Vishkanya 27th June 2016 Analysis

The episode starts with Apu laying on bed and she reminces Malay saying her that he loves her but Vardaan is his wife and goes to Vardaan and eats the sweet from her hand.She gets up from bed.When a soul good soul Apu comes to her and says that however Vardaan married to Malay but now she is his wife and she should get respect and love from Malay.

A Vishkanya Apu soul comes to her and says that Vardaan married hI’m by cheating and you should do something which will bring Malay close to her.Good Apu goes from there.Bad Apu says that Malay is her and she should do anything to make Malay her and goes from there.Apu takes Vardaan and Malay’s marriage photo and says that Nanditha masi gave this photo and said to burn.Her tears fall on photo and Vardaan’s photo starts burning.Apu says that before Vardaan was her enemy now she is a danger for her and everytime she will do away Malay from her and when Malay’s photo is about to burn Apu stops the fire.

At morning Vardaan brings Kachori for Malay.Malay comes and when Vardaan asks him to eat Kachori but Malay says he doesn’t eats junk food at morning.Apu comes there.Malay turns and Apu says that her house’so tap is broken and she is calling plumber but the call is busy and she asks for his help.Vardaan says that Malay have work but Malay agrees to come with Apu.Malay goes from there.Apu says that Malay dint have breakfast which is made by her hands.Vardaan says that marriage is that if we hate one thing of our partner then soon we will start loving it.Apu says that her fake marriage will not work for forever and Vardaan says it would be fake marriage for you but for me ifs real and soon I will make eat this Kachori.Apu is going when she intentionally with her hand makes chutney fall and says sorry and goes from there.

Apu reaches Mittal house secretly and keeps a letter and goes from there.She is going when she bumps to Magan and Magan starts saying some words.Apu goes from there.

Apu reaches her room and sees a wet Malay.Malay says her to be careful as water is there in whole house.She comes carefully and sees him and starts laughing.Malay says he repaired the tap but water came in whole house.Apu thankses him and says if he would not come then the whole colony would be in water.Apu sees Malay wet and is about to clean him with her saree when Kalpana asks her whether tap is repaired and she says yes and Malay goes from there.

Apu and Kalpana are cleaning floor.Magan is seeing Apu from behind the door.Kalpana asks Apu now who is her next target and she says Magan.Kalpana gets up and says but she is not ready for this.Kalpana says yes I always teacher you to take revenge from Mittal family but the type of person Magan is I don’t want any type of harm to you or danger on you.Apu says she has forgot that she is a Vishkanya and she is not in danger Magan is in danger.

At Mittal house kitchen Vardaan is making chutney again when her partner comes and says what happen?Vardaan says that she thrown the chutney and he says that then okay make it again and give me the list.Vardaan makes the list and gives to him.

Apu is sitting in balancony and with her binocular she is seeing Magan romancing with a bai.When she sees Vardaan saying to her partner that he forgot to take bag and Apu thinks this time she don’t needs to destroy food as food will get destroy automatically.

At Mittal house Magan enters and takes magazine and sees a letter and picks it up.Sunder comes there and asks for whome this letter is Magan says it is for Niamey and he says he got the lottery of crore and Sunder so that’s why he ran away from house thinking that we will ask for money.Magan says like this Atosh also got dissappear and Sunder says he would also got lottery and goes from there.

At market Vardaan’s partner is buying vegetables.He takes vegetable and keeps it in his hand and sees some more vegetable.Apu is under the vehicle of vegetable and takes one of the vegetable and cuts it with her nails and thinks that the food will get destroyed.

Credit to: Siddhi

  1. shaikh Noorain

    this episode is really nice

  2. villain Apu?? won’t watch it anymore…
    Showing Vardhaan as heroin whether she is a cheap girl.she was after malay since d beginning whn Apu was not bad either.. hell show

    1. Adito

      Agreed ayana! How can they make protagonist aishwarya as villain?

  3. And where is the precap?

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