Of strength struggle and sacrifice-dira ss (Part 1)

hi guys I am really nervous and excited as it’s my first work on dira.
so this few shots will start with the fighting in the godown between Raghu and ratan.evrything is same and I will add changes as and when I feel like.

ratan gasped seeing kaki maa standing before him in front of the gun Raghu pointed towards him .ratan jumped in pushing his kaki maa after all she was the one who he felt a mother’s warmth in.he was hurt by her betrayal but now the step she took made ratan forget all her sins.kaki maa looked horrified when a gun shot was heard.raghu touched his chest feeling blood and fell down dead.
“diya”ratan screamed to an unconscious Diya while Yash looked at the whole scene numb to react.kaki maa sa looked at Raghu controlling her cry and moved towards ratan who was crying like a kid holding Diya in his lap.”Diya you came back just now….. please don’t leave me….see we caught the culprit also… please get up…scold me for coming here without telling you.. please just get up”ratan spoke in his broken voice while kaki maa sa rubbed his shoulder consoling him.”kaki maa sa she tried to save me again… she always fulfilled her pehredaari but I was an idiot to doubt her intentions”ratan sobbed holding Diya.
when Raghu shot the bullet towards ratan Diya and Yash reached the place.seeing ratan in danger diya’s saviour instinct worked and she came in front of ratan protecting him as a shield.the bullet pierced the back of diya’s head as she stood facing ratan.blood oozed out of her wound and her knees gave in.ratan saw her eyes which depicted a kind of relief maybe that the betrayer is caught and she has finally fulfilled her promise to her baap ji sa.ratan was too shocked seeing Diya fall on ground lifeless.
flashback ends

“sir she is still alive”a Constable told his senior sensing diya’s breath.ratan looked at Diya with a hope while kaki maa sa screamed for ambulance.yash immediately got up trying to save at least one life which mattered to him.
“doctor how is she?”ratan desperately asked.the doctor nodded saying”she had already had a blow on her head and now this bullet in her head… we were able to remove it but we will get to know her condition only when she gains consciousness…I fear that her brain might be damaged”.ratan fell on the seat shocked and the doctor went away.
the lawyer came to them and said apologetically”I know this is not the correct time but these are legal formalities need to be done…. actually diya just got the property transferred to your name but her signature was needed to legitimize the transfer and since she is not in a state to do so property transfer has been cancelled”. kaki maa sa,Yash and ratan looked at him blankly not caring about the property anymore.
“diya”Isha came running towards them with tears brimming in her eyes.she stood before ratan with rage filled red eyes.ratan looked down not able to meet her eyes.”just because of you she left her house at such a tender age….a girl who could not live without her mother had to stay alone for so much time…she sacrificed her life to keep you safe and fulfil a promise… she had to struggle so much…. listening this family and others taunts but that didn’t damp her spirit to protect you..my sister stood with strength in every situation….she broke down but never gave up…my innocent Diya became stone just because of you.. her family doesn’t accepted her as she left to fulfil the promise to a dying man…I acted so cold with her that maybe she realizes then and leave this all… but what she got in return… she is lying there lifeless just because of you… to save you now she has to sacrifice her life? keep in mind ratan sa if anything happens to my sister you will see the worst of me”Isha shook ratan holding his collar and breaking down.ayush came there parting her from ratan.isha hugged him tightly crying for her sister.ayush rubbed her shoulder consoling her.

“she is conscious”a nurse said coming out of diya’s ward.ratan immediately got up running to her.yash thanked God for it”after 2days you are gaining consciousness Diya Bai sa…I hope you are fine”.
Diya opened her eyes slowly while ratan smiled through his tears seeing her.diya scrunched up her nose seeing him and exclaimed childishly”who are you?”. ratan’s smile faded hearing her and the tone in which she spoke.”where am I? have you kidnapped me?”Diya widened her eyes draining all her energy in speaking.”Diya you please don’t get up…lie down please… your health is more important”ratan said keeping aside his worries.diya looked at him teary eyed as he didn’t answered her question.she was ready to burst out on him but seeing Isha enter her frown changed into a smile and she sat up smiling.”jiji”Diya screeched happily extending her hands for Isha to hug her.isha looked puzzled but smiled and hugged diya.ratan blinked his eyes at Isha who gave him a worried look.isha then looked at Diya who was hugging her tightly murmuring something,she caressed diya’s hair and looked on.
I am wondering should I upload the next part soon???.well I really want to write this story so I guess I am writing it but not regularly.i have other works also lined up.
hello,is anyone reading it??so comment your views on this part.

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