STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 56 (part 1)

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Episode 56 part 1

Abhi; by the way one thing is sure
Basu raising her eyebrows: what?
Abhi; this is done by only by the kids in our house
Basu: you mean Kaustuki!!!
Abhi: along with your two brothers and her sweet sister
Basu: smart haah!!!
Abhi: Mastani ka Bajirao smart hi hoga na (Bajirao will always be smart na)
Basu laughed: always filmy dialogues from where do you learnt all that
Abhi: it’s a secret (winking on her)
Basu nodding her head in disbelief: by the way let me tell you one thing that Bajirao was boycotted because of Mastani and his love (achha!! Magar Mastani ke Bajirao ko uske poore parivar ne thukra diya tha us mohabbat ke wajah se)
Abhi: so, what!!
Basu: so… do you want to boycott yourself!!! Calling yourself as Bajirao
Abhi: if that day came in my life I will be sure
Basu: stop this filmy-panti and let’s go

They both moved in it was all dark inside nothing was visible Abhi managed to find out the fuse and as he put it back the house became lit and then Basu held Priyansh and Gaurav, Abhi held Kaustuki and Ganga
Basu holding their collar from back: it seems too much fun in night na (in teasing tone)
Abhi holding Kaustu and Ganga’s ear: So… started doing all this also haah!! Why you told them where is the main switch
Kaustuki: what we could have done Mama asked us and….
Basu: being an idol child you told them
Kaustuki giving a flying kiss to her: waah mummy how smart you are extremely right
Ganga: arey yr bapu leave na

Abhi widening his eyes: Bapu…. And that also with special effect yaar!!!! Basudha…. Did you hear that!!!
Basu: yes, I heard that I am not deaf that I wouldn’t have heard that
Abhi: my question is, from where she learnt that!!!
Basu: Oye Ganga who asked you to say that
Ganga: Dadu… (being innocent)
Abhi: Dadu told you!!! To call me like that
Kaustuki: nahi nahi (no, no)
Basu: then!!!

Kaustuki: in evening Dadu called us right!!!
Basu: haan to talk with both of you
Kaustu: haan same so we both were talking with him chance by chance so suddenly he asked that why we didn’t went to meet him today so I told him that Ganga was playing here only at our neighbors place so he asked me to give phone to Ganga
Abhi: come to the point
Kaustuki: I gave phone to her and when he asked same question from her she said that “Papa said to play here not to go” so Dadu said in flow
Basu: what he said
Kaustuki: he said in stern tone “Arey yaar tera Bapu ullu da pattha hai (your father is an idiot)”
Abhi widening his eyes: what!!!
Basu: haan he said that only then when she asked that what is mean by yaar tera Bapu he told her that it means your papa so she called you that
Ganga: haan Bapu
Abhi: shut up!!

Priyansh: he called you ullu da pattha (controlling their laughter)
Gaurav: poor jijs
Basudha: he just called you “ullu da pttha so casually”
Abhi being irked: yes, he said that then why are you highlighting it now my own father can’t keep my respect huh
Basudha: relax bachhon ke bapu (teasing tone)
Abhi being irked: haan kyu nahi bachho ki amma (why not)
Priyansh: arey relax Jijs we are also in same situation
Abhi looked at them
Gaurav: yeah… Jijs you want to see!!! Wait let us do the practical
Priyansh went towards Yash and said
Priyansh: leave it na Dad she will calm down in some time

Yash patting his head: chup bey khhotey de puttar ek teri maa mujhe roz marti hai upar se tu ek cartoon nikal yaha se (shut up you idiot first your mother is eating my head and then you two cartoons just go from here)
Priyansh came back from there and gave Abhi “I told you look” then Gaurav went from there to him
Gaurav in teasing tone: what you did dad!!! Now your girlfriend will not forgive you for sure
Yash in full of irritation: oye ullu de patthey ek to pehle hi wo darwaza nahi khol rahi naaraaz ho kar baithi hai upar se tu aur dara raha hai nikal ja yaha se nalayak (Oye idiot already she is not opening the door and now you are scaring me go from here you stupid)
Gaurav went back from there and said to Abhi
Gaurav: what we said jijs!!!
Priyansh: it is so common among us Jijs now you are also one of us
Abhi looked at them and then Basudha she was giving an express less smile he was about to say but heard a sound it seems

Shreya was out from room
Yash: Shreyoo baby… listen
Shreya fuming in anger: ye kya baby, baby laga rakha hai baby dikhti hun mai haah god me le ke khilaoge mujhe!!! Haah!! Ek to meri baat suntey nahi uske baad baby baby kartey firtey ho dimag kharaab hai tumhara Yash khabardaar jo mere peechhe aaye kasam se bata rahi hoon tumhe maar ke khud ko widhwa karne me mujhe bilkul hesitation nahi hogi aur kya kaha tumne mere beton ko ullu ka patha mai bata rahi hun ulllu jaisi hai tumhari shakal iska matlab ye nahi ke kuchh bhi bakoge mere beto ko tum pagal aadmi huff (what the hell is this baby, baby I am looking like a baby to you will you take me in your lap first I am saying something and you are not even listening it but doing baby, baby all the time have you gone mad Mr. I swear if you either followed me or you just tried to say anything I swear I will kill you and turn myself into widow and believe me I won’t feel any hesitation in it understood and what you said to my sons I am telling you your face looks like an own it doesn’t mean you will say anything to them haah)
Saying this she went to a room which was for them according to them and Yash while following her said to Abhi and Basudha “Didi called me and asked me to give you these tickets you are having flight after two days for the US now excuse me… My dear pagal wife is angry from me I have to pacify her

to be continued…

I know this was short but what to do running out of time so had uploaded short update next one will be longer one till then enjoy this one and why Shreya is too much angry keep guessing

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  1. Saranya24

    Lovely didu so cute jst like u love u loads muuaahh?????

  2. Princesskrisha

    Awesome Surbii di its so nice bapu was nice.its so superbbb di i cant control myself di waiting fr nxt epi my awesome writer di

  3. Shivika22kapoor

    Haahaaa Haahaaa Haahaaa Haahaaa Haahaaa Haahaaa Haahaaa Haahaaa ullu de pathaye, khoteya seriously di aap mujhe aaj haasa haasa kar hi maar doga kya. Matlab seriously I just loved every bit of this you nailed the epi matlab itna maaza aya ka Mai kya baataon yaar tusi taan chaake chaadta soniyon . Warijwan Mai thohada toh aainj lagda paiya si jivan main kisa typical Punjabi ghaar dee laadai vaakh rahi Si.
    Kastu ghoomaying Abhi gool gool intelligent girl Han.
    Shreya’s dialogue tujhe maar ka khud KO widhwa karna Mai mujhe koi hesitation nahi hoga.
    & baby ???

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    SUPERBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!Yash – Shreya Fights is Reallyyyyyyyyy Entertainingggggggggggg………….Loved it DuDE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Prathi

    Ab yeh pagal admi ney aisa kya kiya tha??? Offfo!! Ullu de pathey ???

  6. ??????????????????????????????? I laughed my heart out today???????? it was a super duper update! Arey yaar tera bapu ullu da patha hai!????????? omg it was so hilarious???????? priyansh and gauruv???????????????????????? yash???????????? khottey de puttar???????????????? sherya??????????????????? U rocked it CN!! hats off!!

  7. so funny di just enjoyed it waiting for the next episode

  8. First of all Again I am sorry for again being late latif! Lekin yeh ?????????????????????????????? hehe khotey de putar and bapu ??????????????????????????????????????? I totally Loved this one to core, seriously it was best in all ways! Hehe and shreya ka non stop bolna ??????????? Pagal aadmi per jo usne khtam kiya haye m ta flat hee hogayee ?????????? Ek Pagal Aurat or doosra Pagal aadmi lol ???????????? and abhi bappu se chidr raha tha ???????????????????????????? Totally Rocked it! You nailed it man! Wait let me jump to next update ???? haha i can’t wait so yup i m going till then Hatss off Husn e jana!

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