Sadda Haq 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

The new girl places her luggage in the room. All the guys including yoyo are looking for her. nikhil says we are in girls’ hostel. Warden says what are you doing here? yoyo says nikhil walks in sleep. warden says get out of here. Yoyo says she will come to college.

Vid says to new girl you did so much shopping before coming here? she says i brought them from home, and i will shop. Vid says which branch? she says IT. She says i came here to study but i want to have fun. Sanyu says where are your books? she says i left it with all the desi stuff my mom gave me. she is conservative. sanyu says where are you from? she says Rajhinstan. She says where am i going to place all this? Vid says on the best. She says i can’t do that, i have other options.
The new girl goes out and says to two its a bog problem, they say yes its a big issue. She says will you help me? They say yes. she says oh you are so cute, can you make a stand for me? They say yes. she says thank you.
The guys bring in the stand, and arrange taniya’s clothes. Vid says what is this? they say its for tania. Vid says princess dean will kick you out, and no boys in hostel. She says its just a college. we have to have a fun life here. She this ring, i will be married next year, before that i am gonna enjoy my life, after that the rajhistan price will take me.

Sanyu comes out randhir sees her and ignores her. She goes sad in her room, tnia says bf problem? Did he scold at you? how can someone go rude to you, you are cute. This is my first night with you guys, we should party and drink. sanyu says i have work.
She gives them both drinks, they dance in the hall. guys come in and join them. randhir comes and says what are you doing? she says its girls night out. dont come here. Why are you here? you wanna force me? he says just shut up or i will. sayu screams. She says i am not scared of your hands. He picks her up.

Sanyu wakes up tired in the room. she sees the bear bottle and recalls randhir picking her up last night. randhir comes in and says you drank last night. He picks her up and takes her under the shower. she says what? He says get yourself checked up. She says you should. He turns the shower on. He says am i mad? she says yes you are. You are audacious. he says why do you love me then? She says i dont love you, i hate you. Randhir pulls her back, song ‘beintehan’ plays in background. Randhir takes off his shirt and slides sanyu’s hair aside. He kisses her back and shoulder. Sanyu turns to his side, he is about to kiss her. sanyu steps back. Randhir kisses her forehead.

Randhir is working in he lab, sanyu smiles at him. PKC says is everyone here? you all have to abide by with what i have to say. There is something different in the team? sanyu says randhir is back in the team? PKC says its about sahil, he is not part of the team. they are all dazed. PKC says this is a decision from upper authorities. vid says this is not fair. Sanyu says you have to give a reason. PKC says i am helepless. sahil says why me? i worked hard to be here. PKC says this is not my decision.

Precap-Tania comes to the college.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  12. Precap- tania comes to clg and sees randhir sitting on steps and stares at him he sees her and moves his head she comes and sits beside randhir and opens a chocolate golden wrapper! Sanyu is reading tanaya comes to her and says she saw a HANDSOME and HOT GUY sanyu ignores and tanaya says what was his name hah he was RANDHIR SINGH SHIKHAWAT sanyu is shocked.

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