Arjun woke up around 5 am. He saw radhika hugging him tightly and her head was on his chest. She was sleeping peacefully. Her innocent face, the beautiful eyes which speaks more than her mouth, the cheeks which blushes when he is near her, the red juicy lips which kisses him with love, the beautiful orbs… he smiled at her and gave warm and loving kiss on her forehead. It was hard for him to control. He wanted to mark her as his even though they became one.

He then moved her aside and got up. He then covered her with blanket. He went to take bath. After bath he went to prepare coffee. He then poured it into two cups and took it with him. He then went to bedroom. He saw radhika cuddling the blanket. He kept the mugs on table and sat near the bed. He then started to wake her up. But she was not waking up and instead started to push him. He then started to pull the blanket but radhika kept on pulling back. This went for about 15 minutes. Arjun got fed up. He then started to shake her more. Radhika this time pleaded arjun not to disturb her, and to allow her to sleep only for 1 minute. After 1 minute he again started to wake her up, she again pleaded for 1 minute. Arjun then went near the window and opened the curtain. The sun rose up by the time. Since the curtain was moved it seeped through the window and fell on radhika’s face. She first tried to ignore it but the heat increased so she had no other choice other than to get up.

Arjun was at last happy. He then smiled at her who was still in sleep. He then took the mugs and showed it to her. She smiled seeing the coffee cup and asked “did you make it?”

Arjun nodded his head. Radhika’s smiled widely now. A lone tear rolled on her cheeks. She remembered her father who used to wake up her like this. She was missing him so much. She sighed. Arjun didn’t fail to notice her tear. He knows how much she is missing her father and was more determined to win him any means.

Radhika extended her hand to take the cup but arjun took it back which made her frown. She then looked at him with questioning face. He then pointed her to the bathroom and said “first bath then coffee. It’s already cold I will heat it.”

Radhika”: “please I will drink the coffee then I will take bath”

But arjun nodded his head negatively. A cute little pout was formed. Arjun chuckled at it and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He then moved towards the door. But suddenly turned and said “take bath and come quickly, I need to talk to you.”

Sensing serious in his tone radhika nodded her head. Arjun then treaded to kitchen while radhika moved to bathroom to take bath.


Dilip slept the whole night in radhika’s room. Around 5 the alarm rang due to which his sleep got disturbed. He woke up and switched of the alarm and turned to other side and called out “radii…” and soon realised she is not here. The entire incident played in his mind like a movie. A lone tear escaped from his eyes. He was missing his daughter very much. He wanted to know how she is. He missed her laziness and 1 minute mantra which she used to chant.


Alarm rang at 5 disturbing dilip’s and mala’s sleep. They both sat on the bed. Dilip then got up from bed and wore his slippers. Mala frowned at her husband.

Mala: where are you going?

Dilip : to wake up radhika

Mala: do you think she will get up?

Dilip: she asked me to wake her up so that she can revise her chapters.

Mala: of course she really need to revise [and smirked]. You don’t know her when you went to Delhi, she used to ask me to wake her up at 5, but she would never wake up. Its waste of time to wake up that khumbakaran. Instead you sleep.

Dilip: I promised my chote to wake her up and I will fulfil it.

Mala: I said, know its ur wish and ha before going please switch off the light I need to sleep.

She then went back to sleep. Dilip switched off the light and went to radhika’s room. There she was sleeping hugging her teddy. He smiled at her. He then sat near her bed and started to caress her hair gently. She smiled and threw her teddy and kept her head on her papa’s lap. He chuckled at her behaviour. He then saw the poor teddy that was lying on the floor and said sorry to it.

He then started to pat her cheeks slowly and was asking her to get up. She didn’t stir and pushed his hand away.

Dilip [softly]: radhu get up, u said u need to revise Na…please get up beta.

Radhika: papa…bas ek minute.

After 1 minute he again tried to call her but she started her 1 minute chant. At last when there was no option he took the glass of water which was lying on the table and poured it on her. She woke suddenly, shocked. Dilip chuckled at her reaction. Radhika then frowned seeing him laugh at her. Seeing her angry, he somehow controlled his laughter and held his both ears.

Dilip: tik hai…tell me what should I do?

Radhika smiled sheepishly and said “prepare coffee for for both of us. And you will have to help me in chapter 15 section c alone. Ok?

Dilip: fine…command accepted. But before that go and have a bath

Radhika nodded her head.


Dilip had a smile on his face remember those memories. He then moved towards the balcony and started to water the plants. As soon as he finished watering it, he heard his wife calling him. He hurriedly closed the balcony door and switched off the light. He then shut the bedroom door and tip toed to hall and sat on the sofa. He didn’t want mala to find out that he was in radhika’s room at night.

Mala came to the hall and saw her husband sitting on the sofa and asked “why are you sitting in the sofa that too so early?”

Dilip didn’t have any answer. So to escape from this situation he faked anger and said to her in raised voice “this is my house and I have rights to sit wherever I want at any time. No one has the rights to question Me.” saying this he left. Mala smiled at his back becoz she know the reason for his fake anger. She was now sure that he would forgive ardhika and soon they all will become one happy family.


After taking bath rads came down. She went to mandir and prayed to god and then returned to dining table. It was a small table with only two chairs. She saw that breakfast was ready and was kept on the table. It smells deliciously. She then saw arjun coming with two mugs. He then handed over to her one and sat on the opposite chair facing her. They both silently sipped the coffee staring at each other. After the coffee, arjun served breakfast for her and himself and they started to have. The food was so delicious and radhika enjoyed eating it. Arjun started at her with a smile.

After breakfast, ardhika washed the utensils and cleaned the table. They then sat on the sofa as arjun wanted to talk to her. She waited for arjun to talk he took deep breathes and started:
I got a part time job in kalyan jewellery shop, from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. I got the cashier post. It was necessary as it would not be enough for our expenditures. From 1 to 5 I will go to music academy to teach the kids. So that you can study. Only three months more then you will get placement. Once you get then I can start my journey towards my dream. If you don’t get then there will be only poverty and hunger in ardhika’s life. But I know you will surely get and will do very well in you exams.

Radhika nodded her head and said “if I score very well then I will get placement in Theresa hospital. They give 2 lakhs for the starters itself. It is the biggest hospital and then for the other hospital the price reduces.”

Arjun: so be ready to become gynaecologist of Theresa hospital mrs. Mehra

Radhika: command accepted mr. mehra and chuckled.

Around 8:15 arjun got ready. Radhika served him sweet curd and went with him to the door. Arjun kissed on her fore head and left. Radhika closed the door and sighed. Now she
has to be alone till 5. She was determined and started to study with full concentration and determination. As this is the first step to the journey of arjun’s dream and also the step to win her father’s heart.


RADHIKA WAS CONTINOUSLY pacing in her room. Today the result will be out and today arjun and her’s future will be decided. Arjun has gone to check the result. She didn’t want to accompany him. After half an hour there was sound of doorbell. Radhika’s heart started to beat fast. She went to mandir and prayed to god and went to the door. She opened the door and arjun entered. He had an expressionless face. He sat on the sofa. Radhika thought she didn’t get any placement. Arjun asked for water and radhika went to bring it.

She then gave it to him. She waited for him to finish water. She was continuously biting her nail. After finishing water he asked her “do you want good news or bad news first?”
Radhika kept a questioning and confused face.

Arjun: ok I will tell you the bad news; you will not meet me for 11 hours a day.

Radhika was more confused and said : please say it clearly, I can’t understand anything.

Arjun: the good news’s you got the first mark and also got post in Theresa’s hospital. This is the appointment letter.

Radhika who heard this lost her balance and was about to fall, but arjun catches her at nick time….TO BE CONTINUED


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