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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Yuvraaj and Suhani getting sad. Rohan looks on. Yuvraaj says I was coming to you, thanks and hugs him. He asks him is there any problem. Rohan says yes, by some relations, some people will go ahead. Yuvraaj asks what. Rohan says you won’t understand. He asks Suhani to make samosas, he will put feelings in it. She asks what. He says fillings. She smiles. He mashes the potatoes by hand. She asks him not to do that day, his hand will get hurt. He says its not his engagement tomorrow. She says who knows. He says he has 2 Devis in his life, one is blind, law, and second which he tells about to everyone, Bhagwat Gita. She says you are mad. He says yes, mad can understand the mad.

Suhani brings samosas for Yuvraaj. She joins him and they eat the samosas together cheerfully.

He likes it and says she makes samosas well. She thanks him. She gets Soumya’s call. He asks why is Soumya calling her, I know she is your childhood friend, but stay away from her and Krishna. Suhani says Soumya helped us in catching Radhe. Yuvraaj says this happened because of Soumya, Dadi has reason of her mistake. She says you can think anything, and goes. He gets angry.

Suhani goes out and is sad. Rohan comes to her. He says its so rotten. He says the samosa does not have potato. She says I m fine. He says wet eyes, upset face. She asks him to go. He says he is trying to make her mood well and asks her to swear on the samosa, that she is saying the truth. They argue and she says he is mad, and why is he wishing to marry now. He says mood can change anytime, and asks will he get a girl. She says I don’t know. He says you think, I will get samosa, will you eat. She signs no. He smiles and leaves. Dadi looks at them.

He brings samosas and jokes to make her have it. She says I want to be alone, I m fed up by the bad jokes. Dadi looks on and smiles. Its morning, Suhani recalls her days in the house and packs her bag. She recalls Yuvraaj and cries. Rohan look for her. He bumps into Menka and she falls. She asks is he blind. He says yes, I m blind, where is Suhani, I have emergency and she is missing. Menka asks is he dying. He says yes and goes. Rohan comes to her and sees her room. He says its last stage now, and jokes. He asks how will he leave without his phone and asks for the charger. Yuvraaj comes and says you here. Rohan says I came to settle my phone’s life. Suhani gives the charger. Rohan sees her packing her stuff. He leaves.

Yuvraaj and Suhani apologize to each other. She says lets forget the old things. He says he liked the samosas and finished it. Music plays……… She looks at him. Radhe argues with Krishna. Krishna scolds him and says Soumya is also lying to him. He goes.

Sharad talks on phone. Yuvraaj comes and Sharad gets stunned. Yuvraaj asks where is he going. Sharad says its his friend’s marriage, so I have to go. Yuvraaj asks for files. Sharad says I will get it and goes. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Sharad was behaving weird. Sharad’s phone rings and she says she will give it to Sharad. Yuvraaj says lets have some fun, pick the call. She takes the call and jokes. She says its some child’s voice, who is he. Yuvraaj takes the call. Sharad comes and takes the phone. He gets angry and leaves. Suhani and Yuvraaj look at each other.

Soumya tries calling Suhani, and Krishna gets annoyed. Soumya says I m proud of Suhani, she did so much for her family, I supported her as Suhaniw as right. Krishna says Suhani supported Yuvraaj, and you did not support me. He does not listen to her. Rags and Menka have a talk. Rohan plays with a remote control car and Suhani calls him a kid. Yuvraaj likes it. Dadi comes there and says they might be thinking why she called them here, she has to give them something. Menka asks does Dadi have treasure.

She says she has the formula. They all get shocked. Dadi says she wants to give the business in Suhani’s hands. She says this is the truth, and asks Suhani to take care of Birla empire till the business gets stable. Yuvraaj smiles. Suhani agrees to Dadi and takes the file and formula.

Rohan gets the remote car and wants to check about Suhani and Yuvraaj’s fight. Suhani angrily throws the connecting cables.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg this serial is too much

  2. my favourite serial after NAUC

  3. I will say it was stupid serial always they r hiding each other and i can say that the birla house dont have mind because that krishna has said all about daadi again how can yuvaraj wil forgive daadi there is no logics in this serial feeling bore yar story is not good

  4. Suhani should leave n as long as she lives there she will be abused by dadi n yuvraaj wil never have the guts to say his feelings.. i think dadi is planning to get suhani n rohan together

    1. Yaa I too think so……..

  5. i hope dadi will get suhani and rohan together
    or….rohan should convince suhani to act like there is something going on between them so that yuvraj gets jealous and admits he loves suhani
    but then suhani will be confused and realize how bad yuvraj is treating her and how he just forgave dadi. Then suhani will reconsider and be confused between rohan and yuvraj
    do you guys think this is a good story?????

    1. Ya that’s really sounds good I agree with you…..

  6. Oh guys u saw the spoiler they r trying ? to fool us again by yelling yuvraj will confess suhani about his ❤. What rubbish…….

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