Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying the tagline that ‘A clean heart makes us more beautiful’, so take care of your heart and our cream will take care of your face. Everyone clap for her and praise Suhani. Yuvraaj smiles. They call Suhani smart and asks Dadi what will you say on this. Dadi says what can I say now. Rakhi meets Radha and he does some shayari. Krishna comes there and Radhe runs seeing him. Rakhi is shocked seeing him. He thinks Rakhi has lied about the love letter and has put the blame on Soumya.

Dadi tells Soumya that she made her the face of the year as she deserves it, and if media did not ask for tagline, she would have got more limelight. Soumya says its enough for me. Dadi asks her not to share this good news with Krishna, as he does not deserve her. Yuvraaj

says Suhani that Dadi has made Soumya her fav. Suhani says yes, she is beautiful and anyone will love her at first sight. Yuvraaj gets stunned. Suhani praises his family. Yuvraaj says you are smart, you thought a good tagline, be pure, be beautiful, you became famous by saying it.

Krishna raises hand on Rakhi and his dad stops him. His dad asks who was it. Krishna says ask her. Rakhi speaks against Soumya and he slaps her. He says I should have done this before, I always scolded Rakhi because of her, now I came to know that I was wrong, she has compromised and learnt to stay here, but I did not understand her. Rags and Menka ask Dadi is she giving a surprise even today. Menka says Dadi’s plan flopped and Suhani got the appraisal. Dadi says but she has to go one day. Soumya asks who. Menka says Suhani, I mean Suhani ahs to go out with Dadi.

Dadi says I m going to meet my friend and give her a saree. Soumya chooses one and Dadi likes her choice. Suhani and Yuvraaj come there. Dadi asks Suhani’s choice. Suhani also chooses one. Soumya says its very plain. Suhani says flashy sarees get threads out and it looks bad later. Dadi asks Yuvraaj which saree is good, Suhani and Soumya’s choice. Yuvraaj says it needs knowledge. Rags asks him to say. He says don’t ask me. Dadi says why to just say yes or no. He says Suhani’s choice is good. Suhani smiles and goes to prepare breakfast.

Rags tells Dadi that Yuvraaj always prefers Suhani and he won’t change, so we should divide and rule, by making them fight. Menka asks but how. Rags says we have to make Yuvraaj feel that Suhani always acts smart and advices as if we are fools, and we know Yuvraaj gets angry when anyone says he is wrong. Yuvraaj talks to his friend and says he will meet him. He calls Sharad and asks him to get ready fast. Dadi comes to Yuvraaj and asks is he going somewhere. Yuvraaj says yes, to meet a friend. Dadi says I thought you will come with me on shipping. Yuvraaj says no, take anyone.

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Dadi says no, I wanted you to come, I m seeing since you got married, you always say no, its my mistake to expect this from you. He says fine, I will come with you. She smiles. Rags says now his relation with Suhani will break, get ready to see the drama. Dadi asks Ramesh to bring ginger tea for him. Suhani says she will make it. Yuvraaj tells his friend that he went out with Dadi and just came back. Rags sees him coming and cries. Yuvraaj asks her what happened. She says if I tell you, you will also hate me. He asks who hates you and why do you think this. She says I want Rs 2 lakhs.

He asks why. Dadi tells Suhani that Yuvraaj got half market, see the items. Suhani sees the shopping bags. Suhani says whats the need to waste money like this. Dadi says should we ask you now. Suhani says no, sorry. Menka says Dadi’s love is also angry one. Suhani says yes, and asks about Yuvraaj. Menka says he is outside. Rags says I lost in card party. Yuvraaj says what, 2 lakhs in card party, its not a small amount. Rags asks him to help her, I promise I won’t do this again, please help me. He says fine, I will go bank, but this will be my last help. She says fine. He leaves. Rags smiles. Suhani comes and asks about Yuvraaj. Rags lies and says he was going out, maybe he went to meet friends, lets see Dadi’s shopping.

Menka says we got all this, why is Dadi taking his name. Rags says its our plan, be quiet. Rags says its very good. Dadi says Yuvraaj spent lakhs, but he still wanted to buy more. Dadi says the rates of the items and Suhani finds it very costly. Rags says you did 4 laks shopping, Yuvraaj is really Yuvraaj by his name and nature. Menka says yes, I asked for earrings and he got necklace, what was the need. Suhani says why did he shop when its needed. Menka says he spends 10-12 lakhs on friends and party. Suhani says its wrong. Dadi says will you tell him now. Suhani says yes, I have to teach him. Yuvraaj comes and asks what will you teach me. She looks at him.

Dadi tells Rags and Menka that Yuvraaj and Suhani should have a big fight, and he should tale Soumya in the party. Yuvraaj scolds Suhani for asking his expenses.

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  1. Jenya

    What kind of nonsense is this? This tv show is getting boring and stupid. Mr,. producer you should change the script. This tv show is getting dumber day by day,
    The best tv show on Star Plus is Ek Haseena Ti because that’s a tv show with logica and a line in it. So mr. producer you should take a example from that tv show.

    Suhani si ek ladki has no meaning. it’s dumb and stupid. this tv most go off air.
    When will truth come out of soumya and dadi. I’t’s taking too long now. Beauty is not everything. Dadi, Soumya, Raganini and Menka are so ugly and stupid. Suhani is good but she is also dumb like a back side of a cow. How stupid can she be?

    This was my favorite show but not anymore.

    • Hina

      I hate soumya is she a child she cant understand how dadi keeps insulting suhani in front of her.. if she is best frnd would hv atleast stopped dadi by taking suhani side

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