Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 6)

Thank you all to comment on my ff. Fiona you were right I’m overwhelmed, but keep commenting on ff. Plzzz tell me if my ff is good or bad.
Let’s start my 6th episode.

Kunj and Twinkle reach at twinkle’s home. She is about to go in but Rahul comes there. Kunj left, but in his car’s rear mirror he sees Rahul and Twinkle. He comes back and asks Rahul what happened.
Twinkle – Kunj go from here.
Kunj – No. Let Rahul what’s the matter.
Rahul – Nothing just came here to talk to Twinkle.
Twinkle – Kunj go from here.
Kunj – Twinkle stop it. I have to talk to him.
Rahul – Oh! Kunj. Twinkle u r marrying him.
Twinkle – any of your business.
Rahul – Yes. How can u marry him?
Twinkle – What? It’s my life. I can take my own decisions; I don’t need any one for taking my decision.
Rahul – Ya, I know, but don’t u think your choice is bad.
Twinkle – Not at all. Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Rahul – I mean he is the guy who did that incident with you.
Kunj (shouting) – Everything one knows who did it. It was you.
Rahul (laughing) – Me. Right. It was me.
Twinkle – Rahul just go from here.
Rahul – Why? You r him and forgot me.
Twinkle – I never liked you.
Rahul – Means you like Kunj. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other.

Twinkle – I’m just marrying him because of my parents will. I don’t like me at all.
Kunj – Rahul you r crossing your limits.
Rahul – You know I don’t have a limit.
Kunj – Please go from Rahul.
Rahul – Oh! Protecting each other. How lovely yaar? But listen Kunj, you will regret of Twinkle, in future.
Kunj – I won’t. Rahul you know the biggest mistake of my life was that I loved your sister (Aditi). I loved her so much, more than myself, but what did she do, she ditched me. This is what is called biggest mistake of life, loving a person who is worth of it. I’m still regretting it.
Rahul (in a funny tone) – sorry. But, even if you r marrying Twinkle, you have no right to touch her. The right is only for me to touch her. As he said the sentence, Twinkle gives him a tight slap. Kunj looks at Twinkle in shock.
Twinkle – How dare u say that? There is no right for u to touch me. Just get out.
Rahul – But.
Twinkle (shouting loudly) – Just get out. Everyone in the house come outside. Rahul goes from there.
RT- What happen Twinkle? Twinkle is quite.

Kunj – Uncle, Rahul came here. He tells them the whole story.
Yuvi – I will kill that Rahul. Yuvi tries to go but Kunj stops him.
Leela – U have to do something of this Rahul. Twinkle bursts out. Kunj feels pain looking at her.
Kunj – Today, I promise to all that I will take care of Twinkle and will let tears fall from her eyes. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other. Sajna ve plays.
They take Twinkle inside, but she keeps looking at Kunj.
Kunj goes from. At night Twinkle tells her mother that she choose a good life partner for her.
Leela – I know. Now go to sleep.
Next day, Twinkle does all her work and is ready to go to college of Yuvi. She reaches there and Yuvi is waiting her.
Yuvi – Thank god you came in time.
Twinkle – Okay now I have to go and pay your fees then I have to meet the teachers and ask them about your behaviour here.
Yuvi – Di, I’m not a small kid that you r asking my teachers about my behaviour.
Twinkle – Shut up, come with me.
Yuvi- Okay.
On the other hand Kunj is taking admission in the college for Mahi.
At the still area Twinkle sees a man looking like Kunj. She goes to him only to found out that it is Kunj.
Twinkle – Kunj tum yaha.
Kunj – Oh! Hi. I’m here to get admission for Mahi.
Twinkle – Mahi?
Kunj – Actually, Mahi was in Amritsar till last month my uncle. Then, Maa papa called her from there in Mumbai.
Twinkle – Ok.
Kunj – Why r you here?
Twinkle – My Brother Yuvi so I’m here for paying his fees.
Kunj – Oh! Yuvi is also in this college.
Twinkle – Ya.
Kunj – Okay I’m going to give this form. Till then Mahi come.
Twinkle – Okay. Mahi comes.
Mahi – Twinkle bhabhi , you here. Twinkle tells here the whole plot.
Mahi – Okay Yuvi is also there. Wow!
Twinkle – Yes but be aware of Yuvi, he is too naughty.
Mahi – Yes bhabhi.

Twinkle does all her work and goes to office as she gets a call of her boss.
At night 9pm, Twinkle is still at office.
Twinkle (self-talk) – When will my work be over. She checks her phone and sees 26 miss calls of her mother. She calls her.
Leela – Beta, where r u?
Twinkle – Maa, I’m in office. There is an important meeting going to happen so I’m waiting.
Leela – But, u should come back early, your boss has no right to keep u back in the office.
Twinkle – Maa, many of them r staying back.
Leela – Okay, I will call Kunj and tell him to get you.
Twinkle – No, Maa. I will come myself and I have my car. There’s no need.
Leela – okay.
Twinkle – Bye.
Leela – Bye. Come fast.

Twinkle turns back only to find Kunj standing there. Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle – You.
Kunj – Yes me. Flashback starts Leela first calls Kunj if he knows where Twinkle is. Kunj says he will go to Twinkle’s office and get her back. Flashback ends.
Kunj – You do your work till then I will wait here. Twinkle nods. She goes inside. Then Aditi comes and sees Kunj.
Aditi – Kunj you here. Kunj looks at her.
Kunj – I don’t want to talk to you. Aditi tries to hug him and he jerks her.
Aditi – After so many days.
Kunj – look I don’t, have a will to talk to u. Then someone calls Aditi.
She goes inside. Then after sometime Twinkle goes out.

Twinkle – Kunj lets go. But I have my car.
Kunj – Twinkle my driver will get your car to home. U come in my car.
Twinkle – but, okay.
Kunj and Twinkle r in way and thinks of putting music on as Twinkle likes music but looks at Twinkle sleeping. He denies his idea says Twinkle looks so cute while sleeping. They reach their destiny. But twinkle is still sleeping. Kunj gets out of the car and opens the side door beside the seat of Twinkle and he tries awaking her, but can’t and says kumbh karan ki tarah so rahi hai.
He thinks of taking her seat belt out and bends down remove it and when he tries to come back to his original position, he is unable to come as Twinkle’s locket and his locket tangle each other. Kunj is very close to Twinkle’s face. Kunj says Oh god! These filmy styles I just hate it. He tries to remove it but in the process he hits Twinkle’s head and she wakes up. She is surprised to see Kunj very close to her.
Kunj – Sorry.
Twinkle – I will do it. She does it and Kunj looks at her. She removes it. He gets out to make a way for her to get out. She is about to go but Kunj holds her hand, pulls her close to him and hits his head to her and says Maa used to say that hitting head only once is a bad omen so people hit it two times.
Twinkle – just shut up and I’m warning you not to come near me at all. She goes in. The screen freezes on Kunj making funny faces to Twinkle.

Precap – Twinj’s haldi, mehendi and sangeet ceremony.

Guys I hope you like it. Please tell if it is not good. Plzzzzzz comment down.

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