The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR n KT) Episode 9


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 9 of The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. And if you are someone who don’t read all the parts only your show parts then please everyone do read part 1 you all will know why. And yes, I hope you all like it.
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Which scene(s) is for which show:
(Scene 1-6 will be a short one)
Scene 1: All (Actually the previous part before the last part in previous episode)
Afterwards, the last scene of previous episode
Scene 2: TEI
Scene 3: BHRK
Scene 4: TPK
Scene 5: YVR
Scene 6: KT
Scene 7: YVR and KT
Scene 8: TEI, BHRK and TPK
Scene 9: All
Scene 10: TPK, YVR and KT
Scene 11: All
Scene 12: TEI and BHRK

Scene 1: After the match
(I am sure almost all of you have watched the match last week and you all know who won, anyways I will still say its SRH aka the team Rajni, Thapki, Survi, Karthik and Yug supports in my fan fiction)
Here those who support SRH is happy. And this is before Yuvraj and Kali got to know Rajni is a robot.
Rajni: So, winner of IPL 2016 is Sunrisers Hydrebad, just rising like the sun. Even at night.
Shaan: (bad mood) Yes, yes I can see that. No need to say that.
Rajni: Yeah Hydrebad won.
Shaan: Okay, okay now lets go. I have some work.
Rajni: Okay Shaan command accepted.
Yug and Thapki gives hi-5 to each other.
Thapki: Now B for Bihaan Kapoor say something, you were talking quite big about Bangalore. (Bade Bade bate Vada Pau kha ke)
Bihaan fumes.
Yug: Thapki Dii we should set a strike after all our favourite team won.
Thapki: Yes right.
Thapki and Yug keep on chanting.
Yug: Hydrebad ke jai
Thapki: Hydrebad rocks, yeah
Rajni sees this and she follows Thapki and Yug.
Rajni: Hydrebad won, yeah, strike (x3)
And she follows them. After that,
Yuvi: Wow, Hydrebad won what a match.
In excitement, Thapki hugs Yuvraj and Bihaan fumes even more.
Bihaan comes to Yuvraj and hugs him. Yuvraj is surprised.
Bihaan: I believe in being part of everyone’s happiness.
And he leaves.
Thapki: Loser!
Twinkle and Kunj are stunned.
Twinkle: What just happened?
Kunj: I don’t know.
Twinkle: No, Bangalore can’t lose like this, they were winning.
Kunj: But they lost. Today my day is bad.
Kunj sits down.
Twinkle: Me too.
Twinkle also sits down.
Amrish is happy and Bauji is not.
Amrish: Only the team winners support wins.
He indirectly taunts Bauji, making him angry.
Karthik and Survi hug each other, and some people smile seeing them. They feel shy.
Karthik: Wow, Survi even after our favourite team won you are not leaving a chance to romance.
Survi: You also hugged me. Fine I won’t hug you.
Karthik: Sorry Baba.
Survi is angry, Karthik pulls Survi’s cheek and she smiles.
Here Kali is angry and she is walking to another place.
Kali: I can’t believe why wasted my time coming here, and what happened, Bangalore lost.
And she collides with Yug.
Kali: You again?
Yug is about to get angry and he remembers Kali supports Bangalore and he smiles.
Yug: Oh so Kali Billi’s favourite team lost. That’s why Wakil Sahiba is in such a bad mood.
Kali: You better shut up!
Kali leaves and Yug smiles.
After the last part of episode 8,
Scene 2: In stadium
(TEI part)
Here Twinkle and Kunj are sitting down surprised.
Kunj: I can’t believe how they lost from a winning position.
Twinkle: This is so surprising,
Later, they see each other,
Kunj: Oh I get it.
Twinkle: RCB lost because of you, because you supported them, you loser.
Kunj: Oh Siyappa Queen can you stop copying me?
Twinkle: You stop copying me.
They get angry and they come closer to each other looking angrily. Their fathers see them like this and are surprised.
Bauji: Twinkle, come.
Twinkle leaves.
Kunj: No.1 Siyappa Queen!
Yuvraj comes and sees this.
Yuvi: I have to tell Kunj that Rajni is a robot soon.

Scene 3: IN THE CAR
(BHRK part)
Here Shaan is driving the car.
Shaan: Did Neil got the papers in his hand?
Rajni: No Shaan, I was there so no need to worry.
Shaan: Thank god, that no one especially Neil got to know that you are robot. I am so proud of me. (credit goes to sweta, truelove for the idea)
Rajni: No Shaan, they did get to know that I am a robot, especially Neil.
Shaan is shocked.
Shaan: Neil!
Rajni: Not only Neil, but also Yuvi Mom’s nephew and Kali Karthik’s sister.
Shaan: What!
Rajni nods.
Shaan gets tensed.
Shaan: Now I am not so proud of myself.

Scene 4: Outside the stadium
(TPK part)
Here Thapki and Bihaan once again collides with each other.
Thapki: You again?
Bihaan: Here comes Chipkali.
Thapki: How dare you call me that? Your team lost, I think you have gone crazy due that.
Bihaan: Hey you keep quiet. C for Chug Chug Gari C for ChipKali, you are just C class.
Thapki: There is no C class, there is 1st class.
Bihaan: 3rd Class.
Thapki: There is no even use to talk with you, loser!
Bihaan: Hey.
Thapki and Bihaan walks in opposite directions.

Scene 5: In the car
(YVR part)
Survi: Today I had so much fun.
Karthik: Me too.
Survi: Luckily Tai and Shraddha left home early and I made some excuse my boss gave me some work.
Karthik: Well, that’s good. Have you thought about marriage yet?
Survi: (in her mind) I think I should tell him about the marriage thingy.
Karthik: We have reached your home.
They go.
Survi: I have something to say.
Karthik: What?
Survi: I am marrying Shaan!
Karthik: What?
Tai: Survi, come!
Survi: Tai, coming she looks.
Survi: Karthik actually I am not marrying Shaan but due to misunderstandings Tai thought so. And thing is that Rajni is the one who is marrying Shaan. I know its weird but.
Survi finds Karthik missing,
Survi: Where did he disappear?

Scene 6: In the road
(KT part)
Kali gets into flashback how she saw extended hands of Rajni.
Kali: What did I just saw? I can’t believe it. That girl was a robot?
Kali remembers how in fear Yuvraj dropped the documents and she checked it and gets shocked to see features and computer programming languages written and picture of Rajni given and also her robot code.
Kali: That means she is really a robot?
Kali gets out of flashback.
Kali: How is it possible? I think something is wrong with me. I may be dreaming. Kali stop dreaming in day. Oh wait its night.
Kali gets thinking deeply and deeply and she imagines herself being tortured by Rajni.
She is walking, and Yug is walking she bumps to Yug but still lost.
Yug: Hey you are again here to irritate me?
Kali: Ra ro ra ro
Yug: Why are you speaking like a robot? Oh royal challengers.
Kali faints. Yug is shocked.
Yug: Not now.
Yug: Hey Kali wake up, wake up.
Kali is still like that.
Yug: I didn’t know losing a match can shock someone to an extend that she faints.

Scene 7: Mathur Residence
(YVR and KT part)
Here Yug brings Kali to her house as he checks her wallet. Kali gains consciousness and she was about to scream. Yug closes her mouth with his hand. Sajna plays and they look at each other.
Kali: You kidnapped me?
Yug: I wish. Just look here.
Kali: That’s my house.
Yug looks around.
Kali: That means you saved me?
Kali is about to faint again,
Yug: Don’t faint again I can’t take the load.
Kali: Load?
Yug: It will take me to load as I will reach home late.
Kali remembers about Rajni.
Kali: Rajni is a robot.
Yug: I know that.
Kali: What? How?
Yug: I love Rajnikant. His Robot movie was so awesome.
Kali: Looks like I spoke to the wrong person.
Karthik, on the other hand is angry on Survi,
Karthik: How dare that Survi is going to marry Shaan?
Karthik: Oh now I get it why she say she don’t want to marry a businessman, after all she wants to marry a scientist.
Survi calls Karthik but he doesn’t picks.
Karthik: Really love always break your heart.
Karthik opens the door and sees Kali.
Karthik: Why are you late? My team won, I should have come late not you.
Kali: I lost my sense.
Karthik: Strange.
Kali: I saw a strange thing.
Karthik: What?
Kali: I never saw someone being angry because his favourite team won.
Karthik: What to do, I don’t even have the fate to celebrate my favourite team’s victory.
Kali: What? Oh victory in cricket, loss in businessman.
Karthik: You won’t understand.
Karthik leaves,
Kali: I am getting headache, I have to investigate this Rajni case soon.
Kali gets thinking.

Scene 8: Singh Residence and Kapoor Residence
(TEI, BHRK and TPK part)
Neil remembers how Rajni messed all things up and her robotic features.
Neil: So robot is none other than Shaan’s fiancé Rajni. I cant believe I will ever say like this that someone’s fiancé is a robot.
Neil: Now I will gain Rajni at any cost, if I don’t get Rajni my name is not Neil Gupta.
Neil gets an idea and he smirks.
Neil: This is just half of my plan, already the first half is executed.
Next day morning,
Here Shaan is thinking how to hide Rajni’s robotic features and update her, and Thapki is serving breakfast to Kunj.
Kunj: Where is Yug?
Thapki: He is sleeping.
Kunj: Lazy guy,
Amrish goes to take newspaper and he is shocked to find something. He fumes. Thapki sees this.
Thapki: Dad is angry but why?
Kunj looks at Shaan,
Kunj: You must have done something.
Shaan: Now what have I done? I didn’t get chance to create anything. I was at the stadium.
Kunj: That’s a miracle. At least something worthy happened yesterday by going to the stadium.
Amrish comes to Kunj.
Shaan: He is coming to you.
Kunj: Why is he coming closer to me?
Thapki: What have you done Bhaia?
Kunj: Nothing.
Amrish comes and hits Kunj. Kunj is shocked, so are Shaan and Thapki.
Kunj: Dad?
Amrish: What is this?
Amrish shows Kunj something and is shocked.

On the other hand,
Twinkle is about to go somewhere, Bauji stops her.
Bauji: Where are you going?
Twinkle: I am going to meet Kali.
Bauji: No, you can’t. I have something important to talk to you to.
Twinkle: Dad, let me go I will talk to you later, talk to me as much as you can.
Bauji: No you can’t step out of this house.
Twinkle is shocked with Bauji’s behaviour. Bihaan is shocked too.
Bihaan: What happened Dad?
Bauji shows something to Twinkle and Bihaan. They are shocked.
It’s picture of Twinkle and Kunj very close. (When they were trapped in a house as the car was spoilt).
Bauji: You are dating this guy, and you didn’t even tell me?
Twinkle: No dad, this is not true and whatever this picture indicates is wrong.
Bihaan: I think this pictures are morphed. Whoever did so, I wont spare that person.
Twinkle: It’s not morphed, dad.
Bauji and Bihaan are stunned. Bauji takes Twinkle’s hand and goes.
Twinkle: Dad?
Bihaan follows them.

Scene 9: Outside Singh Residence
(All part)
Amrish: I own an explanation.
Just then Surili and Mathur family comes, Amrish sees this and acts as if nothing happened.
Amrish: You don’t have work today?
Kunj is surprised so are others.
Surili: I have invited Mathurs here.
Lata: I heard that Shaan is getting married soon, and that too with his assistant
Shaan: You have heard correctly.
Karthik fumes.
Surili: Rajni is a very sweet girl.
Karthik: Who is Rajni?
Surili: Shaan’s assistant and who else?
Karthik: Shaan’s assistant is Survi right?
Surili: Survi? Who Survi? Rajni’s sister?
Karthik: Survi also have a sister.
Shaan gestures Karthik to keep quiet.
Shaan: He got confused between Rajni and Survi right Karthik?
Karthik: Oh yes, am so sorry.
Lata: Congratulations Shaan beta.
Karthik and Kali also wishes him luck.
Karthik: (in his mind) I got angry with Survi for no reason. How to call her? She must be angry by now.
Lata: Well we have another good news.
Just then Yug comes down.
Yug: I know the good news.
Kali: (in his mind) He is also here? Why this Yug? Irritating Banda.
Lata: So you tell everyone if you know?
Everyone smiles.
Yug: Well, good news is that Kali is pregnant.
Kali: What?
Lata stands up.
Lata: What?
Yug: I saw her fainting yesterday.
Kali: What nonsense, mom I am out of here.
Lata: What kind of joke is this? Surili your youngest son, please tell him something.
Surili: Yug, please.
Yug: Oh sorry, very bad joke.
Kali: Mom, I can’t stay here for a minute.
Lata: Kali beta stay here for Karthik at least.
Karthik: Me, now what have I done?
Lata: Nothing. This is related to Thapki.
Thapki: I haven’t done anything.
Lata: I didn’t say so.
Shaan: Can someone please break this suspense? It’s so confusing.
Surili: Okay I will say.
Shaan: I am so proud of myself.
Kunj: You keep quiet.
Amrish: You also keep quiet.
Surili: Me and Lata have decided that along with Shaan and Rajni, one more couple will get married and they are Karthik and Thapki.
Karthik and Thapki gets super stunned. Kunj, Shaan, Kali and Yug are surprised too.
Karthik: What?
Thapki: What?
Lata: Yes this is true.
Thapki: Why so soon?
Lata: I understand, and don’t worry Beta I don’t mind you continuing your studies after marriage. And also Karthik will always be there for you.
Karthik: No I won’t.
Surili and Lata shocked.
Karthik: I am not even in town mostly, how will she cope?
Lata: She will go along, and also during her breaks.
Thapki: No way!
Yug: (whispering) What’s happening here dii?
Thapki: My destruction. I don’t want to marry that idiot Karthik at all.
Karthik: (in his mind) I don’t want to marry this Thapki at all. She is so weird. Only Survi.
Just then someone comes, its Bauji, Twinkle and Bihaan.
Bauji: Congratulations Mr. Amrish Singh your eldest son and only daughter is getting married.
Bihaan: (in his mind) This Thapki what kind of girl she is? Always hugs Yuvi and now intending to marry my best friend Karthik? Must save him from this Chug Chug Gari to crash to him.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other angrily. Leela also comes.
Leela: Why you came here?
Bauji: Good you came here.
Bauji shows the pictures to the others. All are surprised.
Amrish: I was right.
Surili: What nonsense is this?
Bauji: Your son have not done with my daughter.
Twinkle: But this is.
Bauji: I hate you, but we both have to take a decision to avoid all these things and society.
Bauji and Amrish talks.

Scene 10
(TPK, YVR and KT part)
Karthik is trying to call Survi but she doesn’t picks up.
Karthik: Why isn’t this Survi picking up my call.
Bihaan comes in.
Bihaan: Can you tell me what’s going on here? How come are you marrying Thapki.
Karthik: Oh I am not interested in marrying that stammering girl.
Thapki: I am not also interested in marrying you Mr. Mathur.
Yug: If you both are not interested then why is this marriage even taking place at first place.
Kali: Because both are from Bengali family.
They look on.
Kali: Mom wanted a Bengali bride and I heard that Surili Aunty always wanted a Bengali damad that’s why.
Yug: But if both of them are not happy what’s the use?
Bihaan: Oh Chug Chug Gari, you back up from the marriage?
Thapki: How can I? I have said several times I will not marry anyone its not about only Karthik.
Karthik: I will marry Survi and no one else.
Thapki: Wait a second. Is it Rajni Bhabi’s friend?
Karthik nods.
Thapki: What is going on?
Kali: May God never even give my enemies these kind of cases to solve.
Yug: You and your useless cases?
Kali ignores.
Bihaan: We have to keep all anger aside and make sure this marriage doesn’t happens.
Bihaan, Thapki, Karthik, Kali and Yug join hands and they share a group hug.
Yug: Let’s begin Mission no Marriage.
Just then Amrish calls all, and they go.

Scene 11
Amrish: We have taken a decision.
Bauji: We have decided to keep our rivalry aside and we have decided that Twinkle and Kunj will get married.
Twinkle and Kunj are shocked. And others are shocked too.
Yug: Third marriage?
Kali: Oh god, this is too much now. But at least Twinkle and Kunj love each other.
Yug: All my siblings are getting married except for me.
Kali: Looks like you are in hurry to get married.
Yug: Well not really, because we can’t let Thapki dii marry.
Shaan: I heard that December is wedding season, but I am wrong its June season.
Twinkle: Look Kunj Singh I cant marry you at any cost.
Kunj: Me neither, we must clear this misunderstandings as soon as possible.
Thapki: Look at Twinkle and Kunj they are talking to each other, at least dad found right bride for Bhaia.
Bihaan: I would have killed Kunj, but he seems like a gentleman he will keep my sister happy.
Thapki: He is a gentleman.
Amrish and Bauji leaves, and before going.
Amrish: So this week all are getting married?
All: This week!
Amrish: Yes, Shaan-Rajni, Twinkle-Kunj and Thapki-Karthik.
Thapki: (whispering) Survi not Thapki.
Karthik and Bihaan smiles.
Yug: How about me?
Amrish: You keep quiet.
Yug: (in his mind) I wont let problems happen. I will make sure everyone is happy, so I just have to stop Dii’s marriage.
Amrish and Bauji leaves.
Bihaan: We should make some plans using the time.
Bihaan, Thapki, Karthik, Kali and Yug leaves.
Lata: Where are we going?
Kali: To plan about what we need to do for the marriage?
Bihaan: They need help
Leela: Okay sure beta,
Leela: (in her mind) After Twinkle-Kunj marriage I will make Bihaan engaged to Kali. Such a sweet girl.
Kunj: I think we should tell everyone the truth.
Twinkle: Yes.
As they were about to go, Leela and Surili comes to them.
Surili: Thank you so much beta. You both did the impossible. That was to kill the enemity between Amrish and Balwinder ji.
Twinkle: What?
Leela narrates how they were friends and due to misunderstandings they became enemies.
Leela: Only you both could make them friends again.
Kunj and Twinkle gets thinking.

Scene 12: Near Shaan’s lab
(TEI and BHRK part)
Yuvraj is surprised to see the atmosphere and he comes to talk to Twinkle.
Yuvi: Are you for serious marrying Kunj?
Twinkle: Yes
Yuvi: Seriously?
She goes to Kunj.
Kunj: (in his mind) I am marrying Twinkle only for dad and Balwinder uncle. After this their misunderstanding can be cleared.
Twinkle: Yes we have to do so. I can’t believe this.
Kunj: But we have to.
Shaan: Hi Kunj!
Kunj is quiet.
Shaan: What happened?
Shaan: You are not happy with this marriage?
Kunj: Yes I am.
Shaan: Don’t lie I am your brother, I understand.
Kunj: What are you saying?
Shaan: Marriage is like this.
Kunj: You wont understand.
Shaan: If you are not happy, I can help you and Twinkle out.
Twinkle: Really?
Kunj hugs Shaan and smiles.
Shaan: (in his mind) I am sorry Kunj. If I got married later, you would have got enough time to persuade others you not to marry Twinkle. I will try to stop this marriage only for you. But if you both love each other, I wont do so. And I had to do so for Rajni. Before that Neil does something I must marry Rajni.
Yuvraj comes,
Yuvi: (in his mind) I think I should not disturb them but
Yuvi: I must tell someone that Rajni is a robot.
He goes to lab and sees this,
Shaan: This week, three marriages are happening. I wonder what will happen?
Yuvi: Three? Is this family crazy?
Kunj: I should go now.
Kunj leaves.
Shaan: Strange I have to marry a robot.
Yuvi: I cant tell Kunj, who to tell about Rajni?
Yuvraj gets an idea and he calls the person.
Yuvi: I wanna speak to you in private.
Yuvraj keeps the phone.
Yuvi: Yes, this is best once he/she gets to know I think I can make things easier for this family.
On one hand Kunj and Shaan bonds, other hand Thapki, Bihaan, Karthik, Kali and Yug bonds too. The episode ends.

(Don’t worry I won’t separate any of the couples)

The next episode will be published on next Saturday or Sunday 11th or 12th June. And please please do read episode 10 it’s the most important episode of this fan fiction that’s why. Till then stay tuned.
And please do comment, it makes me happy when I see comments.

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