STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 56 (part 3) {final part}

hey yo i am back after a leave haha i was busy among these days that’s why didn’t posted 1000 apologies for that and now lets go for the final part of episode 56 and those who haven’t read the previous two i am giving here the link for those two episodes

56 Part 1
56 Part 2

so here we go for part 3
Episode 56 part 3

Yash went from there showing his own attitude here Shreya made a helpless face and stood there for some time, after about an hour Basudha came there in search of her she found her seated on the terrace lost somewhere, she went ahead and kept hand on her shoulder
Basu: what happened? You didn’t come, back after he came down?
Shreya: what to do he took my drama so seriously
Basu: what!!! How is it possible
Shreya: yeah… I tried a lot but he Is not even listening to me
Basu: you know one thing

Shreya: what
Basu: he is enjoying down with him on some topics
Shreya getting down: must be something funny
Basu folding her hands: yeah and that is you
Shreya: what!!
Basu: yeah, he is narrating all the incident which was happened on your first meet
Shreya: how mean… I am dying here thinking he is angry from me and there he is enjoying with him
Basu: I said the same and thought too that’s why I came here to look after you
Shreya: wait let me ask him
Basu: sure, ask and don’t leave him how dare he tease you, you must teach him a lesson so that he can never ever forget who are you, he played a prank with you!!!
Shreya: wait I will teach him a good lesson
Basu: go for it Mami
Saying this she went from there and Basu passed a wicked smile then she went to someone who was hiding behind the terrace door and the person turned out to be Yash
Yash: work done!!

Basu: I have manipulated her so well that now you will think why you chose me for this kind of work
Yash: no one can do better than you, I know you must have dug my grave
Basu: yeah, I did it for sure and believe me it is more than required
Yash: if it is…!!! then forget about your reward
Basu: you can’t do it
Yash: I did it just now
Basu: I will tell this all to maa then you see yourself
Yash: don’t tell me you are serious
Basu: I am serious
Yash: you are blackmailing me
Basu: I am not black mailing you I will do it you just wait and watch
Yash: okay so what you need now
Basu: I will tell you come here
Yash: you are going to cut my cheeks (with teeth) I cannot bear that so I will not
Basu: it was a lame joke believe me
Yash: okay then
Basu: I am going to shave your head
Yash in shock: have you gone mad I will not allow this
Basu: then come here silently
Yash: okay

He went near her and she whispered something in his ears he was listening carefully
Yash: okay done I will give it to you but what will you do with it
Basu shrinking her eyebrows: it is totally my business not yours just give that to me
Yash: okay, okay I will give it you now let me go
Basu: one more thing
Yash: now what junior??
Basu: come here
He went near her ear thinking that she will tell him something but instead she shouted with her full force in his ear GIVE THAT TO ME SOON and saying so she ran from there
Yash: aaah this girl wait I will tell you Basudha
Basu while running down: first go and tell her then think about me
She was running down looking back and suddenly bumped into someone it was Abhi with whom she got strike when she said “sorry” thinking someone else looking still at the direction from where Yash was coming when turned with a familiar sound in her ears

Abhi with a smile: Zara sambhal ke chalo madam yun raston me takraogi to hath thaam ke rokne koi nahi aayega (careful please madam if you will stumble like this in your ways then no one will be there to protect you from falling)
Basudha turned and holding both of her hands at her back slightly leaning towards him: kisi ki zaroorat hai hi nahi hum to apna humsafar saath liye chaltey hai janaab (I don’t need anyone I always use to walk with my companion Sir)
Abhi was looking at her widening his eyes as she answered him in his style but till then she escaped from there and Yash came there
Yash: oye idiot did you done what I said to you
Abhi: full work done
Yash: great
He patted his back and went out taking his car
A small flash back is shown

Yash after leaving Shreya alone came to Basudha
Basu: you didn’t forgive her how rude
Yash: arey listen to me, I have reason to do so
Abhi: what is that
Yash: I am not telling that but do as I say
Basu: what will I get in return
Yash: whatever you want I promise I will give it to you
Basu: Okay then
Yash: okay so listen, you go to her and manipulate her against me
Basu: what!!! Are you sure
Yash: 100% sure you just go and do it
Basu: think it 1000 times before speaking I will frame a worst scene from you
Yash: I challenge you do whatever you want to do but you should manipulate her against me
Basu: okay then wait and watch
Basu left from there saying so then Yash turned to Abhi
Yash: look Mr. after she will manipulate her, Shreya will come down in a rush and then you must send her at this address saying that I had went to meet my girl friend
Abhi widening his eyes: do you have any idea what are you saying!!!! You are digging your own grave saying your girlfriend
Yash: that is totally my problem not yours so just do as I say Mr.
Abhi: as you wish
So, when Shreya came down after Basu manipulated her against Yash, she asked to Abhi that where is Yash he answered as same as Yash said then Shreya hurriedly went at that address
Flash back ends

Abhi: he went now let me handle her
He went in the room in search of her she was keeping the pillows in a right way when he said
Abhi: from where do you learnt that
Basu still busy in work: what
Abhi: that language
Basu: just learnt it
Abhi: are you mimicking me
Basu: why would I ?? they were absolutely my words
Abhi: something is fishy
Basu: don’t know!! Everything seems very clean
Abhi: okay so you will not tell me
Basu: of course, not
Abhi: okay don’t tell it
Basu: great
Saying this with a smile she was passing him when he said something by which she turned to see him
Abhi: but I liked that all
Basu smiled but before she could reply their bacha party came there in which Priyansh and Gaurav surrounded Abhi then Kaustuki and Ganga to Basudha
Kaustuki: Mummy come I want to show you something
Ganga: I too
Basudha: but what you want to show
Kaustuki: Nana said we are going to Nani’s home so we had made something for all of them
Basudha: okay let me see it

They took her with them and here Priyansh and Gaurav started with Abhi they were talking about some random topics here Basudha was with girls they showed her what they were deciding to take as gift for their Nani and Nana
Basu: you will take these toys with you Ganga!!! (making her sit in the lap)
Ganga: I will give it to them then I will take new from them
Basu: you are going to deal with them!!! (widening her eyes)
Ganga: Dadu said never leave grandparents without making a deal
Basu laughed: so, you are going to deal with them
Ganga: yes, yes
Basu: but this is not gift then!!! This is the deal bete sahab
Ganga: they will give me gift (with a wide smile on her face)
Kaustuki: leave that see what I am going to give them
Basudha: hmm show me
Kaustuki: I will gift her this album of Honey Singh so that she will get habituated of his songs
Basu in a stern tone: from where do you got this who brought this
Kaustuki smiled and pointing the finger towards door: He bought me this album

Basu turned to see it was Abhi there stood leaned on the door he came in and sat beside her on the floor with three of them
Basu: great now this will also happen you bought this to her and never informed me now you both will keep secrets right!! (in little bit anger)
Kaustuki: nothing like that but he just said that not to inform you otherwise you will kill us
Basu: great now you declared me killer also
Abhi: no, nothing like that this girl (patting Kaustu’s head) always wants that I must get scolding from you don’t come in her trap I am telling you
Basu: I know very well you both father daughter first accompanies each other and then you start your blame game
Kaustu: it is not fare you are scolding me too
Basu: do one thing get it solve by yourself then come to me till then me and Ganga are going
Ganga: no I will sleep with Didi today
Basu: okay then three of you do after party here I am going
Kaustu: mummy take a….
Basu; don’t you dare complete that sentence
She went from there saying so and after she left Abhi and Kaustuki left each other and said in chorus “CHILL PILL” and Ganga giggled on that then she also repeated “Mummy take a chill pill” Abhi laughed and made her sit on his lap cared her forehead Kaustuki said

Kaustuki: great pa we got one more partner to say that
Abhi: yeah, I think now at least this will lower down her temper
Kaustuki: this never happens don’t know why this raises her temper always
Abhi rounding his arm around Kaustu: because she is mummy and you are kid she have right to get anger and we all have right to convince her
Kaustu giggled: he he and you have the right to get scolded from her
Abhi patted her head: and that also because of your foolishness and to make you escape from her I had to do that
Kaustu pulling his cheeks: you are sweet na that’s why
Abhi: stop pulling my cheeks and come to the point what you want next
Kaustuki: you are so smart
Abhi: hmm

Kaustuki: nothing much just want some more albums of YO, YO Honey Singh
Abhi: I have bought you one and in that it self this happened now I had to do lots of efforts to convince her
Kaustuki: please one more the one you bought is the old collection I mean it is international villager and I want the songs of his movie Zoravar you know that “Aj di hai dekho raat jashan di thoda bohot dekho gangster fun di gansters mere yara nu na roko bairi jidey miley unho uthey thoko”
Abhi: enough I don’t want to listen more I said no then it means no
Ganga: Kokla ji paki ji me raat aayi hai
Abhi widening his eyes: she also started listening so!!!!
Kaustuki: after all she is my sister so she must be like me na
Abhi: yeah, yeah why not
Kaustuki: pa please na see it have a sweet song also like “kal parson di mainu ek numbro call aundi hai”
Abhi: stop promoting him I said No and it’s a big no if you said one more time then I will stop your honey sings for sure now stop this all and go to bed now itself
Kaustuki making an irritated face: huh Hitler bapu
Abhi: what you said
Kaustuki: nothing just blabbered nothing else
Abhi: go to bed

He left the room saying so and Kaustuki stamping her feet went to bed followed by Ganga here screen shifts towards Basudha she was shredding the bedsheet while blabbering Abhi first thought not to go in front of her as she is so angry but then thought something and smiled naughtily and went in and pinching her cheek said to her
Abhi: ek din kabhi jo khud ko tarashey meri nazar se to zara (One day, if you sometime admire* yourself
from my eye,)
Basu sensed what he is trying to do so she thought to reply in his own way: aadat apni chhor de kehna mera maan le jani mai kya cheez hun tu mujhko pehchan le (leave your habits and get agreed what I say, otherwise you don’t know who am I)
Abhi realized she just answered him in song only so he continued: tauba khuda kahir karey khoob hai karishma khoob hai karishma (God save me what miracle is this)
Basu: tune meri jaan mera dekha na karishma (you didn’t see my miracle yet)
Abhi in full mood to not to accept his defeat so easily: Dil kyu ye mera shor karey (why my heart is making noise)
Basu: anadi ka khel na khel ka satyansh (silly person doesn’t know how to play and spoiled the whole game)
Abhi: hey wait what was that
Basu: what!!
Abhi: I haven’t heard this song yet
Basu: your fault but it’s my favorite (in attitude)
Abhi: really!! Then try to reply this
Basu: sure

Abhi: Dil ki nazar se nazron ki dil se ye baat kya hai ye raaz kaisa koi hume bata de (the heart said from eyes and eyes said from heart what they said and what is the secret please someone tell me)
Basu turned to him as he trapped her with this kind of sweet song she was having no option so she moved and following her he again said that she was smiling but hiding it she turned to him and said
Basu turning to him: Jahan mai jati hun wahi chaley aatey ho chori mere dil ko churatey ho ye to batao ki tum mere kaun ho (wherever I go you are following me and more than that you are stealing my heart too so tell me first who you are to me)
Abhi was now searching for the song scratching his head and then rubbing his chin with his finger and thumb Basu was looking at him then said “think, think”
Abhi: yes, yes wait for a minute
Basu: minute over Mr.
Abhi: okay, I am sorry I have lost it
He said in a way that Basu burst out in to laughter then nodding her head in disbelief she turned away and was about to move when he held her hand and said
Abhi: if you have raised a question now that who am I to you then tell me now who am I
Basu turned to him: don’t ask as if you don’t know who are you to me
Abhi: I know but I want to hear it from you
Basu: then wait for sometimes I will tell it to you later
Abhi: really!!!

Both were looking at each other then, the camera screen shifts towards Yash who was at isolated place Shreya was also at same place searching for Yash in full rage when Yash reached there he looked at her and smiled then suddenly all the lights turned on and it was a place decorated for dinner all were Shreya’s favorite and she was totally amazed Yash came from her back and whispered in her ears “How you find it, Shreyoo” Shreya looked at back and punched his shoulder hard “You cheater you was making fun of me with others here I was dying thinking I really hurt you” Yash laughed “if I wouldn’t have done it then how would you have come here”
Shreya: so, this is all for me!!!
Yash: of course, babes, I thought you are angry with me do I did it because I can handle an irritated Shreya not the angry young woman
Shreya punching him again lightly: such an idiot you are
Yash: only for you

She smiled and here screen shifted towards Basudha and Abhi both were at terrace now talking about something he was lying on floor she was seated resting her back at wall

Abhi: Basu you didn’t answer me…!!! of that question
Basu: which question?
Abhi: arey I had asked you once right!!! That whether you were having crush on anyone or not
Basu: I had answered it to you already Mr. I didn’t got time for all that
Abhi: it is impossible now-a-days even a student of 8th class also have crush haan that is different thing that I am still confused that who the hell are there crush Doremon!!!
Basu: seriously I don’t have any
Abhi: impossible
Basu: uff okay tell me one thing if I ask same question from you then!!!
Abhi: I will tell you that I was having crush and that was not crush I was mad for her
Basu widening her eyes: really!!! Who was she then
Abhi in teasing tone: you are taking much interest in her!!1
Basu: of, course!!! I want to know who was the lucky girl for whom you were crazy

Abhi smiled lightly and sweetly then looking towards Sky: she was the person who was having immense deepness in her thoughts
Basudha was looking at him smilingly the way he was lost now he continued
Abhi: she was the one who made me crazy for every thought of her I was crazy to look at her once but to my fate I never got the chance to see her face I saw her from back but whenever tried to look at her face something happened which made me stop to do so like sometimes someone called me or she went from there immediately so the circumstances never allowed me to see her face
Basu: then!! How did you fall for her!!!
Abhi: I fell for her thoughts she was drama writer I was mad at her writing her characters were so real for me her every character of every drama those days was making me more attracted towards her I was so mad that I use to skip my lectures just to watch her written drama
Basu: so much craziness haah (with an excited tone) tell me more
Abhi: I was so crazy for her that ……. (and he drifted into flash back)

Abhi wearing a white t-shirt and a blue checked open shirt over it with blue jean and casual sneakers was seated on a bench reading some books when one of his friends came running
Abhi: What happened !! did you saw any ghost
Friend: not ghost but your love
Abhi: what nonsense
Friend: that Basudha who you want to meet is in our campus
Abhi being excited: what are you saying
Friend: he is there in our theater managing something
Abhi: really!!!
As soon his friend nodded in yes he rushed there without hearing anything his friend shouted “idiot how will you recognize her” but he didn’t heard anything and rushed there like a mad person now he was in theater looking for her but how to identify as he didn’t know her so he was looking here and there when someone called her name then only he saw her but from back only she was there her hairs were tied in bun she was wearing black kurti with blue jean having red stole over it she was instructing someone for something and Abhi started moving towards her he was feeling as if his heart will pop out in next moment because for whom he was desperate just for a look she was in front of him he was moving and

BG music plays
Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya (Someone made my heart go out of control)
Aur ishka dil mein bhar gaya (And filled my heart with love)

Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya(Someone made my heart go out of control)
Aur ishka dil mein bhar gaya(And filled my heart with love)
Aankhon aankhon mein(In between the conversion of the eyes)
Woh lakhon gallan kar gaya oye(She said a million things)

Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye(Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)
Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)

He was totally lost when one voice brought him back from his flash back it was Basu who said something to him
Basu: do did you saw her
Abhi: no I didn’t saw her as that time when I was moving someone handed me over the work of decorating the wall and I missed the chance but my craziness got increased day by day I was imagining her every where
Basu: without looking at her face once!!!
Abhi: this is what I call love my love
Basu: then!!
Abhi: then I saw her face to face
Basu: finally, you saw her face
Abhi: no I didn’t as that time only her eyes were visible she had covered her face with a scarf
Basu: again, missed a chance poor boy!!
Abhi smiled: but that time I get to know something about her
Basu: what!!
Abhi: she was all alone rarely speaking with anyone and talking with anyone if someone asked her something she use to answer it just nodding her head otherwise she always use to stay alone
And narrating that he again went into flash back

Flash back
The drama was going on the stage and being the writer of that drama she was stood at the side of the stage when one group went to her for talking she just nodded her head in answer and then left from there and Abhi who was looking all that in a hope that he can see her face if she is going from here he went secretly following her she was doing something in her bag and then looked herself into mirror still covered her face which was in front of her and closed her eyes tightly seems as if she wants to forget something BG continues
Ab dil chaahe khamoshi ke honthon pe main likh doon(My heart wants me to write on these silent lips)
Pyaari si baatein kayi(Some sweet words of love)
Ho kuchh pal mere naam kare woh Main bhi uske naam pe(May she grant me some special moments on my name, that I write in her name)
Likhoon mulakaatein kayi(In many meetings with her)

Ho pehli hi takni mein bann gayi jaan pe(In the first moment itself, my life seems in danger)
Naina waina uske mere dil pe chhape(Her eyes are now printed on my heart)
Ab jaaun kahan pe dil ruka hai wahaan pe(Where do I go now, my heart is standing still there)
Jahaan dekh ke mujhe woh aagey badh gaya oye (At the place where she saw me and went away)
Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)
Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)

Her eyes left a deep impression on my heart now I started imagining her face with the help of her eyes as that were the only thing which I saw that was my luck or don’t know what but I never got the chance to see her

Flash back ends
Basu: then!!
Abhi smiled: then my graduation over college over and got a job then married to you
Basu: so, sad na
Abhi: not like that I saw her once more after our marriage
Basu: so, did you told her that you are her secret admirer
Abhi: naah as she never knew it but what I am thinking is I am praising her and don’t you feel angry or jealous
Basu: why would I feel so
Abhi: why!!
Basu smiled: look Mr. she was with you and I am with you and have to be with you and as I live in present past doesn’t bother me anymore as you made me habituated of this thought right (wo aapke sath thi aur mai aapke sath hoon aur rehna hai isliye kya hua tha wo mayne nahi rakhta)
Saying so she left from there and Abhi was looking at her smiling then again BG played
Mausam ke azaad parinday haathon mein hain uske(Does she have the free birds of the season in her hands)
Ya woh bahaaron si hai(Or is she like the spring season)
Sardi ki woh dhoop ke jaisi garmi ki shaam hai(She is like the sunlight in winter season and the sunlight in the summer evenings)
Pehli phuhaaron si hai(She is like first rainfall)

Mera pyaar ka mausam bhi hai(This is the season of my love)
Lagey meri mehram bhi hai(It seems that she is my lover too)
Mera pyaar ka mausam bhi hai(This is the season of my love)
Lagey meri mehram bhi hai(It seems that she is my lover too)
Jaane kya kya do aankhon mein (I don’t know what all in those two eyes)
Main padh gaya oye(I have read)

Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)
Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)

Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya (Someone made my heart go out of control)
Aur ishka dil mein bhar gaya (And filled my heart with love)
Aankhon aankhon mein (In between the conversion of the eyes)
Woh lakhon gallan kar gaya oye (She said a million things)

Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)
Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye (Oh God! I am now dying)
Shaddai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye (She has turned me completely mad)


Imagined her laughing like mad and looking at him with those cute expressions her habit of celebration on small happiness then went to flashback and remembered how for getting one sight of her he use to jump from the walls to cross the ways just in a thought that without getting late he has to see her and how every time he missed the chance then came out of flash back and thought the moment at which he got to know that his wife is the same girl who was his crush as well as definition of his craziness those days and this time he told her what his craziness was then he said to himself “I will tell you who was she Basu but wait for some more time” he was thinking that he is lucky that he got a positive minded girl as his soulmate who doesn’t bother about his past according to her past is just past now the fact which matters to her is his company that’s all and thinking all that he went down the stairs to his room there she was smiling looking at phone it seems she has talked with someone
Abhi taking place on the bed: Maa called you
Basu: han and she said we must, go there within two days
Abhi: but the wedding is after three weeks right!! Then why so soon
Basu making an annoyed face: trust me it was more than a silly question you asked
Abhi: okay, but the fact is I can’t go with you
Basu: why???

Abhi: because there is a business meet in two days and Baba asked me to attend it he will also do so with one of my seniors so I can’t
Basu: okay then I will say to her that I will come with you only
Abhi: now what is this stubbornness you go there I will come within one week
Basu: No
Abhi: it’s my order silly
Basu: I am not your slave that you will order me I will go only with you that’s it (said like a kid)
Abhi: listen I am saying if maa had called you must go there and I will come after a week for sure
Basu: but…
Abhi: last time get agree with me then after this whatever you will say it will be my priority
Basu: but I had never gone, anywhere without you
Abhi: who said I am not with you, some time before you only said I am with you always and more than that Didu and dadi maa (Yashika and Naira) both are there before you
Basu: what!! Maa didn’t told me that
Abhi: because they asked her to hide it from you and more than that they are living nearby their place only so… anyways my point is just a matter of few days after that I will be there okay
Basu: okay
Abhi smiled: silly now sleep you have to pack bags for it just a day you have for it day after tomorrow morning you have to leave
Basu nodded in yes and went to sleep


Next day she was all busy in packing her bags along with Kaustuki and Ganga Divya was also leaving with her only she was still not convinced to go without him as she didn’t wanted to leave alone that too for her home itself it was not lie that she never did that but for the first time her heart was not agree to do so she was having some kind of fear in herself and with all those thoughts the day spent and next day she left along with Divya, Yash, Shreya, Ganga and Kaustuki Priyansh and Gaurav didn’t went as they were having some assignments to submit in there university so they stayed back with Abhi he nodded bye to his loves both the kids were so excited as they were leaving but Basu was still feared for something, Prabhas and rest of the family members already left for Kirti’s Marriage and here as they all boarded into flight Basu got surprised as Anirudh was there she hugged him and Yash too Divya greeted him and then Kaustuki jumped in his lap he kissed her forehead and finally they flew off for US

Precap: “you idiot who do you think you are Sharukh Khan” Abhi “Excuse me i said i am sorry” someone “to hell with your sorry do you have eyes or tich buttons idiot fellow who allowed you to enter here” ABhi “My wife allowed me” Someone “who is wife of this idiot fellow” ABhi got angry hearing that


With whom Abhi is arguing and be ready for the twist as next episode will give you many links for the further story keep guessing and till then bye bye

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    Main likhda hunda si tere baare adiye
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    Kise hor te na mare tere te hi marda
    Ban meri rani tera raja ban jaan
    Tu hi ban mera ghar darwaza ban jaan
    Oh tenu vekh jaavan tere val rudeya
    Tu phul te main tahani wangu naal judeya
    Main jadon tere khwaban wali raah turreya
    Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
    O jiven rainde panne naal panne jud’de
    Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
    Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya..
    Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya..
    Laayi na tu mainu bohte laare adiye
    Ni hor kite rehjiye kaware adiye
    Mere supne bade ne keh lain de
    Na bhej meinu door nede reh lain de..
    Ae pyaar rahe poora na rahe thodeya
    Main umraan tayin tere naa rahaan judeya
    Main jadon tere khaab’an wali raah turreya
    Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
    O jiven rainde panne naal panne jud’de
    Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
    Aa katthe hoke duniya bana layi ae
    Rusiye je jhat hi mana layi ae
    Jholi teri khushiyan na bhar daunga
    Supneya wala tenu ghar daunga
    Ae fikke nahi laare ehhe sachi goorhe aa
    Tere layi ae hath Rabb agge jude aa
    Main jadon tere khaab’an wali raah turreya
    Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
    O jiven rehnde panne naal panne jud’de
    Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya””
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