The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter 22 a)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz Fanfic by Aashi

Chapter- 22 a

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Shivaay sat thinking of her words when he heard the door open slightly, a crack of light peeped into the room. In the faint light from the hall, he saw Om standing at the door, peaking in, with Rudra close behind. “Hey guys,sup?” He made a poor attempt to imitate Rudra, trying to joke. “Bhaiyaa ye aap par suit nahi karti hai, aap rahne do”. Rudra said from behind.They both came inside and shut the door softly. “Shivaay, what happened?” Om inquired, his voice low and concerned. “Nothing OmRu, it’s just work. I have to leave early tomorrow, let’s go to bed.” Om and Rudra shared a look, it was something else and they knew it. “Bhaiyaa aaj aap humaare saath soyonge” Rudra said. “But Rudra…” Shivaay tried to interrupt but he was cut short by the look at his brothers’ face. “Okay”, he said, surrendering. About midnight,the elder Oberoi brothers slept but sleep was far from baby Ru’s eyes.

Rudra was about eight when he got to know his Superman had a weak heart. The doctor had visited in the absence of elders and Daadi happened to be on a trip. Baby Pinku, as he used to call her, was with Chhoti mummy and he was feeling alone as Shiv bhaiyaa was inside his room all day long. So, when bhaiyaa opened the door for doctor uncle, he mischievously hid beside the door and pressed his ears to the keyhole. He could not make head or tail of the conversation until the doctor in quite clear and firm voice” Shivaay, you are to take very good care of yourself, don’t stress, and please, eat according to schedule. Your heart is very weak so don’t stress yourself, physically, mentally or emotionally. I need to inform your parents.” “No doctor, you won’t tell this to anyone. I will take care of myself but please don’t tell them right now. I’ll tell them when the right time comes.” Rudra had hid behind the wall, horrified. As soon as the doctor came out, he ran behind him and asked about his Shiv bhaiyaa’s condition. “Take care of him Rudra” the doctor had said “he needs lots and lots of love and care.” Little Rudra’s heart had clenched in fear and he had hardly left his bhaiyaa alone afterwards. Since that day, Rudra had always been fearful of his health. Rudra looked at the pale sleeping form of his brothers and sent a silent prayer to heavens, begging for their happiness.

Priyanka and Moonlight sat in the café, sipping milkshake while the people came and went. The café was about to close so they went out. Priyanka was telling about her day’s practice and he told her about the place he was transferred last time. Stopping at the bridge he said “Miss Railing, I think I should stop calling you this. My name is Ranveer, Ranveer Singh Randhawa.” “And I’m Priyanka. I’m not telling you my last name.” “Okay, as you wish. I’m in police, A.C.P..” “Woohoo!!! And you are afraid of railings ??” “Yaar, aise tang khichaai mat Kar. Waise, tell me , how come you didn’t have any boyfriend? You are like… wow, and still aren’t in a relationship?” He looked genuinely confused and curious. She passed a smile to him and side hugged him ” wo Kya hai ki I’m not looking for it. I can’t trust anyone in that sense and every relation seems to be a burden. So, that is my problem.” She looked ahead blankly but then forced a smile on her lips and looked at him. Soon they bid goodbye and promised to meet soon.

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