Heard that they are ” the epitome of charisma and beauty.. Their eyes hypnotise other by love… Their heart is the birth place of compassion. Their hands defines the meaning of philanthropy….valour gets its pride from them…” When suddenly such souls walk in front of one, what would we do? Don’t we go mad in love? Likewise, the entire nature, trees, animals, rocks, thorns all get excited to peak. Rock just rolls down fast to get glimpse of them and experience Siyaram love. Ram knows their excitement and this feel would have made innocent rocks to forget that can physically hurt other. So, Ram at once saves Sita and Lakshman from getting hurt. He stands in front of them as shield. ?❤️??

Their love for each other is beyond one could describe in words. Nobody worries for themselves. Sita worries for her ram and devar, Ram for Sita and Lakshman and Lakshman for his bhai and Bhabhi.. They are selfless. Seeing such beautiful souls entering the place, entire nature stood unmoved and lost in sense. Before they could get back to senses, Sita legs was caught in between hard stones and thorns and gets hurt. For sure, stones and thorns would have felt bad for its lifetime for this act. Had they are in senses, this would have never happened, they would have paved path for them. ????

Sita gets hurt, but it pains more for her Ram. Like a deer which jumps and move around, Sita used to move happily around, seeing those legs hurt gave so much pain to Ram. Ram is her soul, ram is her heartbeat, ram is her actions… Now, ram is her legs and steps…?

YESS!!! Ram lifts her and carries her like a child, like a shell which protects the pearl inside, like a bird which protects young ones. She enjoys every second of being very close to him, under his warmth and gets pampered by him. All her pain vanished in Rain of love..⛈?❤️❤️

It’s time to take some rest!! Ram makes Sita sit over a stone. At once, he got down, she feels pain again. Blood is not only running from Sita’s wound, it is running out more in Ram’s heart. At once, he noticed Sita without footwear. Sita has so much love for her Ram, when Ram is walking with barefoot, how can Sita wear it!!!! She did not tell ram, till he notices… This is the one to be admired…???

Little things done out of love, need not to be told and true love does not expect recognition. Silent sacrifice in love is louder than open gestures of love. Lakshman runs to get medicines. Once gain equality between men and women is rooted deeply in the minds of human race, by ram as he holds her cottony feet on this lap…??❤️❤️??

Never let anyone do her own work, be it pati or sister or any close one- it’s again a wonderful quality of Sita that sparked out… Due to this, Sita hesitates Ram to touch her feet.. Sitae…. This stubborn sound of love made Sita to agree to Ram’s wish of caressing her foot. Ram not only tied Sita’s wound, but tied Sita completely in his ocean of love even stronger..
Ram and Sita didn’t allow nature to get to their senses with their mesmerising love.???❤️

Little argument and conversations will always spice up the life. Lakshman always had a way to bring them out of pain. Last time he used flowers, and this time he makes them forget the pain by initiating arguments of finding place as Sita is their RAGHUKUL’s Vadhu and can’t go ahead with wound. This ignited Sita’s mind from pain. She at once forgets her pain and landed in argument with Lakshman, asking does she become burden for them?? Ram silently watches their arguments, he knows intentions of both Lakshman and Siya. He calms them down intelligently by highlighting their sacrifice and importance. Now love takes over pain..??

Still, Things didn’t settle down in Ayodhya. Bharath still not out of guilt..Mandavi tried all best to make him come out of it. But, Bharath stands all stubborn.. What is next up for Ayodhya?? How will Bharath accept his responsibility..?? Let’s wait and watch…
Jai Shree Ram???????

Credit to: Shruthi

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