Strangers (Part 10)


part 10
i knew this would happen some day but I dint expect it to come so soon!!!! Did he just propose me???????????? But I dint want a proposal over the phone, I wanted a big proposal in preson, something romantic tongue emoticon I was dissappointed it turned out this way and that too so soon!!!!!!!!! I took sometime to realise and confirm that yes he did propose me !!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I started panicking … I dint know what to reply … but my heart was urging me to say yes, my heart was constantly telling me, “say yes divya, say it”, I don’t know why but I really wanted to say yes rohit , I love you too, all this was going on in my mind but I dint say anything, there was silence for more than few seconds this time, then I said ”yeah I like you too”, and before even I completed my sentence he replied, “ really? Im soooo happy grin emoticon mmmmwwwwaaaahhhh kiss emoticon “ , I was dumbstruck and froze that moment, he kissed me in the call?????? I felt that kiss on my cheek , really it sounds stupid in the movies but it was all happening for real with me, I could feel it, my cheek felt that kiss, it was kinda very different vibration that ran through my body, I felt butterflies in my stomach!! OMG !!!!!! never have I felt something like this!!! I was blushing and became red like an apple.but I had’nt completed my sentence yet, I had more to say, I said, “ whoa wait!!!”, he said “what???”, he was shocked at my reaction, then I said, “ yeah I really like you, but that doesn’t mean I love you as of yet “ tongue emoticon . this sentence sounded really funny, “I don’t love you as of yet? What did I even mean? That il love him in future? It did’nt make sense at all tongue emoticon, he understood I dint want to accept my feelings for him so soon, he laughed and said, “ ok tell me what you wanted to say”, he was being so sweet even now when I said I don’t love you now, aaaawww hes making me fall for him even more every second we’re talking, but I needed to be firm in what I wanted to say, so I said, “ I need some time and space for myself to think over it …. All this is coming too fast”, he said “oh, k “ there was a lot of disappointment in his voice and also sadness. So then again I said, ”listen rohit,im not saying no now, but I really need time”, he said, “ fine my barbie doll, as you say, you have all the time in the world”,he sounded happy this time. I suddenly looked at the clock, it was 11 in the nite!!!! I said, ” oh, no! its already 11 “, so he said “ohkie then good night cute dreams sleep tight my doll “, I replied “to u too” and I ended the call.Our next meeting was a little awkward for me but he seemed happy though grin emoticon the 1st words he spoke to me that day were “ good morning my sunshine” grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon im he’s sunshine? Wow!!!!!!!!!! That was sooo damn sweet and I said, ”good morning ro” this time he blushed and couldn’t stop smiling grin emoticon … he introduced his friends to me- rahul, kiran and suji (“well we knew her real name sowrajyam hahaha”) … me and my frnds we were trying so hard to control our laughter .. then I introduced my friends arohi, nikitha and shraddha to them too .. finally we all are friends .. its our new gang grin emoticon my awkwardness was gone now, I was quite comfortable with all of ‘em .. and the new part is now we all sit together, rohit sits beside me and rahul doesn’t let anyone else sit beside arohi hahaha … he’s so fond of her .well she is a real sweet hrt grin emoticon everyone seems to be fine with all this except niki, I don’t know whats bothering her but I definitely know shes not liking it …. Most of the times she takes me away from rohit and I don’t know may be she even tries to talk to him when im not around , its not like I wont let her talk or something, im broad minded and I have friends too, but she behaves different with him when im around and when im not.. this seemed a lot awkward to me.Well a few weeks passed and all my days now start with his txt “good morning my sunshine” and end with his text “ good night my cutie doll” my days have changed a lot … they seem more happy, loving caring… may be I have found sumone who I can trust and sumone who would really take care of me im glad we met again, let’s see where we are going to end up, I just hope our’s will be a happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Does niki liks him too?

  2. i cnt reveal it now

  3. Nice episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you dear. ..

    1. I vl update tomo busy wid some wrk

  4. Awww so cool….

  5. No words di Nice story…Really I like ? it..What’s d problem with her friend Niki..i hope she don’t create any Problem between this Two New LOVE ❤ BIRDS..waiting for next part to know what is gonna happen…
    I wanna say u THANKS ALOT because u r updating ur story so soon to us..Really Thank u..
    Di in which course u r Graduated ?..R u from Andhra Pradesh right ?..
    Take care ? and Thank u..

    1. pleasure is mine aaliya i am a graduate in computerscience im frm hyderabad

  6. Pls bhgi do not separate divi & to pls

    1. i vl not seperate darshini u dnt worry b happy

  7. Pls bhgi do not separate divi & ro pls

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