Spoilers 1st May 2018 Revised

Jiji Maa:
Falguni takes a new avatar of Lajwanti aka Laser. She changes her getup and dons a dusky villager look. She wants to settle scores with Uttara. She wants to prove Uttara’s crimes. Lajwanti is finding Gayatri. She wants Uttara to pay for the crimes. She feels the family is being cheated by Uttara and they deserve a right to know Gayatri’s truth. Falguni gets fearless as Laser and teaches a lesson to Uttara during their first meet. Uttara doesn’t identify her.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya makes Ratan take the disguise of a Rajasthani villager. She ties him the pagdi with love. Ratan realizes his feelings for Diya. Diya knows about his disguise. He doesn’t want to leave Diya alone. He attends the event. He wants to ensure that Diya is safe. He feels responsible for her safety from the imposter. Diya is helpless because of her feelings for Ratan. She is not understanding Ratan’s changed behavior. She doesn’t want Ratan’s secret to come out. She makes a plan to know the motives of the imposter.

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