His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 29

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“I can’t wait to show you the place.” Gushed an excited Ragini with a wide smile on her face.
“Calm down sweetheart. I know you really like the place but wait for a while Princess we will be there soon enough.” Replied a chuckling Sanskar.
“Like? I love the place. It makes me really happy.”
She smiles up at him and he revels in the way her eyes sparkle in the light when she talk about the things she loves.
“The roses! Oh Cupy, The roses. You should definitely see them. They are so pretty.”
She continued on her rambling as Sanskar hang onto each of her word so intently as if they matters the most in the world.
Well, for him, they sure do.
Finally reaching the desired venue, Ragini sprinted out of the car seat running towards the flower nursery but Sanskar beat her to it.
“Come on. Hurry up you slowpoke.” He teased with a smirk on his face.
“I have got tiny legs!! I can’t help that I’m slow.” She huffed pouting cutely and Sanskar couldn’t help the small smile that tucked into his lips.
“C’mon, baby. Up you go sweetheart.” Sanskar squat down as she climbed onto his back. Burying her face into his neck she inhaled his musky, calming scent.
“Having fun up there Princess?” He chuckled at the odd girl, who let out a tiny squeak at being caught.
“You guys are so cute.” The nursery owner pipes in, making the duo to come back to earth to see her staring at them with a wide grin.
“I’m not.” Said Sanskar grumpily.
“I am.” Squealed Ragini happily as she tightened her arms around his neck, softly pecking his right cheek.
“It’s okay. I can be cute for the both of us.” She whispered in his ear causing goosebumps to rise on his skin.
“Ragini? How are you my child? And who is this fine young man?” Mrs. Sabbrawal, the graying old woman with a kind nature asked.
“I’m fine sweetu (Ragini’s nickname for her). He is my fiancee.” She replied shyly.
“Oh! So he is the boy you keep rambling abo-” Ragini cut her off with a cough but Sanskar had already caught on, causing a smirk to creep up on his face.
“Oh my bad! I forgot to water the daffodils. Old age really make you forget things.” She scurries off but not before sending him a wink making him laugh to himself.
“So can’t stop talking about me huh?” He teased as a blushing Ragini ran inside the nursery followed by a cackling Sanskar.

“Whoa! ” Whispered an astonished Sanskar gazing at all the blooming flowers.
“This is my happy place. I just love it.” Ragini smiles, inhaling the sweet scent of roses.
“Follow me.”
Taking off her shoes, she ran barefoot on the soil, taking off, down to the middle of the field.
He smiles as her dress flies up every time the wind catches it as she run barefoot without any care in the world.
Finally coming to a halt, she questions excitedly admiring the stunning roses around her, “Isn’t this place beautiful?”
“Yeah, it is.”
Of course, he didn’t meant the flowers only.
Never in his life did he imagine, he would be running around barefoot in a field of roses, chasing a small, innocent Angel as they do in those cheesy romantic movies.
“Let’s pick out some of them.”
Walking off she started plucking out roses from their stems as he watched her intently.
“So beautiful. Can’t believe she is mine.” He whispered to himself making her turn around with a smile that took his breath away.
“You said something?” She asked as he shook his head engulfing her petite frame in a bear hug, holding her close to his chest.
He has never been happier.
No one will ever love her like he do.

“You can leave the class if you aren’t interested Ms. Suryavanshi”. Condemned her maths professor in a highly clipped tone.
Bending over to pick up her pen, Ragini, to her bad luck, was looked over by her professor at the same time causing all the heads to turn in her direction.
“I-I was j-jus-t p-picking out my-” Wary of the sudden attention, she somehow tried to stutter out her response.
“Oh cut the crap Miss. Suryavanshi. Are you implying here that I can’t see properly.”
Flinching because of his harsh tone she made a feeble attempt to explain, her heart thudding loudly in her chest due to nervousness.
“N-no Sir. I d-d-didn’t meant that. I j-just-”
“Get out of the class this instant. First you didn’t paid attention in the class and now you have the audacity to argue with me.” Yelled the professor in a grave tone and she made an escape, highly embarrassed for being called out in front of the whole class.
Though it was the first time she was thrown out of the class like this, it was not something new that a professor insulted her for some trivial reasons or even when she was not the one at fault. And the poor girl cannot comprehend the reason behind.
If only she new it was all because of sheer jealousy.
Jealousy, that they can’t and won’t have the things she has.
Being the daughter to the CEO of a multi national company along with being fiancee of THE SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, it’s obvious of her to be loaded with cash leading the people around her to envy her lifestyle.
Teary eyed, she made her way to the college playground, trying hard to not let the tears escape.
Her cellphone rang of a sudden, startling her from her depressing thoughts.
“Why aren’t in your class Angel?” Rang a concerned voice from the other end.

“Can I talk about it at home please?” The dull voice of Angel alerted me that something was definitely wrong.
Not intending to increase her worry furthermore, I nodded.
“Fine. But if anything bad happens call me right that instant. Take care sweetheart I’ll see you after your classes.”
Hanging up I immediately dialled a number.
“Brief me about all the happenings in Stanford College in next two hours. Am I clear?”
“Yes Sir.”
Sighing, I closed my eyes in exasperation, running a hand through my hair to soothe my aching nerves.
Looking at my phone, my gaze struck at the pointer displaying Angel’s current location.
The day I decided to track my Bunny’s phone stored perfectly in my memory.
Since everytime whenever Angel is in trouble I can’t reach her through phone call. So tracking her phone seemed the best idea.
That way I can be releaxed knowing where my Princess is.
It may seem extreme to some people but I don’t care. I’ll take every measure to ensure Angel’s safety.
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