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Scene 1
The story starts as the next day comes. The day passes as usual except one thing. That was Ragini Khanna and Laksh Maheshwari’s fight. Everyone did miss that as the class was almost used to their daily argument. But nobody knew the reason of their unusual behaviour. Both of them tried to ignore each other as much as they could, but yes with different reasons. And then the grand day for there trip at last arrived. Everyone packed there bags and left there house as there bus had arrived. Ragini got inside the Bus and searched for Swara when suddenly the contactor said.
Contactor: ooo behnaa, go and sit with your partner.
Ragini:(shocked) whaaat? But why? After all, this is just for the trip. After reaching there we will have to stay with our partners, so please bhai just while we travel please let us sit with our friends.
Everyone present there also agreed with Ragini’s idea and started ranting the same thing.
Contactor:(irritated) chuuuuuuuup. Poppat kahikai. ( shut up all parrots)
U all are not allowed to oppose anything that your professor has ordered. Now keep quite and sit with your partners.
Ragini sadly left and sat on one of the seats’. She got pissed off again as she found Laksh sitting in the window side.
Ragini:(angrily whispering) huh,what sort of a boy is he? Boys are supposed to let girls sit in the window side.
Laksh:(whispering) what to do…subhai subhai Kisi daini ka chehra nehi dekhna Tha mujhe.(early morning, i didn’t want to see any witches face)
Ragini glared at him.

As the bus passed by many beautiful places Ragini took glances of Swara and Sanskar. She felt happy for Swara.
Ragini:(thinking) he is really perfect for Swara.
She could understand how intensely Sanskar looked at Swara’s eyes. How he made her laugh and how he kept her happy. Suddenly Ragini’s thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice.
Laksh:(softly) perfect couple.
Ragini turned around to find Laksh looking at Swara and Sanskar. After that the trip continued as Ragini and Laksh filled there heart with silence.
At last after travelling for 8hrs they at last reached there destination. The Great,Grand BAHDURPUR. As all the students came down from the bus they were greeted by maybe 100 people. From whom some of them were adults and mostly were all thin thin children looking at them eagerly. Some of the girl child’s whispered something and started laughing.
Laksh:(irritated) this is heights.
As the students group moved they were literally followed by the crowd. Actually Chased will be the appropriate word. The students at last moved inside a house or rather hut sort of a place and found there professor Mr. Bose.
Mr. Bose: welcome students. This will be the place where you all shall stay. But there are some problems.
Everyone listened to him eagerly.
Mr. Bose: there are not many rooms over here so you all have to do some adjustments to stay somewhere else. And this will have to be done by three teams. Gauri and Daksha, Sheersha and Raghav And Ragini and Laksh.
Ragini’s eyes grew wider.
Ragini:(whispering) whaat?
She looked at Laksh who didn’t react at it. Moreover before the professor could finish his so called apologies lecture he took his bag and also snatched Ragini’s bag from her hand and left from there curtly while the other 5 students followed his after sometimes.

Scene 2
It was almost 2 am when at last some how those 6 students found a hotel to stay. But unfortunately the hotel was quite faar from the village. The students co-operated with each other and chose there rooms partners wise, so that the partners stay in a room just beside the other partner.
It was 6am when Ragini got up. She freshened up and got out from her room.
She went for jogging and did find most of the villagers waked up who were working at their fields. But the most irritating part was the awkward looks those villagers gave her. Ragini felt a little bad but then without caring about the world she continued her work. But the beauty of the nature did mesmerize her heart. She took a picture and sent it to her mother with a good morning note and so happily returned to the hotel. After that she got ready and then came out of her room.
She looked at her left side and found his room.
Ragini:(thinking) shall i wake him? I am 100% sure that rich,spoilt brat wont be awake till now.
She looked at her watch. It was 7:15am.
At last after thinking for a long time she knocked at his door. There was no answer.
Ragini:(while knocking) Mr. Laksh Maheshwari please get up. Its late. Jaldi uthooo.
There was no response again.
Ragini:(angrily almost banging the door) oa black crow. Wake up fast. We will get late.
Suddenly she found a fumbling sound from the room.
Laksh:(fumbled up) i am too tired. Don’t irritate. Please leave me.
Ragini:(shouting) i would love to leave you but that Mr. Bose wont allow and he will make me come back again and take you over there,(again banging the door) so just stop your drama and get ready fast.
Laksh: you don’t have to go there then. I am not in a good shape to go over that village.
Ragini:(threatening) if you don’t come out till the countdown of 5 then Il break this door.
There was no reply.
Ragini:(angrily) fine then, 1
And 5
As soon as she said 5 she angrily moved back just like an angry bull does before it charges towards it’s prey, and then ran with full force towards the door to kick it hard when suddenly to her horror something else took place.

People i know today my episode was small but i promise after this the episodes will be longer. And friends please doo comment.

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