Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 14

Thanks to Jo,Shifa,Deepika,Nuszat

` Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 14
Saras started panting and sweating staring at Raman.

His eyes became red and pulled the collar of Raman’s shirt.
S:How dare you kill my mother?How could you be so cruel?
Saras pushed Raman.
Raman fell down.Raman took a gun out of his pocket.Guman and Saras got scared.
Raman pulled Guman towards him and pointed the gun at her head.
Guman was frightened.
S:Leave her.
R:Saras…I killed your mother for her.But she deserted me.She deserves to die.
Guman pleaded:Don’t kill me bhai.
S:Leave mom.
R:Saras…why are you worried about Guman?She is not your mother.
S:I may not have given my Maa’s place to her.But she is also my mother.
His words touched Guman’s heart.
She thought:The boy whom I always considered a burden is crying for my life as a son.I treated Saras only as my step son.Still only he was there for me.

Tears dwelled in her eyes.
Saras went to him and tried to snatch the gun from Raman.Finally Saras succeeded in taking the gun from Raman and threw it away.Raman held Saras’ neck.
Saras looked at Guman:Mom,go…escape.
G:No Saras.I can’t leave you alone and go.
S:Mom…listen to me.Go.
S:I say go.
Guman left the room while Saras-Raman had a fight.
Guman dialed the police’s number.
After informing the police she ran to Saras and Raman.
Guman tried to remove Raman’s hand from Saras.
G:Leave Saras.
Raman pushed her.Guman fell on and hit her head on the floor.
She fainted.
Then the Police men came.
Raman was shocked.
SI:After killing an innocent lady you hid from the law for so many years.Now you can’t escape.
They arrested Raman and took him out.
Saras was shocked to see Guman lying unconscious.Saras ran to her and shook her shoulders.
S:Mom…wake up.
Slowly Guman opened her eyes.But she was not able to get up.
Saras carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed.Then he called the doctor.

Kusum was surprised to see Kabir with his grand mother Rani at the wedding place.Kusum touched Rani’s feet and got blessed by her.
R:I am so happy to see that my grand son chose the right girl for himself.

Kusum was very happy.

Kabir-Kusum smiled at each other.

The doctor examined her and gave her medicines for BP.
Her condition was not that good.
Saras made Guman have tablet and she fell into sleep.

In the wedding place all were worried as Saras and Guman hadn’t reached.
Kumud rang up Saras.
Saras was so depressed that he couldn’t speak.
Kum:Saras,where are you?
S:Mom and I are still at home.
Kum:Why have you not started yet?
S:Because…sorry Kumud.I am not coming.
Kumud was shocked.
S:This wedding won’t happen.
Kumud was shocked.
Kum:What are you saying Saras?How can you say like that?
S:Please Kumud.Don’t ask me anything.I am not in a condition to say anything.
Saras cut the call.
Kumud was shattered.
All of them gathered around Kumud.
Vidyachatur:What happened Kumud?Did you speak to Saras?
Kumud burst into tears.She cried bitterly.

Guniyal:Tell what happened Kumud?
Kum:Saras said he won’t come.He can’t marry me.

All were shocked.
Laxminandan:How can he say like that?
Laxminandan rang up Saras.But the mobile was switched off.
Khushi was upset:What is happening?
Arnav was numb.
K:Arnav,why did Saras do this to my sister?

Arn:Saras was not interested to marry Kumud.He came here to tell Kumud that he can’t marry her.
All were shocked.

Laxmi:What did you say?
Arn:Yes dad.
All were shocked.
L:Then why did you hide this from me and cheated all of us Arnav?
Arnav was silent.
Vidyachatur asked Kumud:Kumud beta,is it true that Saras told you that he doesn’t want to marry you?

Kumud wept:Yes Baapu.
Vidyachatur was shattered.He broke into tears.
Khushi stared at Arnav:What is wrong with you brothers?You rejected me first and Kumud was rejected by Saras.You did you hide this from me and cheated me Arnav?
Arn:Khushi…I thought he fell in love with Kumud like I fell for you.Saras also gave me a hint that he loves Kumud.I don’t know suddenly why he behaved like this.

K:Arnav…Saras hurt my sister.Kumud’ depressed state is because of Saras.Only because of Saras.

Arnav was upset.

Dugba and Guniyal held Vidyachatur.
Dugba:No Vidya bhai.You shouldn’t cry for that cheater.He is a loser.
Kum:No badi Maa.Though Saras wasn’t interested in me in the beginning later he covered me with love.I am sure that it is something else which made him back out.

Laxmi:Whatever,Saras can’t be forgiven.I am sorry Vidya.
Vidyachatur cried:Nandu…my daughter is left alone in the bridal costume.Now she will be accused since the wedding got cancelled.Who will marry her?
Laxminandan wept as he was helpless.
Everyone wept.
Kusum thought:If Kumud didi’s wedding doesn’t take place today our family reputation will be harmed.Baapu will be broken completely.
Suddenly Kusum saw Kabir.

Kusum walked upto Kabir.
Kus:Kabir,you love me.Right?
Kab:Yes Kusum.
Kus:Will you do anything for me?
Kab:Anything Kusum.
Kus:Then save my family reputation Kabir.
Kabir was confused.
Kusum was upset:Marry Kumud didi Kabir.
Kabir was shocked.
Kab:What are you saying Kusum?Have you gone mad?
Kus:This is my family’s reputation.My family’s happiness is the most important thing for me.So please marry Kumud didi.Only you can help me in this condition.Please Kabir…it is my request.
Kabir was frustrated:Can you look at my eyes and tell me to marry some one else Kusum?

Kusum suppressed her pain.She couldn’t face him.

Kab:You can’t.Because you have no strength to see me with anyone else.

Kusum raised her voice:Marry my Kumud didi Kabir.Please Kabir…
Vidya,Laxmi,Rani,Dugba,Guniyal,Khushi,Arnav and Kumud were shocked.
Kabir took a pinch of sindoor and walked.
Kumud was nervous.Kusum shed tears.

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    Interesting update

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  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRahLima) (Halima's Bestie) You need to rock the world!!

    Wow I loved this episode!!! It’s getting even more interesting~Nusz

  4. shocking yet rocking…………wow……….i am loving it……..first i thought that now arnab will marry kumud…………..but kabir…….its such a shock…….this time ghuman is soooooooooooo good….i feel arnab-khushi will break their own wedding…tensed about them…………saras………..i can’t say anything right now……….but kabir and kusum are sooooooooooooooooooo good………….loved it……….love you………….be happy…………

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