Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:10)

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Link for episode 9: Here

Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
In night,
At Quarter:
Dhaani along with her maayi was talking about the ashram and it’s ladies when dulaari remembered something which she forgot to inform her
Dulaari: woh buchiya today I discussed this issue with bachwa jee…
Dhaani: maayi I told you to not to involve him in this matter but you didn’t listen to me naa
Dulaari: dhaani what is wrong with you? When a person is ready to help us then why to show him attitude
Dhaani: acha tou he must’ve said that I’ll help you, you don’t have to take tension and all
Dulaari: (smiles) haan he has assured me that he’ll solve this matter as much as possible after all he has become a lawyer tou apni kaaki k kaam tou aiga naa
Dhaani: kaam? (smiles mirthless) aur woh aiga kise k. It’s so hard to imagine because he can only increase problems and pain aur jab sab hojai tou maafi mang le (sighs) I know these kind of people better
Dulaari: buchiya all aren’t same aur phir masla kia hai tum ko bachwa jee sey? I’m trying to tell you that he’s a nice person but tum ho k apna he lagi hoe ho
Dhaani: I don’t have any problem with him maayi, I just want to keep some distance that’s it.
Dulaari: acha tum yeh sab chorro and be ready till 12’noon
Dhaani: (questioning voice) ready? Why is there anything special?
Dulaari: haan woh tomorrow bachwa jee will visit utility office for taking some essential papers so you’ll also go with him
Dhaani: (surprisingly) maayi I’m not going with him anywhere, I’ve already told you that I don’t like his presence but still you’re sending me with that unknown person
Dulaari: he isn’t an unknown person dhaani, I’ve brought him up (in a little angry voice) and then your like and dislike isn’t​ important right now. Ashram ka socho, hum bachwa jee ko bol chuke hain so there’s​ no need of argument
Saying so she stands up to set the bed leaving dhaani in helpless state.

In viplav’s room:
Viplav was pacing in his room from left to right thinking about her mom’s behavior with dhaani, he was guilty for what he has done with his kaaki’s buchiya unknowingly and now his maah has increased his guilt
Viplav’s POV: yaar viplav (brushing his hair) bhool ja sab kuch, you’ve apologized naa then why are you living with this burden (sighs) maybe because she didn’t forgive me till now and then maah she hurt her more (taking a pause) but what’s my mistake in it, bus bohat hogaya now I’ll not think about this
He sits on bed while fighting with himself
Viplav’s POV: kyun naa aik dafa kaaki sey mil ai, it’s been a whole day I haven’t met her but that sariyal dhaani jee will also be there uff us ke nazrein.. aisa lagta hai k kha jai ge humen
He sighed while making faces and once taking a deep breath he stands on his feet with determination as if he was going at world war III.

At Quarter:
Dhaani was continuously mumbling “humen us rakchas k sath jaana parey ga ab, why all this always happens with me” while taking out meal in an empty plate. She, then sits on the floor keeping that half filled plate in front of herself​ but before she could take a bite someone knocked the gate, she gets little irritated as soon as she opened up the door
Dhaani: tum? What are you doing here at this time?
Viplav: woh I was here to check out if kaaki is fine
Dhaani: yes she’s​ fine, sau rahe hain aur kuch jo tum jaa’na chah rahe ho?
Viplav: nahe woh tum…
Dhaani: I was about to have food but..
She became silent to make him realize that his timing is extremely wrong
Viplav: oh so you were having your dinner (embarrassingly) I’m really sorry woh bhool gae k it’s quite late
Dhaani showed a fake broad smile which makes viplav little normal
Viplav: so kyun naa sath khaai, because even I haven’t taken dinner so…
Dhaani: there’s​ only one plate so only you can have it or only I can have it
Viplav: oh koi baat nahe (brushing his hair) you may have it wesey you’ve magic in your hands same like kaaki
Dhaani: (joining his hands) thank you so much aur kuch?
Viplav: nahe bus, hum jaai phir?
Dhaani nodded in affirmation which force him to feel little awkward, still he smiled and turns to leave but then again looks​ at her
Viplav: woh if kaaki have told you? Tum kal…
Dhaani: (frowns in irritation) yes she has informed me, kal humen zabardasti tumhare sath chalna hoga
Viplav: don’t worry, chalna nahe hoga because we’ve conveyance
He was about to let a chuckle out but controlled himself seeing her cold reaction. Their wierd conversation interrupted when a kid knocked the main gate. Both shifted their glance to that boy and walked towards him, once reaching there viplav opened up the gate
Dhaani: kia hoa beta? (brushing his hair) if you want anything?
Boy: woh didi I’m too hungry kuch nahe khaya subha sey so if…
Viplav: wait I’ll bring something for you
Before he could move dhaani stopped him
Dhaani: tum rehne do hum ley kar aty hain
Viplav: but how you…
Before she could complete dhaani leaves the place but within some minutes she appeared with that same plate which she had ready for herself
Dhaani: yeh lo (giving it to kid with a smile) finish it all (caressing his face) aur jab bhe bhook lagy ajaya karo
Viplav was astonishingly looking at her, he was surprised that how can someone give his food to someone else when his own stomach is empty. He didn’t know how to react, if he should be impress or if he should teach her that before thinking of someone, think about yourself. His chain of thoughts broke as soon as dhaani locked the gate and turns to go
Viplav: suno (while following her) now what you’ll eat?
Dhaani: humen wesey bhe bhook nahe thi
Viplav: arey aise kese? I’ll bring something for you
Dhaani: no, thank you
Viplav: Arey but you must be hungry. Behosh hojao ge agar kuch khaya nahe tou
Dhaani: kyun peeche par jaate ho tum? Kaha naa I don’t need anything​. What do you want to proof by showing all this care that you’re a great person please yeh sab tum maayi k samne kiya karo because she hasn’t seen your true face but I know how rakchas you’re
Viplav: (angrily) I don’t want to prove anything, aur wesey bhe humen tumhare baat ka ab bura nahe lagta because I know you don’t have brain and as far as care is concerned tou I genuinely care for you
Dhaani looks at him with a jerk
“Humming of ishq ka rang safed plays”
Viplav: and kaaki. Ab jao kal milte hain
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed
Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed plays”

Saying so he showed a broad smile which was increasing the shine of his eyes while dhaani moved inside with a frown
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed
Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”

In morning
At Ayodha Nivas:
Viplav after getting ready in blue t-shirt with jeans was about to move outside when his dada jee stops him in mid
Dada jee: where are you going baba? Kabhi apne dada k paas bhe ajaya karo
Viplav: (smiles while walking towards him) woh dada jee I’ve got my first case so just going for an important work
Dada jee: Arey waah! Whose case is this?
Viplav: ashram ka case hai dada jee don’t know why concerned​ authorities want to build a shopping mall in spite of knowing that those widows have no place to live but don’t worry hum aisa nahe hone den gy
Dada jee gets shocked to listen the detail of his case as all this conspiracy was played by him, still he showed a plastic smile while viplav leaves from there once taking his blessings.

At Quarter:
Badi amma along with Raj lakshmi was waiting for viplav’s arrival at dulaari’s place when raj lakshmi gets stunned to see the same person who has colored her friend at mandir. She silently moved towards dhaani
Raj lakshmi: arey dhaani yeh tou wohi rakchas babu hai naa tumhara (giving a mischievous smile) you didn’t tell me that he’s dulaari maayi’s bachwa jee
Dhaani: there was nothing to tell raj lakshmi, he’s here to help her that’s it
Raj lakshmi: haan hopefully sirf help he kare ga
Dhaani: (patting her shoulder) kuch bhe mat bolo
Raj lakshmi: ouch hum na kia bola
Dhaani giving a sharp look to raj lakshmi shifted her gaze to badi amma
Badi amma: beta don’t know how to thank you. You’re helping us when no one is there to help
Viplav: arey maah jee please don’t say like that, the moment when kaaki told me about this issue I had decided that I’ll surely help you all so now don’t worry, ashram ap logo sey koi ley nahe sakta this is Viplav Tripathi​’s promise
Badi amma: jeete raho beta, may you always be happy
Viplav: yes all I need is your prayers
Raj lakshmi: (whispers in dhaani ears) yeh tou bara he koi accha hai, so well-mannered and well-educated, we were thinking wrong about him, weren’t we?
Dhaani: (trying to keep her voice as slow as possible) raj lakshmi I don’t why he’s behaving like this but please humare samne iss ke tareef nahe kiya karo
Raj lakshmi sighs mumbling “tumhara kuch nahe ho sakta”
Dulaari: didi woh hand over him papers
Badi amma: haan viplav beta (forwarding him some file) these are some papers and bills maybe you’ll need them in future but still some are missing so…
Viplav: maah jee (taking that file in his hands) don’t worry we’ll take those receipts and bills through office (looking at dhaani) now we should leave
Dulaari: haan beta jaao
Dhaani nods in agreement and both (ViDha) walked outside.
Screen freezes!

Precap: viplav and dhaani after taking utility bills and after fulfilling some formalities were going back when tyre got punctured later on they were in a small hut while it started raining heavily.

Thank you for reading!
Hey everyone! How’re you all and how’s the episode? I know, I know you all must be thinking that I’m making you all fool that’s why giving same precap but honestly speaking I wasn’t having any idea that this episode will complete within the limit I’ve set. Really sorry guys hopefully you all aren’t​ disappointed. I’m promising to include this part in the upcoming one because ab tou they’re on the way. Sorry again friends! Do share your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Old is gold reyyyyy…. loved the nokjhok…. DT ko toh maine maarrdena hai…
    arrey…Dhaani…a kind soul…hayee meri Dhaani… Viplav ki Dhaani…and Viplav too hayee….hayeee…. loved it dear… keep rocking…..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you dear but did you seriously like it or just dil rakhne k liye bol rahe ho??
      But anyways keep supporting and showering your love ??

      1. Sujie

        Arrey… Why do you think that I am doing this as formality …
        Yakeen nahi horaha???sachi Bol Rahi hoon Maha ???
        I will always be there for you…

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Bus awai laga but glad to know that you’re enjoying ? thanks dear!

      1. Sujie

        Thanks to you for giving us the lovely HHMIKRS … you know I love you and your writing…aise kaise lagg gaya… bahut naainsaafi hai bhai…. Humari Mahaa humko pyar nahi karti….

        waise a song for you.. you might not understand it… but just in case… you need something to lift your mood.. do check it okay.

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Hayeeeee now I’m blushing ?? thank you so much yaar for boosting me arey aise kese?pyaar karte hain hum woh tou bus awai…
      Khair chorro yes I’ve watched it quite a hilarious song for me kuch samajh nahe aya naa iss liye?? arey haan you know Shrenu Parekh us ke movie arahe hai Thori Thori manmaniyan?? hayee my fav Shrenu is on fire?? pata hai I want to see her with Mishal dilli tamanna hai?
      And yes when Sanjee’s serial will start on star plus? Any idea?
      Aur yeh lo link for Meharbaan song of Shrenu. https://youtu.be/U0nh-9wpFAo.. do check out!
      Aur phir btana kesa laga aur did you listen tere bina ost? Wesey i hope I ain’t irritating you ?

      1. Sujie

        Heheeeeeeee….. ?????
        the line daiko rumaal… This sys the boy’s friends are having fun saying…. Bhaabiko bhaiyaa ke rumaal SE pyaar hoga because it is a kind of symbol that one loves you..here ..funny hai and energetic as well….
        Accha…. I find shrenu cute…. Bubbly ..
        Okay..will watch it…listen to it….
        Haan they can come onscreen..but dekhna toh Mishal Ko hi hai na????????
        Serial on air horaha hai…par lab maloom nahi yaar…. Keith ke saath onscreen jodi…she will rock…haina??
        Haan…I listened to tere bina as well … I liked it as well…. Par abhi sun yaara aur at if Ka TU CHAHIYE and then ARIJITKA phir Le Aaaya dil repeat mode Pe hai yaar ????
        And you are not irritating me at all…. Codes practice karkarke pakgayi Thi…,.so came here and found your reply….. Toh mazaa aagaya??????
        Take care dear…love you ❤️❤️❤️???

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh now I got it? nice Haan! Energetic tou hai. Well Shrenu is so cute?? I’ve watched her in IPKKND, she was looking too good in that serial, along with Shlog!
      Haan seriously our eyes won’t get off from Mishal but still heroine bhe tou acche hone chahye ??
      I haven’t watched Keith anywhere but yeah it’ll be good to see his and Sanjee’s magic ?? lekin naa follow karna kaafi hard hoga? because Monday is book for Sun yaara, Tuesday is book for Tere bina (of Sami Khan) and Muqaabil, Wednesday is for Be inteha (of Sami Khan), Thursday is for Rasm-e-duniya (of Sami Khan) and bekhudi, Friday is for Mannat (of Sami Khan) Saturday is for ilteja (you can see it’s lead on my dp) and finally Sunday is for Sammi??
      Tou this is my scedual, list is quite long naa tou iss liye I’ve to think before following some other serial because I don’t watch them on TV time nahe hota so I just put them on downloading at their respective days and may watch them once getting free phir bhe deykho I’ll try to watch Love ka intezar ?
      Arey you must be thinking k Sami Khan kitne serials karta hai actually he’s king of our drama industry hayeee I’m his fan from my matriculation it puraane fan hun?? wesey you’ve watched Tere bina Ost tumhen kesa laga?
      Ahaaan! Nice songs wesey nowadays I’m listening Meharbaan, abhi na jao chorr Kar, Dil hai k maanta nahe and some more songs?? you know Meri har list kafi lambi hote Hai? but yes thanks for reminding me ley aya dil song now I’ll listen that too after a long time ??
      Wesey I was watching Hum dil dey chuke sanam movie yesterday though I’ve watched it mannnny times but still watched it again and I just love that movie, salman as Sameer had rocked along with Ashwariya as Nandini (my fav actress) they both have a perfect chemistry ?? but I don’t like it’s climax matlab Ajay was so decent and ideal phir bhe how can she hurt sallu tumhen kese lagti Hai ending?
      Huhh! And now I’m realizing that kaafi hogaya so better I should stop?? answers ka intezar rahy ga jab free ho tou dey dena??

  2. nice episode mahaa…
    Uffoo now dhaani is misunderstanding all situations related with viplav…
    dhaani ko tho uski maa me bhi bharosa nahi hai…
    hope all misunderstandings should be cleared soon…
    take care…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Lalitha! She’s not misunderstanding anything dear it’s just viplav had done quite wrong with her so trusting him is hard but yeah everything will be clear soon however it’ll take time because I don’t want to rush. I hope you’re enjoying. Keep reading:-*

  3. hey frnds…i got to know something useful and important…
    There is a competition on os s…
    though i dont know much about this compitition…plz visit mehek tu page u can find all ur answers…
    further any doubts plz ask me in reply…
    all the best guys…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Lalitha! So sweet of you yaar actually I thought to participate but dropped my idea because they need a brand new OS and I don’t have much time to write apart from HHMIKRS so that’s why… By the way Mai na kon sa jeetna tha, there are very amazing writers out there so chorro??

  4. Renimarenju

    Hello mahaa…first of all big big big sorrry for not commenting on ur ff’s previous episodes as i didn’t get much time 2 go through all of them and just now am reading all parts in one go as i got a quality break in office work, right now…….I am enjoying the plot of ur ff and specially i wanna tell u that u are recreating the onscreen feel through this ff….badi amma, rajjo, vidhani all are awesome and u are giving nice characterization and specially the vidhani scenes are something unique and it proves u are a talented writer only…..Really i wonder how i missed previous episodes of this ff , aage se koshish karungi ki…..time pe padhun aur time pe comments doon….And the precap….what 2 say about it…..see am imagining the love scene and it is giving me filament smile…..only….love u for this……keep it up…..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s ok dear I can understand in fact I should say sorry for not showing up in your last two updates actually I’m so busy in wedding fictions that’s why…. But thank you for this compliment dear it means a lot ?? keep commenting!

      1. Renimarenju

        Oh no prblm dear……when i started my first one here, it was u who motivated me …… and i can understand yaar…..see am not also getting much time yaar, but still trying maximum2 keep in touch with tu that’s all….and really ur ff is something unique and i felt it as very natural…..keep the gud work always…..

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