Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 14)

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Hey I Meethi.. is. back wid the 14th episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…Thank u everyone even d silent readers for their support and motivation…So now I will start wid d episode…

The scene begins on SWARAGINI they have already landed at mumbai..They are shown cmg out if d airport…
Swara-Ginu..wat a beautiful place it is…i am in love wid mumbai..u knw i hve a strong feeling that smthng will happen…i dnt knw good or bad…but i feel we r gonna meet sme1..sme1 close…

Ragini-Acha di…ur feelings ufff maar hi daala…
Swara-Shutup..chal we have to search for the driver papa send.and remember that..
Ragini-Interupts we r only swara and ragini her no surname..yaad hai di…now we will frst go to a restaurant..Di I am HUNGRY…
Swara-Nthng can happen of urs..fine..frst find d driver…they see a driver standing wid board saying ..SWARAGINI…
Ragini-di driver come fast…
Swara and ragini both leave towards…the driver…d Driver greets themm…
Driver says that he is theor driver for their whole trip..and frst he has to drp them in d hotel…to which ragini says that she frst wants to go to a restaurant…the driver refuses saying that sir told to frst drp u both in the hotel only..but they convince him somehow…and they leave…

The scene changes to Sanlak…

Sanskaar-say lucky where do u want to go
Lucky-Frst we will go to juhu..ok..
Sanskaar-yup lets go..
And they leave the place…

Swara and ragini r seen entering d hotel suddenly four five come and starts eve teasing them..
1st boy-Oye..whrer r u gng…jaaneemaan…kaha chali..
Swara and ragini gets..worried…

2nd boy-Arre tell me..nna..i m waiting..
Swara-Bhai humhe jaane do varna hospital ka kharcha hojayega?? (wid pout face)..
3rd boy-Janemaaan…hum tumhare bhai nhi kuch aur banna chahate hai…aur..hospital kyu baby?..
Ragini-Bhaiya…hospital u will nt take us we will take u all..
All d boys say wat a great job…show us…

They start moving towards them…
Swara-Ginu ready!
Ragini-Yes di…
And dhoomm…dham…?????
They start hitting the boys…a huge crowd gathers there…all r cheering 4 swaragini who r busy..fighting wid the boys..

An aunty is shown…coming towards the crowd she asks a person why is d crowd gathered..the person tells her that there r two girls fighting with the eve teasers…the aunty is impressesld hearing it.. she trys to go in front and is successfull…she sees the girls….
Aunty-Beautiful…daring …and innocent..
Here swaragini are hitting the boys…after getting injured the goons run away..and swaragini..give a hifi to each other…
The crowd returns back to their work after clapping 4 our swaragini….

The aunty stays their and comes to swaragini…

Aunty-Beta u both are very brave u both can be motivation 4 every girl who are eve teased..
Swara-Nahi aunty it was jst we wanted to teach them a lesson..
Aunty-Okay..now come with me..
Ragini-Aunty where..
Aunty-Beta u both are bleeding…ragini is bleeding frm the corner of her lip and swara frm her head..
Ragini-No no aunty its fine we will go to d doctor.. pls aap pareshan mat hoyiye..
Aunty-Isme pareshani ki kya baat..btw my daughter in law is a doctor she will provide u wid the frst aid..
Swara-No no aunty its completely okay..
Aunty-Will u both not listen to me..
Ragini and swara have no other choice and they agree…
Aunty-Jao frst pack smthng for eating for u both..i knw u bth r hungry..
Swara-Aap ko kaise pata aunty…
Aunty-A mother's heart knows everything..
Swara and ragini feel happy hearing this sentence..and they go to pack smthng to eat..

As aunty was waiting she saw a dairy…the name written on it was SwaRagini..aunty thnks that it is their dairy and takes it….

Soon ragini and swara go along wid d Aunty…they call their driver saying him to directly reach the address they will tell him…

When entering the mansion they see the  name board..MAHESHWARI MANSION…(yes the aunty is none other than ap)…

Swara-I have heard this name be4..to ragu..
Ragini-Na di ur jst imagining…

The car stops and they go inside the house..

The scene changes to sanlak..who r busy enjoying in the juhu chowpathi…they get tired and decide to return bck home..as they  have to reach house by evening..

As they go inside..ap calls..pari pari come down beta…

Swara and ragini are still feeling little uncomfortable…pari comes down..and sees them..ap explains..how she found them…and how bravely they were fighting..pari goes to them and tells them..
Pari-Swara ragini..hi i m parineeta…i m a doctor and d dil of this house…if u like u can call me di as i have not  siblings…

Swara and ragini gets emotional and call her di…
Pari-Now as u both have accepted me as ur di..u dont have to feel uncomfortable..be comfortable..u have only come to ur di's sasural..
Swara-thank u di..
Ragini-Yes di..we r comfortable here…

Pari gives them a first aid…

Ap comes there..beta i have cleaned d guest room u both go and rest their..

Swara amd ragini are shocked hearing this..

Ragini-Par aunty we cannot live here..
Swara-Yes Aunty we have already troubled u now we cannot be a burden on u for so long…
Ragini-Yes Aunty we r gng to stay in mumbai for a long time..how can we trouble u for so many days..
Pari interupts..and says..u now only said that i am ur di..will u not stay in ur di's house..

They sme how.. convince swaragini to stay there…and swaragini agrees to stay there..
Suddenly they hear two voices…cmg frm the stairs..Swara and ragini are facing their bcks towards the stairs…they do not turn..
Ap-so my sons remembered me..alas kuch der toh mujhe yaad kiya..

Sanskaar-Ma we r sorry..
Laksh-Yes ma sorry…
Hearing their voices..swaragini feel smthng and turn..
They 4 are shocked to see other…

Ragsan-Jungli billi tum/Mr sadu tum…

Ap is shocked and surprised to see that they all 4 knw eachother…

The scene ends on shockked as well as happy faces of SwaRagini and sanlak…
Precap::masti and dhammal!…challenge?


Thank u everyone…keep reading and commenting….And frm the next meeting u will get swalak and ragsan scene be it comedy or romantic ?????

Take care ?

Keepp reading??

Thanks ??


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  1. Awesome

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ?

  2. Jazzy

    wow finally ragsan meeting

    1. Meethi


    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much..✌?

  3. AMkideewani

    Mindblowing dear

    1. Meethi

      Thanks dear??

  4. Damn good

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much tani?

  5. Inu

    Superb. I want both comedy and romantic.

    1. Meethi

      Thanks inu..yup u will get to see both…in d cmg episodes..

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Vk??

  6. Aasthu

    nyc…….is it swasan and raglak??????

    1. Meethi

      Thank u aasthu?..Nope dear its ragsan and SwaSan…?

    1. Meethi

      Thanks a lot J??

  7. Superb.loved it

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ammy..keep reading ?

  8. Waiting for ragsan scenes

    1. Meethi

      Yess d nxt epi will have loads of ragsan as well as swalak scenes in d nxt epi..???

  9. superb episode….. cant wait for next…. update soon….. itss swalak and ragsan the pairs right???? include swalak lott… love them a lottttt

    1. Meethi

      Yes sona its ragsan and swalak..yup dnt worry i will give both d pairs equal screenspace..keep reading and enjoy..Thnks ??

  10. Fairy

    mindblownnggg update dr…keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

    1. Meethi

      Thanks di??

  11. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  12. Suprb se b upr

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  13. Asra

    awesome dear….finally swarag and sanlak meeting…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Meethi


  14. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet update dr

  15. A.xx

    nice but want a little rvelation about it and waiting for next post so update soon,xx

    1. Meethi


    2. Meethi

      Dear..wat do u mean by rvelation..actually I didn’t understand…?

  16. Awesome…finally they meet each other.waiting for next part

    1. Meethi


    2. Meethi

      Yes i will updates soon?

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