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Hi guys I am ready with my fan fiction

At last siya and ram are married and are going to ayodhya but there is a twist only ram and siya are married but not urmila laxman and other two sisters and brothers
After marriage ram’s brothers started teasing him and siya’s sisters started teasing her.
Then they all enjoyed a lot and the bidaaii has come all started crying mostly siya’s sisters they cannot control and burst out crying everyone consoled them a lot and siya went away with her husband after completing all the rituals

Now ram was very happy because with whom he want as his wife with her only he got married but our siya is very sad and crying so she was sitting in her tent
Ram couldn’t see her and he started consoling her but he consoling her he came closer and closer and hugged her but she feeled uncomfortable and ram noticed her as uncomfortable and he went away
For this siya felt bad and she made courage and started searching ram first she went out of the tent and saw but he is not there then she asked her brother in laws then shatrughan started teasing her then laxman came and scolded shatrughan and told her about ram

siya went there and she couldn’t see ram there also but at last she saw her love sitting under a tree with a sad face siya noticed him and went and sat beside him and lied on his shoulder but ram was sad and she said sorry to him but ram didn’t respond she started fake crying but our ram thought that has real and consoled her and they shared a hug
ram learned that siya crying was fake and tried to catch her but she started running ram tried a lot to catch his siya but he didn’t .then ram hide under a tree and siya started searching him then suddenly some body pulled her from back that is non other then our ram she was so scared but she was ram and beat him on his shoulder she was angry but ram know that what medicine should be given to her to stop her angry then ram came close…more closer but then only laxman came and called both of them for dinner after dinner again they stared travelling to ayodhya.

So guys how was my new fanfiction if you liked it please comment I hpe that you liked this story

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  1. At last someone has written ff about siam awesome di and lovely too please update asap

    1. And I am a silent reader of all ur ffs dear siam fans

  2. Jayani

    I lyk dis ff saivaishnavi di… Btw, which state r u frm???

  3. Really awesome loved it ☺☺

  4. Aman

    Awesome loved it

  5. Vanshika

    Cute lovely! Jai siya ram! Do continue!

  6. Saivaishnavi

    thank u every body for reading my ff and its my first ff on siya and ram i am sure that i will continue very soon once again tqs for all your comments

  7. Saivaishnavi

    jayani iam from hyderabad and from which state u r??

    1. Jayani

      M frm tn… I study in ìth… Wat abt u di???

  8. Pragyashree

    Superb!! update next soon!

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