Siya Ke Ram 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan asking how can this happen, where did those three Sursa, Singhika and Lankini went, the one who can fail all of them will be someone mighty. Kaikesi says its bad sign that Lankini disappeared, Brahmadev’s prediction is getting true. Meghnadh says I will go and find him. Akshay stops Meghnadh and takes the responsibility. Raavan sends Akshay and asks him to catch that secret messenger, and get to him.

Hanuman hides seeing Akshay. Akshay asks the soldiers to find the messenger. Hanuman says I think they got to know about my arrival, he looks a prince, he can’t be Lankesh. The soldiers see Hanuman’s tail. Hanuman smiles and extends his tail they pull it. Hanuman catches them in his tail and throws them. They scream. Akshay comes there and sees the soldiers fallen.

He asks them to find him, he is hiding here. Hanuman says its not right to fight with the soldiers, I have to reach Mata Sita soon.

Laxman asks Ram to have food. Ram says no Laxman, you have food, I m not hungry. Laxman asks till when you stay hungry. He holds Ram and says when you went after deer/Mareech, why did Sita send after me, she was worried for you, I explained her a lot, but she did not listen, she made me helpless to reach you, think if Sita is here and seeing you in this state, won’t she feel sad, Sita has sent me to you to take care of you, if she meets me and asks me did I not care for you, what will I answer her. Ram says no Laxman, your duty and sacrifice is evident, it’s a thing of pride to get a brother like you, whenever an ideal brother will be talked about, your name will be taken, you have always supported me, its you in this tough time, you are standing as my right hand in this Dharm yudh, you always take care of me, if Sita asks me, why did I not take care of you, what will I answer. He feeds food to Laxman. Laxman cries.

Sita sits sad under the tree. Hanuman sees Vibhishan praying and says seeing this Shiv Devotee, I got peace to my heart, there is no deceive on his face, I don’t feel he is scheming, I should ask him about Ashok vatika. He stops seeing Akshay. Vibhishan asks how did this soldiers come here. Akshay says sorry, we are finding someone who entered Lanka forcibly, did you see him. Hanuman says I need to go from here and goes. Akshay asks Vibhishan to be alert. Vibhishan says you joined your father’s work, do you not know that Raavan has got Sanyasi Ram’s wife by kidnapping her, you got educated in Gurukul, you would know right and wrong, I request you to stay away from this and leave from Lanka. Akshay says obeying father is more important than right and wrong, I have to do my duty and prove myself to Asur kul, I won’t let this chance go waste, never. He goes. Vibhishan says everyone is proving their existence here, Raavan is showing his existence infront of Sita, Akshay is proving infront of Asur kul, but no one worries for customs and Dharm.

Hanuman sees Sita. He wonders its its Mata Sita. Trijata comes there and calls out Sita. Hanuman hides on the tree. Sita smiles with hope. Trijata says I tried to find him, but did not get anyone. Sita gets tearful. Trijata says I did not get any message, maybe no one came in Lanka. Hanuman says so this is Mata Sita, I m going to get blessed by meeting her today. Ram Ram……plays………….

Sita asks how can this be, that crow can’t lie, my heart is waiting for Ram’s messenger, I m sure that he will surely come, my intuition can never be wrong. Hanuman smiles. He says don’t cry Mata, your inner intuition is right, see I have come, your son has come with Shri Ram’s message, Hanuman has come. Sita cries.

Raavan says according to your news, no one came here and Lanka is safe, but the incidents show someone entered Lanka. Sursa went to Naaglok, Singhika got killed and Lankini getting disappeared shows someone came to Lanka, he is more clever and smart than you, if he has come here, its not tough to guess where will we get him.

Hanuman says these tearful eyes, if Ram knows Sita’s state, he will be very sorrowful, there is strength, patience and self confidence on her face, I got blessed by meeting her, she has been with Shri Ram always when Ram has been compassionate and patient towards the Dharm duty, Ram has told me the description of Mata, she is better than what he told me. FB shows Hanuman asking Ram how will he identify Sita. Ram says you will find strength, patience and self confidence on her face, she will look brave, beautiful and knowledgeable, when you see her, all your confusions will get cleared. Hanuman says I should not get late now, I should give Ram’s message to her and end her sorrow. He stops seeing Raavan coming.

Raavan says I heard Ram’s messenger has come, did you get Ram’s message. Hanuman says so he is that Adharmi Raavan, who kidnapped Mata Sita, he became reason of Ram’s sorrow, I wish to kill him right away but….. Raavan asks soldiers to find every corner of Ashok vatika, that Ram’s messenger will be hiding here.

Sita does not react. The soldiers look around. Hanuman gets to tiny avatar. The man says there is no messenger hiding here. Raavan asks them to go. He says that messenger has run by my fear, and smiles. Sita gets angry and says I don’t know messenger is here or not, but this news made you afraid that you came here to find him, your fear is seen on your face, Ram has just sent his messenger, what will be your state when Ram comes here. Raavan shouts Sita. She says because of your crime and bad behavior, this glorious Lanka will be soon ruined.

Hanuman chants Ram’s name. Sita asks who is it, this is Raavan’s deceive. Hanuman says I was afraid of this to happen, Mata Sita is regarding me some Mayavi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Thank god ram and lakshman scene after so many days. True said ram lakshman is really an ideal brother now also. Vibhishan seen after so many days. Talks are boring. I want action. Nobody could find hanuman ji unless he wants. Show spends so much time in showing useless conversations but they end important scenes like sita’s search in less than 10 minutes only.
    WOW such a great explanation of sita by ram. Second time sita’s description from ram. First when ram wrote letter to kekayi to convince for their marriage.
    Ashok vatika is so small and then also they could not find him. How foolish they are!
    Raavan spends more time in Ashok vatika than in his palace.

  2. Raavan and sita selfie. Poor kartik busy with the dialogues and madirakshi taking selfie for enjoyment.
    Ram gets a raavan mug.
    Selfie addicted Lankans. Surpnakha, kekasi, sulochana and meghnad offscreen.

  3. wooww fantastic episode at last hanuman meets sita
    Bt where is rams ring dat he gave to hanuman for sita

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      He’ll give in fb…

  4. Priya15

    VANSHU see yesterday page dear..

  5. Priya15

    And my dear sis pls reply here soo.. Bcoz waiting for u to guess what is in my dp??? If u find what it is.. Then I m having one surprise for u…

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      In ur dp is it shravan holding sumans wounded hand di.. Jus a guess… Tell if I’m wrong ?..n ya edkv is becoming famous day after day, No..

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    nic epi…hanuman finally sees sita….waiting fr d time when he meet sita

  7. plz sum1 tel me about rams ring

    1. Padmaja

      I think they will show it wen hanuman meets siya and he give this ring and it will be shown in fb….

      1. thanku for ans

  8. Nice epi…. waiting for hanuman meeting sita mata…but as I know first hanuman will go to mandodari’s room and think her as sita mata…but they didn’t show that….

  9. Hai vanshika di…I have read next in siya ke ram last part….It is super☺☺and I have also commented in that page…

  10. Awesome episode… I’m watching skr after a month… And commenting after a week. Lakshman rocked…. Hanuman is rocking too.. Ravan always rocks even siam… I’ll not be able to chat for a week I think as I’ve unit test exams and I have to concentrate and give my best…but after a week I’ll start my ff… Hope you all are liking my ff’s. Pls enjoy in my absence… 🙂 ? Vanshu ur lakshmila ff’s were awesome whenever I get time I used to read it and several other like PREM CHARITRA… Keep writing keep posting it feels good to read… I’ll try to chat as I can’t miss my choti behnas, badi Didi’s, and sorry the big mans too !?

    Waiting for Siya and hanuman chat !!

    1. Padmaja

      Hi dear how can we enjoy in ur absence…we r waiting for ur ff …

    2. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Di… How r u … Missed u sooo sooooo sooooooo much… Happy ? to see you… Yes I’ll. Kip posting fanfics… Even despite busy schedule I love postings fr my dear friends ? ? ?

  11. Padmaja

    The epi was gud and liked ram lakshman scenes ..

  12. nice episode…………but SKR spend more time by showing ravan……….. How many time ravan going asoka vatika…????? i think he spend all his time by going asoka vatika and back his place…..i think lanka parva end in july……we can see ram siya in august…….. i am boring to see ravan everyday…….
    dont forget to cmmnt…..

  13. Padmaja

    Pls anyone clear my doubt…. Is mithila sissy’s have a small bro… Aman bro wrote in his off that chandrabhaga has a son and he is smaller than all of them… Is it is refered in any book?? Pls clear my doubt..

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      NT mentioned in valmiki Ramayana.. Bt in other versions of Ramayana e.g. Devdutt book n also others.. He was named Bhanuman , right.. NT valmiki Ramayana ok ?

    2. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      NT mentioned in valmiki Ramayana.. Bt in other versions of Ramayana e.g. Devdutt book n also others.. He was named Bhanuman , right.. NT valmiki Ramayana ok ? I hope clear doubt about it

  14. Hi malvi nyc to see you back again

  15. O ram ji excellent description of sita mata

  16. Sorry not ram ji its lakshman ji

  17. Junst can’t forget ram siya marriage ? ceremony

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Who can forget it??? It’s lovely, right…

  18. please issi trh Ramayana ka part dikho …..ab iske baad kuch bhi mt dikhate baith jana

  19. Awesome episode !!!!!! [:D]


    After so many days , we got Ram-Lakshman scene. Happy!!!!!

    Hanuman is rocking as always !!!!! [:D]

    1. wow nyc dp

  20. Awesome ep



    ami toke ki kore bhulte pari bol, coz u r my cute sissy. i luv u nd jake keu luv kore take ki kore bhulte pare.


  22. pls see it guys

    guys this is the best onscreen couple that i hv ever seen in my life. this is the lead actors from the bengali serial “bojhena shey bojhena”, derived from the hindi soap “iss pyar ko kya naam doon”.

    pls pls cmnt guys then i can send more cute pics of them and share ur views

  23. omg y r not working

  24. hey every1 m new here
    I luved ur family n wana be a part of it
    So may i if u all wnt mind

    1. Padmaja

      Hi anu happy to welcome u

    2. HAiii Anu Welcome to the familyy

  25. Welcome anu to our sweetest skr family i am swastika from jamshedpur Plz give ur intro

  26. Luv you too vaidehi di…… Episode was nice can anyone tell me when is ashish sir’s b’day???

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      August 30 dear is Ashish Sharma’s birthday..,

  27. Padmaja

    Hi everyone…. Came from skul now only…☺☺☺

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      Me too ??

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    5. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Oh okay ?? enjoy ?

    6. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Oh okay ?? enjoy ? …. Love u ,. Now I’m also doing d same.. My work done ? ?

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    Hi everyone.. Back from all classes..
    Swastika dear and Anu di both r welcome here… I’m Vanshu in class 8th from Ghaziabad u.p.
    Dears.. I’ve posted balyakaal fan fic intro.. Shall I give links??

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      Dear.i have read it and cmnted der itselj just loved ur ff???

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