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The Episode starts with Suhani leaving decision on Radhe and leaving. Radhe says he has to call Krishna and ask for extra food. Rohan runs after him and Radhe leaves. Rohan asks Suhani why did she let him go. She says its fine Rohan, let him go. Rohan gets stunned and asks her again, why did she not catch him. She says he will come to court tomorrow. He says congrats, he has run. She says I have revived humanity in him, he will think about himself. He says what, humanity, wow, you are great, I thought I m unique to think out of the box, this was your last chance to prove your husband innocent. He says she is thinking Radhe will come tomorrow, she is mad, she should go to doctor.

She says this is her problem, that he thinks by his mind. He says you think by heart, and tells Lord why did

he send him here, and taunts her. He asks a man for food, as his energy got waste by hearing the Pravachan. He goes. Its night, Suhani meets Yuvraaj in police station. He says Rohan said right, you always think by heart. She asks is he making fun of her, she is worried thinking did she do right or wrong. He asks what is her heart saying. She says I m sure he will come. He says I trust your trust. She thanks him.

Dadi asks Rohan to prepare for the court. Rohan says ya, sorry, I lost a game today. Dadi asks him to focus on case. Krishna is happy and asks Soumya to see what happens with Yuvraaj tomorrow. Soumya gets angry.

Its morning, Soumya tries to talk to Sharad and Suhani. Krishna asks them to be away from Soumya and takes her. Rohan asks Dadi did she give chit to Yuvraaj. She nods. He asks does he know acting, he will need it if we lose case, prevention is better than cure. Yuvraaj is brought there by police. Dadi goes to him and hugs him crying. Suhani and Sharad look on. Menka says for the first time, Dadi’s real tears fell out. Rags asks her to stop it. Rohan tells Suhani that she does not worry for Yuvraaj, see police, handcuffs, its impossible to save him. She says I can see everything. He says even then you left Radhe, as your pravachan will change Radhe.

Sharad says if Suhani said Radhe will come, then he will come. Rohan jokes on them. Suhani says you will be paid fees to talk in court, be quiet here, she is showing the truth to him. Rohan says if Radhe comes here, I will leave law and make temple by your name. Soumya says Rakhi called Radhe, he is not taking call, maybe he won’t come. Suhani says he will come, he is not taking Rakhi’s call as he is changing his mind. Rohan says its not sure. Sharad says if Suhani said, then Radhe will come. Rohan taunts her and says if he loses this case, he will turn into a poet and make Suhani her assistant. She asks can’t he be serious. Rohan acts like getting an attack. She asks what happened. He says he is trying to be serious. Sharad says leave him, he says nonsense, even I m confused will Radhe come or not.

The court case starts. Suhani waits for Radhe. Rohan says Radhe is killed, his wife has become a widow. Sharad comes there, when Suhani was expecting Radhe. Rohan says Yuvraaj Birla did not do the murder. He asks then who did it, and culprit is here present in the court, and the one I put my hand on, will be the real culprit. He goes to Krishna and says he has killed Radhe. Krishna asks what nonsense. Yuvraaj says he has done this by plan, he made Radhe misbehave with Suhani and made Yuvraaj angry, you killed Radhe and put blame on Yuvraaj. Krishna says he is lying, I did not go there by my wish, I went by…. Dadi says enough Krishna, stop it, leave my Yuvraaj.

The judge asks Rohan not to do acting. Krishna’s lawyer tells about the FIR, it has mentioned that Yuvraaj and Radhe were alone on the terrace and Rohan says this FIR is null and void. He says its my mistake Yuvraaj, I have to tell the truth to court, its bitter. He says Yuvraaj lost his mental balance. Krishna laughs. Menka says what, did he go mad. Yuvraaj says he won’t act like mad. The judge says he will start the hearing seriously.

Suhani prays to Lord for some miracle. Rohan signs a man and judge tells him that he was wasting court’s time. The light fluctuates and court is adjourned. Suhani thanks Lord. Rohan says just 30mins, prove it that your heart can’t be wrong. Rohan’s man gives a letter to Rakhi from Radhe’s side. She reads it and gets angry. She calls Radhe. She says I will not leave him. Rohan tells Suhani that he did this, as Yuvraaj refused to act mad, if I faint again and again, they will make me taste tamarind and regard me pregnant, just pray that Radhe comes. Suhani waits for Radhe and worries.

Suhani argues with Krishna and says you know very well that Radhe is alive. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Someone should help me with english meaning of Suhani Si Ek ladki

  2. it means “a beautiful girl”
    suhani means beautiful and ladki means girl
    the title works because the main character is suhani

  3. i really think that rohan and suhani make a better couple than yuvraj and suhani
    does anyone agree or disagree

    1. disagree yuvraj is much better

    2. Disagree

  4. If rohan gets close to suhani it will definitely makes yuvrai jealous and he admit s that he loves suhani

  5. yeah but i feel like yuvraj is annoying how he can’t make up his mind and is so attached to stupid dadi
    i would rather suhani get someone who is carefree and knows how to have fun
    i hope suhani realizes how much time yuvraj is wasting in her life and chooses rohan

  6. Yeah but suhani and yuvraj should be united…for that dadi should be removed from yuvraj..

  7. may be yuvraj’s jeolouse make him realise his love for suhani

  8. Yeah. . Hope for the best

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