Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani moving back Yuvraaj. Bhavna says you are fine Suhani and cries. Suhani says you did not do your duty, you all forgot me within a week, none tried to stop marriage. Rags says no Suhani, I tried to stop marriage, they all stopped me, they were doing big thing by getting Yuvraaj and Barbie married. Pratima says enough, I know mistakes happened, we can rectify it, come. Yuvraaj says yes and holds her hand. Suhani leaves his hand and cries. He asks what happened, why did you leave my hand. She says you left my hand, I was standing at the door of death by trusting you. She goes inside the house. He runs after her. She shuts the room’s door.

Dadi pacifies Yuvraaj. Suhani cries seeing Yuvraaj and Barbie’s pic. Darbadar……plays……. She says three days Yuvraaj,

I was lying in jungle, you gave this result for my love, why…. She shouts and cries asking why he left her.
Bhavna says I was doing this for Suhani’s baby, Yuvraaj tell me would you do this marriage if it was not for baby, tell this to Suhani, that’s why we all lied to Pratima. Barbie thinks Bhavna is right, they all don’t need me, Suhani knows my truth, if she tells them then.. Yuvraaj tells Dadi that Bhavna is right, we should tell this to Suhani. Pratima says yes, else Suhani will not get calm.

Bhavna says I will tell her, come. Barbie stops them and asks them is she useless, is she needed here for baby. Rags says yes, surrogacy means that only, this is the law, Barbie’s work is to give birth to baby, she got money for it, she accepted it, this marriage was not at all needed. Barbie says fine, then I m not needed in this house, why am I alive then, I did marriage with all rituals and then came here, you all are behaving like this, if Yuvraaj leaves me, what about my respect, I will not live such bad life, I should die, right…..

Suhani opens the door and holds Barbie angrily. She says you want to die right, I will take you come. She drags Barbie. Lalita shows the jewelry and cash they got from people. She says we did not get even lakhs. Krishna asks do you have any shame or regret. Lalita says no, I did this for my house. Soumya says if we are caught then.. Krishna says this was their plan, if they are caught, they will put blame on you. Now I will call police and tell the truth how you all scared Soumya and used her to fool people. Rakhi says no, don’t send us to jail.

Soumya says if we give this to police, they will take in custody, we can donate these things to clean our sins. Krishna agrees.

Suhani gets Barbie on terrace and asks her to jump, as she made Suhani do such thing. She asks Barbie did she change plan to die, I will push you, I will tell your truth to everyone. The family comes there. Barbie says I m not scared, I can die. Suhani asks her to jump then. Barbie climbs on the railing. Yuvraaj stops Barbie and asks Suhani what is she doing. Suhani says sorry to make your wife scared, where did your concern go that time. He says she is surrogate mother of our child, she is pregnant, Barbie promised she will not do abortion if I marry her. Suhani asks what. Bhavna says yes, that’s why we made them marry. Yuvraaj asks Barbie how can she harm their baby. Suhani asks baby? Yuvraaj says your baby, whom I wanted at any cost, that’s why I did this marriage, else you know I would have not done this. Suhani says so you did this, as Barbie threatened to kill baby. Dadi says no, her mum threatened. Suhani asks did you made them marry for this. Bhavna says I did not stop marriage, I m your culprit, sorry.

Saurabh says I lied and kept Maa away, just for this baby. Pratima says I was also angry before. Barbie says none is trying to understand me. Suhani says I understand everything. Yuvraaj says I told you clearly Barbie why I m marrying you, you said you are marrying because you don’t want to be unwedded mother. Bhavna says Barbie said she will handover baby to us. Yuvraaj asks Barbie how can she hurt the baby. Barbie says sorry, I did not realize the mistake. She cries.

Menka asks Rags to stop taking rounds. Rags tells Menka that Barbie did planning, she will do this acting for 9 months now, we have to do something, else our imp will end, we should have not let this marriage happen. Saurabh comes. Rags asks him not to fight again. He says yes, I know, I wish we did not get emotional that day, we should have waited for a day. Rags says yes, Barbie used all of us and trapped in her words. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that he wants to talk to Suhani, she looks changed, she was never like this, there is something, she did not react this way, the way she spoke to Barbie, its not normal. Sharad asks him to calm down, there will be change, don’t know what all she has bear and now she got a shock here. You go to her and make her feel that you still love her, you did this for her.

Suhani tells Barbie that she gave her place in the house and you tried to kill me, you did this to marry Yuvraaj, you have one hour to vacate me room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani love u dear……. U R just awesome oh iam so excited to yuvraj becoz from now u

  2. Soujanya kundu

    Wow nice epi…
    Make the truth of barbie come out before everyone

  3. Sandra s thannickal

    Jaldi Barbie ka azali chahara sabki saamanna aana chahiyae?

  4. Wow nice episode. Luv u Suhani

  5. love suhani!! esp right now since she is BOSS!!

  6. I hope that Suhani will tell the truth soon to everyone . Suhani was too good today. I hope that yuvi now will know the meaning of second marriage when Suhani say sorry to make your wife scared. I just hope that rags pratima and somu will join suhani to take revenge of dadi and Barbie. Suhani should not forgive them all so easy. They need to give suhani some love and respect in that house. And that Barbie and dadi plzz get them arrested. I hope this track end soon and yuvani wil get their romantic moment.

    1. Ya u r right riya

    2. I don’t agree with ur obe statement that yuvani romantic.i can’t imagine that aftrr this marriage.bcpz suhani deserves more better love

  7. very good!
    suhani should not forgive anyone!
    specially her dumb husband :/
    c’mon suhani…make dadi pay for her sins!

    1. Ya u r right riya

  8. Super cool suhani is back but feirce this time

  9. Totally epic can’t wait for tomorrow love how she wanted to throw barbie off the terrece the family is so stupid to try to clear the air they all cause her pain. I really can’t wait till barbie is caught in her lie and open that Door to find out dadi was in on it the whole time catch them suhani. And plus I hope when yuaraaj finds out that barbie and dadi was in on trying to get her killed it will be a change of story.

  10. suhani have more attitude and.. even more gorgeous….

  11. Go Suhani — you tell Barbie
    Get her out of the room and you make love with Yuvraaj

    Don’t back down now girl — start as you mean to go on xx?

  12. Luv u suhani

  13. Awesome episode ,suhani rocksss

  14. Vallika reddy

    Awesome what a change of suhani excited to coming episodes

  15. Suhani was awesome today. ….good to see her fighting fr her rights but still it’s very painful to see her in pain.Rags was good too hope they all team up against dadi &barbie. Wish this time suhani shouldn’t accuse dadi &barbie but instead create tough situations where they themselves will expose each other.
    Just don’t understand how to react to yuvrajs behaviour, it’s irritating. …..but still a ray of hope that his instinct will work 1 day,

  16. Seriously, I want Suhani to pay the vamp Barbie a good lesson. Dadi is also going to get a rude awakening from Barbie, she got someone for Yuvraar with fair skin and black heart like herself. Yuvraaj better make sure he shows all his attention to Suhani and leave Barbie and her pretend pregnancy to get attention from the women in the household. That way her true color will start to show soon.

  17. Suhani u should push her m tell yuvraj the truth about her

  18. Superb suhani…

  19. I agree sushma, Suhani should do something so that dadi and Barbie fall in their own trap in front of whole family or even set up secret cameras like she did before.

  20. Glad that Suhani puts her foot down now and she should walk all over Dadi too.

  21. Suhani’s anger and anguish is fully justified. I wish she is more tactful and not so open when she is dealing with Barbie and daayan. They are very cruel and she should tactfully fall in their pit without knowing. Otherwise Barbie will walk away with all the sympathy because the Birlas are stupid and duffers and cannot even imagine why Suhani has changed and what turmoil she went through. They did not even bother to know what what happened to her.

  22. Suhani should dump yuvi. He’s a douchebag. Barbie and Yuvi deserve eachother. Suhani can do WAY better. He’s so ugly as well.

    1. sorry bt i am not agree with you not for 1% only

  23. S Tuffy, want suhani to do something big, as dadi is too cunning, she will shed crocodile tears & make another lame story which duffer yuvraj will believe fr that matter all birla boys. …..&The saga will continue. ……..
    Really feel pity fr Pratima, she has grown up kids but she can’t take a decision on her own. She is living a pathetic life because of Dadi .
    S very true Lily. ……

  24. bakwas serial ban gaya hai yeh. makeover kyun kiya? woh pehli hi achi thi. aur kiya to koi thoss vajeh ho, yeh kyun? yuvraj se bahot badi lagti hai. yuvraj ka reaction bhi pheeka tha, jaise mummy kho gayi ho ek ghante ke liye. uske jaisa useless gadha dhoondne se hi milega.

  25. Sorry Pamela I slightly disagree with u, yuvraj is very slow in reacting, he is irritating, annoying, duffer at times but still he is a very good human being, it’s dadi’s bad values inculcated in him which shows the bad side of him. He has always been dependent hence needs a eye opener by his side, but this time he really needs to earn suhani’s respect.

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