Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #2

Hello everyone hope you are liking the story and sorry for making it so mysterious but let me explain it was just a frst Epi so it may take time to make its place. So plz have some patience. And if you know about dev that he is a very extreme person so if it comes to his guilt then you can imagine that what’s the level of it so plzz give it some time and you will definitely gono love this story. This is all i want to say have some patience and enjoy the story and thank you so much for your views i will try my best to improve my writing skills……

Episode starts with dev getting in to his car. He was still angry with that incident that he can’t stop thinking about it and he closed his eyes just make himself calm and suddenly her face flashes in front of his eyes and he opened his eyes with a shock. Her eyes were making him crazy as if he saw those eyes daily. Her eyes seemed so familiar to him and he was reminding her face specially her eyes just then his car stopped and he comes out of his thoughts. His car was stopped in front of Ishwari niwas his house. He goes inside.
The interior of the house was so perfect like its made for it only. A lady was ordering the workers how and where to keep the things…..
Dev :- Maa why are you doing this. You are Ishwari dixit Dev Dixit’s mother you don’t need to do all these things.
Ishwari :- I know that i am your mother and i am proud of it but the joy of decorating your house with your own hands is different you won’t understand this saying this she smiled and caress his face.
Ishwari :- So finally you fulfilled her last wish.
Dev :- I hope that this makes her happy and i’ll able to live in peace.
Ishwari (being anxious) :- How many times i have to repeat myself that whatever happened in past was not your fault.
Just then a girl comes out of a room shouting…
Girl :- Maa what is this why the mirror in my is so tiny i clearly said that i want a big mirror and make a puppy face.
Ishwari :- Niki mirror is just to see the face then what is the use of a big mirror.
Niki :- You won’t understand maa. Bhai now you do something. And she makes a puppy face…..
Dev :- Ohk fine your big mirror will be here till the eve. Now stop making these puppy faces……
Just then a kid comes from niki’s back with his little baby steps and dev’s face become happy seeing him and he goes on his knees to get him in his arms and loves him.
Other scene :-
Sonakshi was rehearsing for her show in the theatre just then riya arrives there running and stands near her. She started taking heavy breaths and stood there like a dumb struck.
Sonakshi :- What happened to you now . Why are you running like this.
Riya :- Don’t you saw the notice board.
Sonakshi :- No. What happened with that now.
Riya :- Now our theatre is someone else’s and is going under renovation from tomorrow till next two months.
Sonakshi (Getting shocked) :- What, Are you serious. Now what will i do. One more problem.
Riya :- What’s the problem in it now we will be free for next 2 months. it’s party time and starts jumping.
Sonakshi :- And what about my pg’s rent now. How will i pay it now. I have to get that job now by any cost and her face became pale.
Riya :- Don’t worry i know that you will get that job because that job belongs to you only and she smirks.
Sonakshi (getting worried) :- Hope so. Now lets go right now its getting late.

Dev was in his room and talking on the phone.
Dev :- I don’t want any excuse from you right now. I want the best neni for ayan till tomorrow at any cost and now its up to you. You have to do this tina.
Tina :- Yes sir i will find the best neni for ayan. You don’t worry sir.
Dev :- And make sure that she will stay with him 24 hours.
Tina :- Yes sir.
Ishwari :- Dev come down. let’s have dinner. Ayan and niki is waiting for you.
Dev comes down and have his dinner with them as usual and after that he takes ayan with him to sleep.

Sonakshi was still thinking about her job. sleep was miles away from her eyes. all she can see was her being homeless which was fuming her. But soon sleep took its place over her never ending thoughts.

Next morning
The morning was all the same dev was getting ready for his office,ishwari was making the breakfast and niki and ayan was still sleeping it looks like nothing has changed in this one year in their lives just the place is different.

After having his breakfast dev was about to go he took Ishwari’s blessing and leaving for office.
Dev :- Today ayan’s neni is coming here and she will stay with her for ayan so you please make her understand her work and if you have any problem with her then let me know.
Ishwari :- I know that you will chose the best for him. I don’t need to worry about it. You just go and do your work.

Dev bids a bye to niki and ayan and goes to his office.

Sonakshi was still sleeping forgetting about all her worries just then she gets a call from Riya.
Sonakshi (in a sleepy Voice) :- What yaar i was on the stage and about to get my award. But you called why did you called me.
Riya :- Say thanks to me that i called you otherwise you will lost your job. Dumbo its your interview today you are getting late.
Sonakshi (getting out of her dream world) :- Don’t you called me urly i am late now.bye i have to get ready.
Sonakshi runs towards the washroom and comes out wearing a beautiful long pink kurti with a plazo and goes to the interview venue.

Tina was having interview’s of some ladies and girls who applied for the job but didn’t find the best one she was so tensed about dev’s reaction that she had 7 coffees in just 2 hours just then sonakshi arrives there for the interview (the interview was in a cafe because dev doesn’t want to mix his office and home at the same time)
Sonakshi goes to the cafe Having a big smile on her face and ask waiter for the table and was shocked to know that the whole cafe was booked for the interview. And she goes to tina with full of confidence tho she was very nervous not because its her interview because she was shocked that the whole cafe was booked just for a neni’s job’s interview. Soon her thoughts were disturbed by tina.
Tina :- So you love kids this much. You look so young for this job then why you want this job.
Sonakshi :- Actually i am very bored with my daily life and want some fun so this job is pretty coll for this saying this she giggled.
Tina :- If my bose heard your talks the would have fired me for giving you the job but your experience is good so you got the job. And if you want to join then you can join it from today.
Sonakshi :- Then your bose would missed a chance to meet the future star and she giggled again.
Tina :- You are a charming girl i am syor that his family will love to have you as ayan’s nani. So this is the address you can go and join now.
Sonakshi :- Ok then i’ll take your leave now. Bye
And she goes from there
Here the episode ends on sonakshi going to Ishwari niwas…..

Precap :- Devakshi in one room ??

Sorry if its sort next time i’lll write a big one ??
So guys this is it for today and sorry for the late update (if it comes late to you ??)
Hope you enjoyed reading this..
Sayonara ????

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      Wait for the next episode ??

  4. Yvonne Codner

    The story is very interesting…I am so eager to see the clash between Mr. Dixit and Sonakshi because he will certainly not forget that prank she pulled on him. I hope that they will not meet until she has established her relationship with Ayan. LoL!!!!! Looking forward to the next episode.

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