Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 2)

Divya woke up after a good sleep. She felt light and happy. She told herself: “The bath was good, I need to do it often”
She decided that it is time for her to start a new day with positive attitude. She got up, took bath and dressed herself casually. While she was busy with searching the matching earrings, Sonu screeched from behind.
“Divi, how you are feeling, are you okay, how is your tiredness”
It was then she felt hurt that she had lied to her parents and her brother. But how could she tell them what Ro did. They would be scared and even though it almost slipped out of her, she knew that this was something she needs to hide. It hurt her a lot that she couldn’t tell the odd moment of her life. But it was only for the benefit of her that she kept it to herself!
Divys replied: “Sonuu, I am feeling much better and light, but why didn’t you wake me up for dinner last night?”
Sonu repied: Ï wanted to, but dad came to your room and he saw you sleeping and your eyes were swollen and he knew you had cried as your pillow was wet. So he decided that it would be better if you sleep”
Divya just tried to dodge where the conversation would lead to and told” Okay, you know I am starving”
Sonu gave a smile and said: “I know, so only I came to call you for breakfast. Mom is trying her skills in international cuisine and it smells delicious”
Divya joyed and said “Let’s go and eat” Sonu said: “Divi, just to let you know, I know there is something you are hiding from us and I have seen you are not speaking to Rohit. I do know that you staying alone telling you are not keeping well was a lie. I know you are emotionally stressed out and not physically but I know there is a reason why you are not telling us and I respect that”
Divi had a big smile on her face and she hugged him real tight and told “Thank you!”
Sonu told: “Fine, fine, leave me! You are like a creeper and you know I don’t like this mushy mushy girly love” But Divi told: “I know you don’t like it so I want to squeeze you harder and irritate you”
Sonu struggled to get rid of the tight hug and ran down and Divi chased him forgetting every single pain she had suffered.
Divya’s mom and dad looked up and were shocked to see Divya back again to her old self and her dad told her mom: “Look, my princess seem to be fine and Now the house looks alive again”
Divya and Sonu sat at the dinner table and her mom served them Ravioli with lot of cheese. They both ate like they have never seen food for long!
Divya’s dad asked her: “My princess, are you feeling well now?”
Divya replied: Yes dad, never felt any better”
Divya’s mom was looking at her deeply and she was about to ask her about the wet pillow last night and saw her father, she just nodded his head and signaled her not to ask anything and leave things as they were.
Divya’s mom asked her: “I see your friends didn’t come to see you this time”
Divya stammered and replied “It is holidays and maybe everyone is busy”
Her mom started to speak before she could tell anything further- “Maybe?? Divi, these people would come to see you even if you sneezed once. Is everything alright my dear?”
Divya looked up from her plate: “Yes mom, why do you ask”
Divya dad cut in and said her mom “Shanaya, let she eat in peace, do not disturb my princess while she is eating! And told her, I am planning to take the days off from my work and why don’t we all have a small family outing. It is been long since we went out together”
Divya and Sonu looked at each other with wide eyes and big smile and said “YES YES!!” Her mom agreed too.
So they decided to go to a nice movie and have a cozy dinner at night”
While keeping the plates, Divya’s mom stopped her and asked: “Divi, you know we love you a lot and please do not hide any secrets from us. If there is something wrong do tell us”
Divya replied: “Yes mom, I will “Her mom gave a kiss on her forehead and said, Äfter your friends came into your lives, we hardly have our time together, now that they are all busy why don’t we go out and do some shopping. I need some clothes and you being my daughter diva can help me pick something nice”
Divya was very happy and she said “Yesssss!! That sounds like a perfect plan. So tomorrow let’s go and shop till we drop. Mom and Daughter Duo!”
So, she came to her room, messaged Kiran and Arohi – good morning and started searching the dress for her outing that day.

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  1. It is amazing…..

  2. Divi parents was awesome yaar

  3. keep it up dear…ur writing is too gooood nd fabulous…looking forward to read d next one,plz upd soon ASAP,,,a very very big Thnnnxxx to u for this lovely upd,,,actuallly missed this ff too much..take care

  4. hey Dippiy, it’s amusing….
    but l guess it would be more than that if u would use
    ”l woke up…instead of Divya woke up”,,pls
    write as divya,,,u would get to know if u read
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    and yaar a humble request don’t stop it in middle..continue it as far as u can !!

  5. sorry spelled ur name incorrectly it’s Dippy

  6. Thanks Guys for your suggestion.
    I will start using I instead of Divya!

  7. Thanks Anu, I missed it too and people who were writing stopped it so I thought I will take it up,

  8. Sara, I wont mind, suggestions are welcome. I need to read again and again, I keep forgetting the characters!

  9. Keep it up dear… u r doing fab job..

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