And The Story Begins…(epi-18)

Ishita says slowly…. and holds him and helps him to get up . raman says all this is shagun’s work right
Ishita : how do u know
Raman : she was already threatening me and yes she can only drive car like this
. ishita says shall i tell u something
Raman : tell ?
Ishita : i want to take back my complaint on shagun
Raman : but why ?
Ishita : because i think she has understood her mistake
Raman : ur decisions are always right my friend
Ishita : thank u friend , i am going now , mummy ji and rinky r coming here , take care of urself
Ishita goes to police station and takes her complaint back
Shagun : i now understand how much relationships r important in our life . i always ran behind money ,ashok gave me much money but pushed me out of his life because he has got someone new and more beautiful
Ishita : don’t be sad shagun
Shagun hugs ishita . ishita gets surprised
Shagun :i amplanning to leave for America today , i am going there to live wid my younger cousin . before that i want to see my daughter once . after she was born , i did not even see her once and left her somewhere for money . i know u will take care of my daughter because more than my daughter she is ur daughter

Ishita : i knew u would tell this , so i told papa ji to bring her .
Mr.bhalla comes and gives pihu to shagun .
Shagun kisses pihu and hugs her . she cries her heart out
She then gives pihu to ishita and says , here she is ishita , i am not fit of being called her mother , thats why she called u mother . here is ur daughter , she is only ur daughter . when she grows up , tell her that there was somebody called shagun who used to love her . tell her that she was bad at first and then changed to a good person
Ishitha : i will
Shagun turns to go
Ishita : shagun
Shagun : han
Ishita goes and hugs shagun . shagun smiles . ishita says never ever value money in life , and u will find a person soon , who will understand the real shagun . when u see him u will feel so happy , u will have an unknown happiness
Shagun : i don’t think i will find somebody like that , fine i take ur words
After some time…
Shagun sits in her flight to America . she turns and sees a person sitting near her with a baby . she says hi to the baby
She asks the man sitting near him what was the baby’s name
The man : hi , he is golu , i mean we call him golu , his name is aarav and he is six months old .and i am his cute father , manoj tripathi
Shagun thinks this man is so weird , he is giving his own intro when it is not needed .
Shagun : nice meeting u , but is it not difficult to travel without his mother
Manoj : i travel everytime without his mother , because she is safely with god
Shagun : i am sorry
Manoj : its absolutely fine , this is what life is all about , if u expect things to go the way u like , how will it be , u will never learn things , i lost my wife in a car accident , but from this i learned to take care of golu , golu is my life now . making mistake , losing people , is all common in life . but u should come out of it and learn new things in life
Shagun smiles . she had really started liking manoj within the few minutes of their meet . shanoj talk throughout their journey , as if they were never gonna meet again but they were destined to meet again and again
To be continued…

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  4. Jasminerahul

    ishita is so nice to take her complaint about shagun back as shagun reformed.shagun ishita scene was very emotional.shagun leaving pihu with ishita was touchy.ishita saying that shagun will get a man who understands her real self n then shagun meeting manoj on the flight was too manoj is a single father with his son aarav.shanoj scene was cute

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