Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 10

Ragini serves for all and sits next to Laksh..
While all were busy in talking and eating.

Ragini widens her eyes and looks at Laksh who is talking with dayal as if nothing happened.

Ragini too tightens her grip on his hand..
Both were in their world and their comes into their senses with dayal words.

Dayal:-  a proposal came for uttara from Vadaira family.

Laksh:- who are they dad.

Dayal:- his name was Nikhil his dad was my classmate too. And uttara I kept his photo on my table have a look and say whether you are OK with him or not and he was from good family only and a doctor too, I said them about your profession and interest in it. He a
Has no problem.

Ragini:- wow that’s cool then he is OK if uttara continues with her profession. Then only thing left is his face how he looks.

Laksh:- looks are not only important his character too and if he take cares of my sister or not.

Ragini:- come on won’t you trust dad.

Laksh:- it means your bhai didn’t have trust on your father that’s why he crossed checked me whether I would take care of you or not and ten he accepted.

Ragini makes faces to Laksh making him and remaing smile..

After dinner…

Arey listen na ragini saying this Laksh follows ragini in their whole room while she closes her ears and walking all around room by saying no no.

Finally he catches her drags her close to him pins her both hands back of him.

He laughs seeing her cute lips which formed as pout he gives  peck to her lips while she smiles and hugs him.

After few hours..

Uttara was sitting and Laksh ragini were sitting on her both sides and a cover was placed in front of them.

Uttara:- bhaiya babhi plss leave me alone I don’t want to see any photos and what ever you decide for me I am OK with it.

Ragini:- come on utu how come you don’t want see him after all you are going to marry him and it’s needed to knew how he looks for at least recognizing purpose or else think when you sit in front of them and you asked may I knew who is nikhil here.

Laksh and Uttara looks at her and see each other smiles and nodes their heads.

Laksh:- Uttara have to accept it ragini has a point we will go and you watch and decide OK and your decision matters us most.

Ragini:- but I too want to see.

Laksh :- you already seen it right.

Ragini:- but I want to see it with Uttara and her expressions. If she doesn’t like him then I have to make plans of making them run away.

Laksh:- you were not going to do it and even not staying here she will watch her self.
Ragini holds pillar and says no.

Laksh and Uttara laughs while Laksh picks her up and moves to his room while she shouts your say her if she doesn’t like him..

At night in their room.

Few clothes were spreader on floor and two people were moving under quilt. She shouts ahhh and pushes Laksh from top of her..

She sits and rubs her corner of neck and hits him who was saying sorry.
He back hugs her and says sorry and asks her is it plaining.

She nodes and says but I like it when you do that to me.

He tightens his grip on her and says so I can continue my work with you.
Saying this he drags her in quilt again.

Recap:- nikhil family visiting uttara

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