The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI,BHRK,TPK,YVR) Episode 2


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPFATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. (Which scenes is for which show(s) will be mentioned.)
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Shows involved in scenes:
Scene 1: YVR and TPK
Scene 2: TEI and BHRK
Scene 3: TEI, TPK and YVR
Scene 4: BHRK, TPK and TEI
Scene 5: TEI and TPK
Scene 6: BHRK and YVR

(YVR and TPK part)
The episode begins with Karthik smiling as all his other friend lifts him up.
Guy: Our hero has made us win.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I knew you will come. You will not come this can’t happen.
Karthik: How can I not come? By the way coming here and playing a match here was a good idea. It was also very refreshing.
Bihaan smiles.
Karthik: I am sure you must have some reason it, right?
Bihaan nods.
Later all the other members leaves, Karthik and Bihaan enjoy some tea.
Karthik: Wow loved the tea.
Bihaan: I know right,
As they were having the tea, just then someone calls Bihaan.
Bihaan: Karthik yaar, it’s an important call will join you back once I attend this call.

Bihaan leaves, Karthik smiles and just then Survi comes.
Survi: Now today, because of this Bihaan I will also be in trouble, I wonder where is this Bihaan?
Survi is looking for Bihaan, and while walking she trips on a rock, Karthik sees this and he rushes and holds her. He saves her from falling down. Yeh Vaada Raha music plays. They both are lost in eyelock. Just then Bihaan comes and he sees them like this.
Bihaan: Survi? Karthik?
They are still lost in eyelock.
Bihaan: Hello?
They still don’t respond.
Bihaan smiles and he takes out his phone and takes a picture and smiles. And later keeps back the phone.
Bihaan: Uhum Uhum.
Survi and Karthik sees Bihaan and gets surprised and seperates themselves.
Karthik: She was going to fall down that’s why, it’s not like what you are seeing.
Bihaan: Did I ask anything?
Karthik and Survi gets surprised.
Survi: Bihaan, don’t you think we are getting late?
Bihaan sees the watch and gets shocked.
Survi: See, I can’t answer anything on behalf of you that too to your detective sister.
Bihaan: Hey you don’t talk about my sister like that.
Survi: Okay fine, now we have to go.
Bihaan: Anyways before going, Survi this is my neighbour and best friend Karthik and Karthik this is my good friend and relative Survi.
Survi and Karthik smile looking at each other as they shake hands.
Survi: Okay, I think we should go now.
Bihaan: Okay lets go, and Karthik once again thanks for coming here.
As Bihaan and Survi leave, Karthik also leaves, and they both keep looking at each other while walking at opposite directions and they smile. Bihaan sees this.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Looks like something will cook between this two.
Survi and Karthik continues doing so and they feel shy.

(TEI and BHRK part)
Here Kunj returns home from work and sits on the sofa.
Kunj: What a hectic day it was!
Just then Surili comes and gives Kunj a head massage.
Kunj: Wow, mom your head massage is making me feel better now.
Surili smiles.
Surili: Anything for my son.
Just then Shaan comes and sees this.
Shaan: If you get so tired don’t go to work.
Kunj: I am not lazy like you.
Shaan: Yes, yes the same thing I have been tired of listening to it over and over again.
Kunj:I think I don’t get that much headache as much as I get from your talks.
Shaan: Yes, yes as if I give you only headache. You are also no less.
Surili: Both of you stop fighting.
Kunj and Shaan stops fighting.
Kunj: Mom, I am going to sleep now, I am very tired.
Surili: Okay beta, have a sound sleep.
As Kunj was about to go,
Shaan: Wait a second, Kunj.
Kunj stops.
Shaan: How come your attire changed? You were wearing something else the time you went out of house.
Kunj: So?
Shaan: Have you really gone for work or is it for something else, like meeting someone special and spending time?
Kunj: Mom, can you please tell this Shaan to stop his nonsense, I am already not feeling well.
Surili: Shaan.
Shaan: Okay fine. I was just asking.
Kunj: Actually mom, the thing is when I went to Karthik’s house, an idiot girl full of Siyappa made me wet that’s why I had to change.
Shaan: She did the right thing.
Kunj: Look Shaan, I have no interest in answering you. I am going now.
Kunj goes to sleep.
Surili: Why do you always tease him?
Shaan: He is my younger brother; at least as an elder brother I have at least this right.
Surili: But spare him beta, poor boy he is already stressed out due to work.
Surili leaves.
Shaan: (in his mind) Mom, you are always worried about us. Don’t worry, when I will update Rajni completely, she will do all the work for you and then you don’t have to worry at all.

Scene 3: Sharma Residence
(TEI, TPK and YVR part)
Here Survi comes home and brings Bihaan along. Kamla opens the door.
Kamla: Why did you take so long?
Leela: Where were you beta for quite a long time?
Bihaan and Survi gets nervous,
Twinkle: Yes, yes answer mom.
Bihaan: Mom , actually the thing is what happened that remember I said I wanted help from Survi, Survi was not sure so I went to one of my friends house which was nearby.
Kamla: But Survi why you took so long to bring Bihaan with you?
Survi: Tai, what happened actually was that I was not sure so our friend explained to me again.
Kamla: Oh I see.

As Bihaan is walking around the house, Twinkle comes to him.
Twinkle: I can clearly say that you are lying.
Bihaan: No I am not.
Twinkle: I know that you have gone to play cricket with your friends, am I correct?
Bihaan: No, you are wrong.
Twinkle: Yes, I am correct.
Bihaan looks around.
Twinkle: Why are you looking around? Oh please don’t think that there would be anyone there to help you out. I am going to dad right now.
As Twinkle was about to go,
Bihaan: Wait a minute, Twinkle before you go I want to show you something.
Twinkle: You want to show me something, you?
Bihaan: Yes, do you have any problem with that?
Twinkle: Show me.
Bihaan takes out his phone and as he was about to show Twinkle something, Survi comes and Bihaan quickly keeps the phone back in his pocket.
Survi: Twinkle? Bihaan? Actually Leela aunty is calling borh of you.
Twinkle: Okay fine, we are coming.
Twinkle and Bihaan goes.

Leela: I think its time for us to leave from here.
Balwinder: Yes Kamla jii, we liked it, but we have got to go now.
Kamla: I am happy that you all come, do come next time.
As they were about to go,
Twinkle: Wait a minute.
Leela: What is it?
Twinkle: I need to tell you all something about Bihaan.
Bihaan gets shocked.
Bihaan: (in his mind) B for Bihaan Kapoor now you are gone.
Twinkle: Bihaan is working very hard, very hard so we should appreciate that today he used his time wisely.
Bihaan takes a sigh of relief.
Balwinder: Twinkle beti, you are right , today this nalayak did a good thing.
Kamla: He is a very good boy
Bihaan: Enough of praising me.
Leela: We should leave now. Kamla, Survi take care of yourselves.
Later the entire Kapoor family leave,
Twinkle whispers to Bihaan.
Twinkle: Don’t think that I saved you; this is your last chance. Make sure you don’t do like this again and do study very hard this time. Mom and dad will be happy.
Bihaan: Thank you, Twinkle.

Scene 4: Singh residence
(BHRK, TEI and TPK part)
Here Shaan comes back to his lab, and he sits down. Rajni comes to him and Shaan smiles looking at her. Rajni is wearing a nice dress.
Shaan: Wow, Rajni you are looking good in this dress, did you like it?
Rajni: Yes, Shaan I liked it. Thank you.
Shaan smiles and he sits down.
Shaan: Today was quite a tiring day.
Rajni: Tiring day, looks like you need some entertainment as an refreshment.
Shaan: Correct, but what should I do?
Rajni: There is so many things you can do, you can play games, watch Tv, have some food, listen to music.
Shaan: Music, this seems right,
Shaan operates his computer, and he chooses songs but he doesn’t realize that he is in the app where Rajni is controlled and he chose songs there. He choses. Shaan smiles as he presses.
Shaan: Rajni, you are
As Shaan looks behind he is shocked.
He sees Rajni dancing on Kamli song. Shaan is stunned and he just looks on. Rajni dances beautifully and she comes near Shaan, as Shaan tries to go further, Rajni comes nearer. The music goes louder.

Kunj who is sleeping in his room listens to this.
Kunj: Who is listening to music, with loud noise at this time?
Kunj who is sleepy goes down to check.
Kunj: Strange. Music is getting louder.
He follows the music and he reaches the lab and is surprised to see Shaan and Rajni dancing. He sees Rajni from the back but is yet to see her face.
Kunj remembers how Shaan teased him.
Kunj: O teri, so Shaan is here romancing with a girl, and saying that I do like this?
Kunj sees Shaan who is actually trying to control Rajni as he holds her.
Kunj: Shaan, why are you destroying our family’s Shaan, this is way too much, what to do there must be a way.
Kunj gets thinking.
Kunj: (in his mind) I must tell this to someone but who?
Kunj goes from there silently so that Shaan or Rajni doesn’t sees him and he silently walks.
Just then he collides with Thapki and gets scared.
Thapki: Bhaia, you at this time?
Kunj: I actually, why did you came here?
Thapki: I just came here to drink water.
As Thapki was about to drink water,
Kunj: Drink this water later, and listen to me carefully.
Thapki: What is it Bhaia, that you even let me not to quench my thirst?
Kunj: It’s nothing like that, its about Shaan.
Thapki: Shaan Bhaia, did his lab catch fire?
Kunj: No, is nothing like that.
Thapki: Then?
Kunj: Shaan is with a girl right now.
Thapki gets shocked.
Thapki: What are you saying?
Kunj: Just now I saw him dancing with a girl in his lab.
Thapki: How is it possible?
Kunj: Even I thought so, but I saw it with my own eyes.
Thapki: Of course, you will see with your own eyes, not my eyes.
Kunj: Come with me, I will show you.
Thapki: At least let me drink water.
Kunj: Okay fine, but quick.
Thapki drinks the water, and Kunj takes Thapki’s hand and brings her.
Thapki: Slow down Bhaia.

Later, Thapki and Kunj reach at the lab and are shocked.
Thapki: See, I told you its nothing like that.
Kunj is shocked as he sees Shaan working in his laptop. Rajni is not there.
Kunj: But I?
Thapki: Bhaia, I think you are sleep walking, or you are seeing dreams, I must tell mom or dad.
Thapki is about to go,
Kunj: Stay here, I really saw this.
Thapki: Bhaia, I think its due to stress, just go to sleep and all will be fine. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.
Thapki leaves and Kunj looks at the lab.
Kunj: (in his mind) Maybe Thapki is right?
Kunj also leaves.

Shaan is at his laptop,
Shaan: Shaan the scientist how could you do this mistake, I should have closed the app before chosing the music.
Shaan smiles.
Shaan: Now its done.
Shaan goes and opens one of the lab wardrobe and sees Rajni sleeping.
Shaan: Don’t worry, Sajni everything will be fine soon.

Scene 5: Outside
(TEI and TPK part)
Here Thapki is about to go to her classes with car, she realizes that the car is not functioning.
Thapki: Areh, why is the car not moving, it was alright yesterday?
She tries again but she fails.
Thapki: Oh no I am getting late for classes, what to do?
Thapki gets thinking and tries to drive the car again.
Thapki: Looks like the car have some problems. I think I should go with auto.
She goes outside to find auto and calls Kunj.
Kunj: Hello?
Thapki: Hello Kunj bhaia, the car is not functioning at all? Something is wrong with the car.
Kunj: How can it be? Till yesterday it was okay.
Thapki: I tried several times, but it’s not moving at all.
Kunj: Do one thing, wait for me I will bring the car.
Thapki: No bhaia, no need of that. I will manage on my own.
Kunj: You just wait, I will come with my car.
Kunj keeps the phone.
Thapki: Now bhaia will come with the car, but I am getting very late. What should I do? I think I should wait for bhaia.

Here on the other hand, Bihaan and Twinkle goes out of the house together and they both are surprised.
Twinkle: Where is the other car?
Bihaan: It was just here.
Just then Leela comes,
Leela: Oh I forgot to inform, your dad took the other car as he had to go out for some important work today.
Twinkle: Now what will happen?
Bihaan: We are getting late.
Leela: Both of you go together.
Twinkle: No mom this is not possible, as we are going to different directions. If we go one will be on time, one will be wait. And I really have to be on time today.
Bihaan: I can’t be late.
Twinkle: From when you are having problems in getting late?
Bihaan: I am going for classes, not like useless things and places you go..
Twinkle: Its not useless.
Leela: You both stop fighting, and decide among yourselves who want to go?
Leela throws the keys and Twinkle and Bihaan runs to catch the key. Bihaan takes the catch and as he was about to go in the car smiling at Twinkle,
Twinkle: Should I inform mom that you went to play gully cricket with your friends instead of studying?
Bihaan gets thinking, Twinkle forwards his hand and Bihaan have no other option but to give Twinkle the key and his expression changes. Twinkle smiles and takes the car away.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I was the one who took the catch, but wicket went to Twinkle.
Bihaan gets angry.

Here, Thapki is waiting for a long time and Thapki looks at the watch.
Thapki: Kunj bhaia, is taking so long, by the time he will reach my class will not start it will end. I think I should go by auto and then I inform him.
Thapki tries to stop auto, but none of the auto stops. Finally one auto stops. As Thapki was about to go in the auto, a guy rushes in the auto and its none other than Bihaan.
Thapki: Get up!
Bihaan: Excuse me?
Thapki: I said get up.
Bihaan: Why this auto is your dad’s?
Thapki: Don’t you dare to say anything about my dad?
Bihaan: Oh C for Chuk Chuk Gadi, say a sentence properly.
Thapki: How dare you call me a Chuk Chuk Gadi? Who gave you this right?
Bihaan: My name is B for Bihaan Kapoor, you must have heard of it? So P for pranam(pardon) me so that I can go, Madam ji, I mean Chuk Chuk Gadi.
Thapki: I got this auto first.
Bihaan: I got A for auto, so I get A grade, now A for aab jaye(now you go).
Thapki: At least speak English or Hindi one of them properly.
Bihaan gets out from the auto
Bihaan: Who are you to say how my English is? My teacher? Pranam Madam Sahiba.
Thapki sees this and as she was about to go in the auto, Bihaan stops her..
Bihaan: Now only I will go in this auto.
Thapki: No its me not you.
Both of them fight none stop until the auto driver gets fed up and he drives and escapes from them. While Thapki and Bihaan is fighting, they realize it and they quickly run to stop the auto but fails to do so.
They both get angry on each other,
Bihaan: Who told you to travel by auto, you are Chuk Chuk Gadi, you should travel by train?
Thapki: Can you please take some English lessons, hey Mr do you even know how to spell train?
Bihaan: Look just because I am silent doesn’t mean you will say whatever you want?
Thapki: Oh really? Because of you I missed my train.
Bihaan starts laughing,
Thapki: I mean auto.
Bihaan: Even you are saying so.
Thapki: None of your business.
They both look at opposite directions.

Just then Kunj who is looking for Thapki sees her and goes to her.
Kunj: Thapki, you were here? I was looking for you since a long time.
Thapki: Bhaia, I wanted to go by auto, but I missed the auto because of this guy.
Bihaan: Oh so your name is Thapki, perfect name. It suits you well.
Kunj is surprised. Thapki gets angry.
Bihaan: B for Bhaia ji, it would have been B for better if your sister’s name would have been Chuk Chuk Gadi instead of Thapki.
Kunj: What’s the matter?
Thapki: With very much difficulty I got auto, but this guy tried to take the auto, the auto driver got fed up and I also missed this auto.
Bihaan: Can you at least speak properly?
Kunj: Excuse me, I am sorry for the inconvenience, but you have no right to speak to my sister like this.
Bihaan looks at other side.
Thapki: Bhaia, why are you apologizing to this idiot it’s his fault he should apologize not me or you?
Kunj gestures Thapki to calm down.
Bihaan: Can you please tell your sister and explain to her what is right or wrong?

Just then Twinkle comes,
Twinkle: Bihaan, good I found you here, my plans got cancelled so you can go to classes now.
Bihaan: No use, I am late already because of Chuk Chuk Gadi.
Twinkle: You waited for the train?
Bihaan: I am not talking about this transport train, but this girl Thapki Express.
Thapki: Hey Mr Bihaan, stop making names who are you to do so?
Twinkle: Bihaan cool down, and excuse me I am sorry for my brother’s misdeed, I apologize on his behalf.
Bihaan: But Twinkle?
Twinkle: How many times will I tell you not to disturb others?
Bihaan: Ghajab.
Kunj: Excuse me whatever happen,
Just the Kunj and Twinkle sees each other face properly and gets shocked.
Kunj: You?
Twinkle: You?
Bihaan: So you both know each other?
Twinkle: Who will forget him, Mr. Whatever.
Kunj: Hey Siyappa Queen, you are again back with some dramas, but I am not interested in getting entertainment from it.
Twinkle: Again, you started why aren’t you satisfied with what I did yesterday?
Kunj: I am very much satisfied; at least I opened your eyes, gardener Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Looks like I have to drench you again. Actually this is nothing I can do much more.
Kunj: If you dare then do, what are you waiting for?
Thapki: Now why are they fighting?
Twinkle: I am not mean like you, I understand situations unlike you.
Thapki: I am getting late bhaia, lets go.
Bihaan: Twinkle lets go,
Thapki and Bihaan tries to stop Twinkle and Kunj from fighting and manages to take them away.
Kunj: I will see what you can do. Did you even see your worth?
Twinkle gets super angry,
Twinkle: Meet me again; you will see what Twinkle Kapoor can do.
Twinkle points her eyes to Kunj and Kunj does so too.
Kunj: I will see.
And they both go away, as Bihaan brings Twinkle and Thapki brings Kunj.

Scene 6: Cafe
(BHRK and YVR part)
Near the cafe,
Here Survi is walking, and she collides with someone.
Survi: Are you blind?
Survi gets angry and she sees its none other than Karthik.
Karthik:How dare you
Karthik and Survi sees each other and they get shy.
Karthik: You?
Survi: You?
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: I am sorry, I didn’t see.
Survi: No, no I am sorry I should have seen where I am walking.
Karthik: I said I am sorry.
Survi: No, I am Sorry.
Just then someone calls Survi.
Survi: Okay sir, I am coming soon.
Shaan: Come here, I am waiting.
Survi keeps the phone,
Karthik: Are you going to meet someone?
Survi: Yes, it’s for my job interview.
Karthik: Oh that’s great news. All the best
Survi: Thanks.
As Survi was about to go,
Karthik: Survi, do you want me to drop you at the place you want to go?
Survi: No, its okay.
Karthik: Where are you going?
Survi: I am going to the cafe.
Karthik: Interview and that too in a cafe? This is strange.
Survi: Even I felt so, but this job is really important for me.
Karthik: I am also going there, let’s go.
Survi: Since you are insisting a lot, okay fine.
Karthik and Survi leaves for the cafe.

At the cafe,
Here Shaan comes along with Rajni in the cafe. Shaan and Rajni sits down. Just then the waiter comes.
Waiter: Sir? Madam? What do you want?
Shaan: Actually I want
Rajni: A cup of cappuccino.
Waiter: Anything else?
Rajni: No thank you.
As the waiter is about to go,
Rajni: And yes add less sugar.
Waiter: Okay madam.
The waiter leaves.
Shaan: Wow, Rajni well done you know very well what I like to drink.
Rajni smiles and shows Shaan thumbs up. Shaan smiles.
As Shaan was talking with Rajni he tries to fix his hair and Rajni helps Shaan. Shaan gets happy.
Shaan: Thank you Rajni.
Rajni: No problem, Shaan.
Shaan gets happier and forgets he is in a cafe.
Shaan: I am a genius!
Everyone in the cafe, looks at Shaan surprised.and Shaan gets embarrassed.
Rajni: No need to say that, you are in a cafe now. As per my logic, in cafe people don’t speak in excitement or loudly.
Shaan: Correct.
And he smiles.
Just then a girl named Shristy comes to Shaan who is annoyed. (Assume Shristy Rode as Shristy, who was seen as Sarita in Punar Vivah 2)
Shristy: Hello Mr. did you forget that you are in a cafe, and have you ever seen your face in your mirror, from which angle do you look like a genius?
Shaan gets stunned, and as Shristy was about to go, Rajni stops the her.
Rajni: Wait a minute.
Shristy gets surprised.
Rajni: How do you know that he is not a genius?
Shristy: Anyone could have said so seeing his face.
Rajni: Wrong. There is a saying, do not judge a book by its cover. And this is what you are doing.
Shristy: What do you mean?
Rajni:Shaan is indeed a genius, he have better IQ than you?
Shristy: Excuse me what do you mean?
Rajni: Shaan’s IQ is 190, and your IQ is not even 100.
Shristy gets stunned.
Shristy: Who are you to test my IQ?
Rajni: Shaan’s friend.
Shristy: My IQ is more than this stupid for sure.After all I am Shristy.
Rajni: I will ask you some questions.
Rajni asks problem solving questions to Shaan and the girl,and the waiter checks the answer.
Rajni: Shaan’s 9 out of 10 answers are correct, yours only 4 out of 10.
Shristy: Oh please, let the waiter say the result. Waiter who is the winner?
Waiter: Madam wins.
Shristy: See I told you.
Waiter: I mean this madam wins.
The waiter points at Rajni. Shristy is shocked.
Shristy: But it’s between me and Karan.
Shaan: Hello, my name is Shaan not Karan, understand?
Shristy: Okay, okay I get it.
Waiter: Madam is correct, Sir got 9 out of 10 and you got 4 out of 10.
Shristy is stunned.
Shristy: You know what I am going out of here.
Shristy leaves the restaurant angrily and talks to her boyfriend in phone angrily.
Shristy: Yes, I am coming.
Shaan is stunned.
Shaan: Such a strange girl.
Rajni: Yes, strange very strange.
Shaan: Rajni, let’s sit down and talk.
Rajni: Okay, Shaan. Command accepted.
Waiter: Wow, she is like a robot.
Rajni: I am a robot. Rajni robot.
Waiter: What?
Shaan: Now whether she is a robot or not instead of finding that, quickly bring my cup of cappuccino.
The waiter goes.

Here Survi and Karthik reaches the cafe, and they sit down together and Survi is looking for Shaan.
Survi: Where is he?
Karthik: Don’t worry, he will be here soon.
Survi smiles and she drops something and Survi and Karthik together sit down and were about to pick the thing, they both get knocked by their heads and they laugh.
Later they get up,
Survi: Thanks for helping me out.
Karthik: No problem.
Later, Survi sees a rich guy fighting with the water over small issues,
Survi: These rich guys are so arrogant; hate these rich and spoilt guys a lot.
Karthik gets surprised.
Karthik: But why Survi?
Survi: Look you are a common man that’s why you are so gentle, and these rich guys are so arrogant.
Karthik: Not all rich guys are the same.
Survi: That’s true, there are good rich guys like Bihaan, but it’s really difficult to find one especially businessman. I will never marry a businessman, no way.
Karthik: (in his mind) This Survi had to hate businessman.
Karthik: Why do you hate businessman?
Survi: My ex-boyfriend was a businessman and he was so bad. Thank god I broke up with him.
Karthik gets surprised. Just then she sees Shaan.
Survi: So, sir is finally here.
Karthik looks behind and is shocked to see Shaan.
Karthik: (in his mind) So Survi’s boss is none other than Shaan, Kunj’s brother. If Shaan sees me here, then it will be revealed to Survi that I am a businessman.
Karthik: I I have to go now.
Survi: But why?
Karthik:Emergency. At home.

Karthik leaves and Shaan comes to Survi.
Shaan: So you are Survi?
Survi: Yes sir I am Survi.
Shaan: Now come and let’s speak about the interview.
Survi: Okay sir.
Shaan and Survi sits down and Rajni is also there.
Shaan: Now read this contract and when you sign it, this means you are okay with the conditions.
Survi starts reading. And gets shocked seeing the last sentence.
Survi: My innovation will remain a secret between you and me.
Shaan smiles, Rajni smiles too.
Survi: What innovation, Sir?
Shaan: Right beside me.
Survi looks at Rajni and is surprised.
Survi: She? Oh I get it, so you want me to look after your wife who is sick, right?
Shaan: No, you are wrong.
Survi: Innovation and her, I didn’t understand anything.
Shaan looks around,
Shaan: Actually Rajni is not a human but a robot.
Rajni nods yes. Survi is surprised.
Survi: What kind of joke is this sir? How can she be robot, robots are made of metals.
Shaan: Are you a biology or physics student?
Survi is surpised.
Rajni: Yes, I am made of metals.
Survi starts laughing.
Survi: You are a human, common human being just like us.
Shaan: Okay fine, if you don’t believe me then no need to do this job.
Survi gets stunned.
Survi: Okay fine sir, I will do whatever you say but please don’t oust me. I am desperate fo a job. If you say Rajni is a robot then she is a robot, how can you be wrong, after all you are a scientist.
Shaan: Now this is what I wanted to hear.
Survi: (in his mind) This scientist is crazy. He is considering his wife a robot. And poor Rajni, she have to follow what her husband says. Typical rich husband problems. But I have to do this job for money.
While thinking, Survi accidentally spills water on Rajni and Rajni gets electrocuted and Survi and Shaan gets shocked, especially Survi. The episode ends.

Precap: Kunj tells Twinkle that she is the biggest failure. Twinkle gets shocked and she have tears on her eyes. Bihaan is super happy and while celebrating, he sees Thapki crying and he consoles Thapki. Survi and Karthik goes out for the whole day and enjoys themselves. Surili opens the door and is surprised to see Rajni and Shaan together, and she shouts out Shaan. Shaan gets shocked.

What mistake Twinkle did which made Kunj tease her? Why was Thapki crying and Bihaan very happy? Will Survi and Karthik’s friendship turn into love? Now what will happen next in Shaan and Rajni’s story?

Here is my episode 2 for my ff- The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. Recently my classes as a first year student began last week and it was great. I am happy that I will manage time for this fan fiction. I am happy that you all are taking out time to read my fan fiction. If you don’t like my fan fiction please do suggest me what should I do to improve my fan fiction so that I can learn. And if you like my fan fiction please do mention what you liked about my fan fiction. And next episode would be better hopefully. And please do express your opinios via your comments: How was my episode 2? And do give your honest feedbacks. Once again, thank you for reading my fan fiction and I will be happier if you comment on my fan fiction. Have a nice day 
The next episode will be published on Sunday, 1st May.
If you don’t like this fan fiction feel free to tell me and give me tips on how I should improve it. And once again thank you for taking out your precious time to read my fan ficton.
Here are two Special Three shots for Tashan- e-Ishq and Thapki Pyaar Ki fans.
Sab Tera (part 1, part 3)
(Last part will likely be published tonight or tomorrow)
Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Rehnuma (part 1, part 2)
(Last part will likely be published tonight or tomorrow)
Will likely publish One shot (on other shows) or an article this week.
Do read if possible and comment if you want to.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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