Where is Heart There is Life (The Aradhika Love Confession) Episode 21

the episode starts with arjun driving the car.he stops the car in a place where nobody is seen. he asks anu to get down from the car. anu is sad as shes having a misconception about arjuns love confession.anu gets down from the car. all internees also come there following arjuns car. sam says why dr arjun have take anu in such a quiet place? tam says something is fishy. kirti says i dont know why but i also think theres something fishy.

arjun takes anu to a large dark room.anu says why u have took me here? and why we have come here? arjun holds her hand and takes her inside of that room. sam-neil and others also comes inside the room secretly. sam says its so dark. they hides behind a large table. arjun makes anu stand in the centre of the room and asks her to stand here. anu says but…… arjun goes. parth says how bad arjun is! first he takes anu here and then left her here in so dark alone.

suddenly a white light gets on. the light reflects on arjun. anu sees arjun and thinks whats happening? sam says i think its a studio. neil says right.arjun says to anu i dont know how should i start first. the thing i want to tell u is very simple but for me its very difficult to say. anu looks on. neil,sam and others listen arjuns word very carefully and nobody is talking. its looking like they r digesting arjuns words.

arjun comes near to anu and holds her hand. arjun says i dont know how it happened but it really happened. u have become reason of my existence. i dont know will u accept my words or not but still i want to tell u. i want to tell u about the greatest feeling which i feel because of u.

arjun sits on his knees in front of anu and in his hand there is 101 white roses. arjun says to anu i love u anu. i really really love u. arjun extends the white roses to anu. a board in which is written i love u displays and a white light reflects on that board. anu sees the board.

arjun says i know its tradition to give red roses while proposing but sorry i couldnt arrange red roses. white is symbol is purity and i want our relation to be pure like this white roses. arjun asks anu do u accept my love? anu gets confused. anu asks do u really love me? i thought u bought these flowers for someone else. arjun smiles and says trust me. i had bought these only for u. i only love u. arjun asks anu dont u trust me? do u accept my love for u? anu gets happy. anu happily takes flowers from arjun and says i love u too.

this time silence gets break in the internee gang. neil says oh so this sir and madam came here to propose.sam says and we thought many weird things.rahul stands up and happily claps like a fool. before anu and arjun could see rahul, neil and parth makes rahul sit down. arjun and anu looks around but sees nobody. neil says u fool! why u started to clap? what if they saw us? rahul says i was just becoming happy in their happiness. they starts to argue in low voice. kirti says forget this. look at anu and arjun. its so romantic.

anu makes arjun stand up and says i was going to propose u without knowing ur feelings. but trust me i love u. they hug. they become emotional.

neil says i think we should now leave them alone. sam says i also think we should let them to spend some time with each other. kirti says but sam lets see them pls. im enjoying. parth says its not a movie that u r enjoying. i agree with sam and neil. neil says lets go guys. they secretly goes from the studio.

arjun and anu have an eyelock. arjun says i couldnt arrange a good place to propose u. so i hired this studio.anu says its okay. its very good and exceptional. they laugh.

precap: arjun asks anu do u like horse riding? anu says very much. arjun says so look over there. arjun shows anu right direction ( whats arjun showing in that direction is not shown).anu gets happy.

credit to: Natasha

guys whats ur thinking about todays episode? i tried my best to show a best and exceptional love confession of our beloving couple aradhika. if i havent successful in giving a good love confession according to ur wishings then pls forgive me.and sorry for long update.

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

guys whats ur thinking about todays episode? i tried my best to show a best and exceptional love confession of our beloving couple aradhika. sorry if i havent successful in giving a good love confession according to ur wishings then pls forgive me. :-):-):-):-):-)

  1. Natty fantastic episode yaar…enjoyed ardhika scenes verymuch Dr…total episode is amazing buddy…keep it up

    1. Natasha….i really love ur story…..love anu and arjun soooo much…..
      can anyone plzzz give me the 1st 10 ep link….i stared to read this story from 11 ep….plzzzzz…….plzzzzzz……plzzzzzzzzzzz………..

  2. What to say… What to say… I’m dying… Natasha… Love it most…. What a confession… I’m flying like a happy cloud… Wow….

  3. Wowwwwwwwww… superb episode nats. ..loved it… cute love confession. .. love ardhika. … now everyone knew about ardhika love. ..eagerly waiting for nxt episode. ..

  4. Kya yaar natty !! Itna acha love cnfesion tha yaar !! I m really adictd to ur story dear !!! Pls cntinu !!!

    Hey ela unavu ??

    Hey tasnim nuvu ela unnavu ??

  5. Hey nats super dear….. keep rocking dear

  6. Hey nats super dear…. and keep update like this dear

  7. @NATASHA- Woooowwww…what an epi yaaaar nachevu a loooot…
    jst 1 thing mising a bkground sng i wanna fil it

    Arjun cnfes his love Anu jst staring at arjun with surprise n love in her eye n a tight hug betwn them n plays

    mein hairaan hu tumhe kaya kahu
    ke din mein huya keise chaandi

    Jaagi jaagi sei phir bhi khwaabon mein hai
    khoyi khoyi zindagi Tumhi dekho na ya kya ho gaya tmhara hu main or tum mere****

    Natasha do u like it…oh 1 think whr is my name i can,t find it…

    [email protected] hw r u ? Cn u plz see d last cmnt of me in epi 19 hope u.l happy 2 see it..plzplzplz

    @Nisha- whats up year…? I like d last cmnt of u it gives me a lot of pleasures…

    @zara @pragna @chinni @[email protected]@roma hw r u al dry…

    1. Wow… I’m fine Tasnim.. What about you???

    2. Hey tasnimyaar I jus saw it it !! S yaar filin very proud yaar ki mene kisi ko telugu seka ya vo bi internet pe !!

      Thanq yaar tasnim 4 dia moment jus filin to hug u ny wa a huge senti mixed with happynes hug !!!!

      N ya thx to u I no another telugu girl !!
      Pragna !!!

      Hey seriosly thanx a ton yaar !!!! Will nevr 4gt u !!♡♡♡♡♡♡

    3. @ tasnim
      iam fyn dr.wt abt u??

      @ mandy
      hii mandy.nice 2 meet u.after a long time i met one telugu girl in tu.iam soo happy

  8. hey Nats, the most awaited epi. awesome dear.

  9. natasha dear this is one of the best love confession super dear pls continue your story.

  10. Superb love confession yaar.Enjoyed it very much.

  11. Natasha, love confession was awesome!! Very different. U had nicely mixed humour as well through kriti partha dialogue.it was a nice complete epi. Keep it up!!!

  12. Today’s episode was awsome,totally awsome.Great work Natasha.

  13. Aaaaaaawwwwwwwww. Such a romantic proposal ……… Any1 can fall 4 him yaar…… Ur killing me wid ur story……..
    pls keeeeep writing ………..

  14. Nats I was waiting for aradhika love confession.thanks for the update.that was a awesome love confession…..I won’t be able to comment for few days because of my pending record works. …miss u guys…..nats miss ur story ..

  15. It’s awesome story.I liked it a lot .plsssss update as early as possible

  16. Hi nats, superb dear. What a lovely confession. And i loved the friends gang part. I kept on laughing reading it. Once again superb.

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  19. Hey nats…awesome episode dear…wat a love confession yaar…just loved it…..wat anu was thinking n wat happened….lucky girl anu….finally both confessed their feelings and got their love……come soon with next update..

  20. Hai natasha, finally ardhika (sry arjun and anu’s) love confessed. Keep rocking.

  21. Hi Natasha, wowwww lovely episode. The most awaited confession. Loved it sooo much. You nailed it buddy. Please continue with the story, don’t stop writing. Your story is very interesting and I’m very addicted to it already. Eagerly waiting for the next episode,waiting for the future episode when anu (radhika) will get her memory back and Arjun will get to know that she is his childhood love, his solemate Radhika… Eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Dear Natasha, thanks for including my name in you r fan list. Always loving you…

  22. lovely epi natasha..waiting for next epi

  23. Hey nats woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow,

    Dear What an exceptional atmosphere you create here.

    Looks like when you are writing this . YOu are in a very great mood.

    Loved when arjun saying his feelings to rads.And rads dialogues are also awesome

    But moreover I loooooooooooooooooooooooooved the gang dialougues more it gives me so many smiles on my face. That’s why.

    I just loved the confession and the gang convo loved you dear Loved you so much nats keep going.

    And yaa this song is for u nats You remember some time before You try and want to pull off your story . And all d fans try to make you not pull off your story.

    And then you keep writing . This song is highly recommended for that moment.

    And its encouraging about zindagi. Competition. And how life goes on and you have to walk you can’t stop and give up so soon. YOu have to fight until your last breath.

    Listen to it nats .


  24. nice epi natasha…loved it a lot

  25. And ya nats two romantic songs from my side one from girl side and one confession from boy side

    Listen to it nats.

    Listen to it tasnim Loved you dear Lots of hugs for u Mandy , zara, brity , and all my deariiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    Boy side Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara.

    From girl side Radhika confession.

    Loved you all dear And yes mandy I Just copy the link dear and paste it hear dear. LOve u.

  26. Hey sree dear

    Hello dear , how r u,.

    Update your story dear we r waiting and enjoy d songs dear.

    1. Iam so sorry nisha it’ll take time for me to update my story because of my exam preparation….but i’ll try my level best yaar

  27. Hello all how r u?
    @Mandy like tasnim i also try to speak in telegu.it feels really nice when nenu talk in telegu. By the way nuvu ela unnavu? and 1more thing nuvu naku nachevu a lot
    @Tasnim nuvu ela unnavu? I too nuvu naku nachevu a lot. And yes in the next update there will be a song.
    @Nisha just loved the song. This ones for u and all

    Itni si hassi itna sa khushi
    Itna sa tukra chand ka
    Khawbo me hum chale
    Aur banaye aashiyan

    A secrect i want share. I love to sing but when i sing my bro tell me not to sing again as my voice of singing is very bad. But still i try to sing ha…ha…ha

    Pls keep giving ur feedbacks

    1. wow so good natasha…keep learning telugu it is easy to speak

    2. Hey yaar natasha of course telugu is very simple na !!! Nakuda nuvu chala nachevu !!

      Hey love d song yar !! Hey dis is d same problem with all girls jinke bai hote hai !!! I also love singing n dansin but wenevr I do my bro alwas taunts me !!
      But yaar u shud not stop singin bcos of sme else !! Hamesha gun guna the raho !! It makes us happy !! Then y wont we !!!!

      Hey sree hw r u !!! N wr is ur story !!

      Hey tasnim kaha ho aur kaic ho !!

      Hey my new telugu frd pragna !! Hw r u !! N hws life goin !!!!

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    4. Whats the meaning of this telegu line that u have wrote?

    5. even by bro says the same and disturbs me,but as iam some what notty again replays the same

  28. Keep going nats. Whenever someone tell you not to sing . Sing it more loudly that he or she listen the song full .

    And Enjoy the song with heart with no tension. With carefree attitude. And with lots of love .

    Luv u nats Keep commenting and keep sharing . Keep writing dear.

    Alwaus luv u.

  29. hey natasha dear its reallly amazing n wondetful confession yarrr….its reallly very romantic….great going….keep it…n horse riding wow its amazing…waiting for nxt epi…

  30. i wish mmz ppl can use ur story n make mmz part 2

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