Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suhani what is this question. Suhani says Gauri called you Dadi. Dadi says she may have heard everyone calling me Dadi. Yuvraaj takes Dadi to rest. He takes Dadi to her room and makes her sit. He asks where was she going at night at this time. She says she was going for a walk. He takes her purse and asks along this purse. She says yes. He asks her to take rest. She says she wants to talk about that girl and Bhavna comes there. Dadi takes water and says she is afraid for Bhavna and her son, Gauri may hurt Golu too. Yuvraaj asks her not to worry, he will send Gauri to ashram.

Dadi calls Rags and Menka. Suhani tells Gauri that she used to be scared of Dadi before, but Dadi is very nice. Ramesh cleans the room and says don’t worry, I will clean things.

Pratima comes there and Gauri turns seeing her. Menka asks Dadi why she wants to kick out the girl, she will do anything for Dadi. Dadi says this is your last chance to win my trust, if you fail this time, then we will never trust you both. Rags asks her not to worry and smiles.

Pratima talks to Suhani and sees Gauri sitting behind her. Gauri gets scared and gets away. Pratima asks her what happened and walks to her. Dadi comes there and gets tensed seeing Pratima with Gauri. Suhani apologizes to Dadi. Dadi asks why is she taking her mistake on her, as if Gauri is her relative. Pratima holds Gauri and Dadi stops her. She asks Pratima to come.

Soumya shows the suit for Krishna. He says its very costly. She says you are superstar, you are film’s hero and can ask money from producer. He says yes, but I can’t forget my past. She says fine, don’t spoil your future. Yuvraaj sees Gauri combing her hair and messing the room. He calls out Gauri and asks what is she doing here. The hair oil falls and Yuvraaj gets irked. Suhani says I will clean the floor. He says no need, Ramesh will clean it.

He calls out Ramesh and asks him to take Gauri to guest room. He leaves. Gauri makes a drawing of happy family on the wall. Rags sees Sharad and Bhavna leaving keeping Golu in the cradle. She calls Menka and says Bhavna is also gone, you have 5mins, don’t do any mistake. Suhani cleans the room, while Yuvraaj sits and looks on. He says Suhani, shall I say something. She says yes and smiles. He asks her to clean there well.

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Menka goes to Gauri. She says I will freshen you, come. Rags takes Golu from the cradle. Suhani slips and Yuvraaj holds her. He asks her not to try this silly thing. She asks why does he get angry on Gauri. He says don’t get attached to her, she has to go. Suhani says if she was our sister. He says she is not my sister, she is guest and has to leave. Menka goes to Bhavna and fools her.

Gauri comes out of washroom and sees Goly on the bed. She gets glad seeing baby and claps. Menka asks Bhavna mad to laugh like this. Rags says don’t know what happened. Sharad comes and Bhavna asks him about Golu. Sharad says he was with you. Bhavna says I left him here to get milk. He says maybe he is with Suhani or Pratima. Rags says now see how our work will be done.

Rags asks Suhani to kick out Gauri. Gauri hurts Rags and they all try to stop Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love love today epis….. Sooo stupid yuvraj she is your sister real sister….open your eyes and see….what did suhani say if she was our sister and yuvraj said she is not our sister…soo stupid

  2. Wat really??

  3. It was a little bit boring today

  4. I love this serial so much and especially suhani yuvaraj jodi very nice n present running drama boring ya

  5. So gauri s his sister n pratima will have recall she has a daughter

  6. Abb yee sister ka Kaya Naha natak hai???? So much crap.. Ho Gaya bass please don’t dragggg

  7. I think gauri is yuvraj s half sister from his father,s affair. Why else did he commit suicide. Dadi and her ugly accomplices should be scrapped. Writers please come up with some new ideas.

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