suhani should have left and never look back.
      I am not a Dadi supporter, but now I can understand why. This is all because of Krishna.
      For Dadi, life before Suhani was much better. That is what Dadi wants back. Sometimes you have to calm down and think.
      That is why yuvraj love Dadi more, he remember that their life, was more better. Dadi still is the main person that run the family. Yuvraj knows this, that is why he doesn’t care, on what Dadi does and who she hurts.
      Sometimes girls do not go after men that don’t have any interest in you.
      Even if you are married to them, it is best to move on. Keep your self respect.

      1. I am finding it fascinating, on how a character like Saiyyam, has open so many minds.
        I have be commented so many times on how Yuvraj has mental abuse Suhani and Soumya.
        On how the writers made women on this show weak. The strong independent women are bad. While if you are good, it tends to be, do as you are told.
        You might disagree with me Krishna, but Yuvraj, just like Yuvaan. yuvraj Did play with suhani. yuvraj is still doing it, and we all know why. SAIYYAM.

        This simple character, has exposed, what was actually going on. Men do not like strong independent women.

        I like to thank cvs, on bringing this character saiyyam.

        Now everyone, the character suhani is a lost cause. We can still do something for Krishna. Let’s tell the writers to stop, making Krishna weak, this going after yuvaan is degrading women. Especially yuvaan like Baby, no one forced anyone to be together.

        Let’s tell the writers to put Krishna and saiyyam together. Open a new chapter to the show.
        We can still make this show worth watching.

      2. No one should force someone to be together. I miss writing, this what I should have said.

  8. Saiyaam must leave this n search 4 the new show as a lead….. coz this stupid will ruin each n every character……

    Already they ruined yuvraj n suhani character……. dadi n rags r ridiculous….. pratima, sharad, bhavana…. r just a part of the show

    So lame script shown by the writers……. I don’t know but either the writers r crack 2 show such lame storyline

    1. I am sorry to say this, but Yuvraj character was ruined in the beginning, before Saiyyam and Sambhav.

      This got nothing to do with new character. The writers made Yuvraj to supporting Dadi all the time. Yuvraj never treated suhani like a human being.
      You have to open your eyes, this is how it always was.

      1. No need of sry…. I don’t care abt any characters….. it may b old or new…. they r doing their work to earn… … so need of sorry…..

      2. *so no need of sry n all for this nonsense

      3. I agree with Mo.
        Anyway I am happy with saiyyam, this character has finally open people eyes, what Yuvraj Birla is really like.
        This is why that so many people are upset.
        It is a shame, but people like me, I don’t want to say it. But we did tell you guys so.
        I hope the writers well keep saiyyam on this show. I liked Sambhav character, in the beginning. He was a fresh air, to the show. But due to properly to the character. Cvs made him bad.
        It is time to hand it down to saiyyam and Krishna, get cvs to put them together.
        This well make the show more interesting.

  9. Pratima your deserve a round of ?? Finally you spoke up
    It always amazes me how the writers and directors think the viewers are a bunch of idiots

    Really you having a party and the rest of the family within the house are a sleep – with the loud music and dancing and chatting
    But hey ho as soon as lights go on and music off they hear everything and come running out
    What a load of ballocks !!! Never seen so much SHIT….

    Why would you not sit your children down and explain to them what happened – is that so hard to do

    If Yuvraaj and Suhani don’t get married I’m gonna kill the writers and producers – as instead of moving forward you take 10 steps back

    Make it right or end this drama as it getting bad to worse

    1. Aqsxxh

      EXACTLY. simple marriage- just put the sindoor and the mang, like Sharad and Bhavana!
      Look and Shavana- they are amazing and soo simplistic it is almost perfection- i am kind of sad they are not so much focused on…
      But maybe simple is better- wasn’t that the whole point of the show?

      1. Aqsxxh


  10. for heavensake get suhani yuvraj married. have been dragging this since soo many months. its soo crap wat ur showing now.

  11. i agree with pali.

  12. I want Saiyyam and Krishna love ❤ story..really love ❤ their pair..especially when saiyyam hold Krishna closer and touches her that scenes really drive me crazy ?? they look hot and sizzling together ? ? ? ???

  13. I think suhani should get marry to yuvraj n get over it the r grown n yuvani don’t respect her only rags n let her stay with that 2 witches rag ls n dadi

  14. Aqsxxh

    PSht guys i dont want Sayyam and Krishna together- I want me and Sayyam together ? ? ???
    But seriously though Sayyam and Krishna would be a very interesting story- Bcos somu did say if the bffs were to have diff gender children- noting is wrong in making them get married!
    That would be comething interesting to watch like everyone said- bcos SSEL is missing its old charm

    1. Of cause, why not. Don’t worry, I am too old for saiyyam. More likely to be saiyyam mother, then saiyyam sister.

      I well support you, to get saiyyam.

    2. I am Not, so move a side girl, HE IS MY BOYFRIEND!

      1. Ha ha ha. LOL
        This is not for the vegetarian, If you are vegetarian, do not read this comment.
        You two girls have to fight among yourselves. So who is going to have saiyyam head. Is it Aqsxxh or poppy.

  15. I agree with you prachi. Seeing Krishna and Sayyam touch each either makes me really happy .

  16. Wow…Pratima spoke like a true mother…carry on …don’t stop and start putting the house in order…tell Dadi and Rags to take a back seat..such an ugly lazy ducklings.Why do they need children’s permission to marry….and how many time they will get married??? I cannot understand why they cannot be up front and tell the children the whole truth including dadi’s dirty tricks and manipulations.Come on Yuvraj speak up and make decisions and Suhani stop falling weak.It is sad that they all treat Krishna as an outsider…why…they have forgotten their promise to Soumya and Yuvraj what happened to you…remember you always said Krishna is your responsibility especially when you bought Soumya into the Birla house…selfish Birlas..

  17. this serial is getting……………………………………..

  18. interesting

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