Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janak asking Sita to return to Mithila with him, her mother is waiting since long, Mithila residents are also waiting, come with me for my sake. She reminds what he said at the time of marriage. He recalls his words to give Agnipariksha to protect her self esteem. She says I m giving Agnipariksha even today, tell me how can I leave this incomplete and come with you to Mithila.

Valmiki comes and says your father is saying right, I also feel you should leave for Mithila along with Janak. She says Rishivar, body is base of sorrow, pain and troubles, but how can the problem of soul end, even if I stay in Rajbhavan or van ashram, the pain to be away from Ram is same, the soul’s suffering will end when I see my Ram. She says I have a duty towards Raghukul, Ram’s child

is my life’s motive now, and I want to end my life journey by handing over the child to Ram. Janak gets shocked and says Sita, I came here thinking I will take you back to Mithila, but its my bad fate that Janak has to return to Mithila without his Janak Nandini, my blessing will always be with you. He blesses her and turns to leave. Sita cries. Janak stops and cries. He leaves.

Days pass…..Sita pulls the water bucket from the well. Hanuman says why did you do this, I will do it. She says no, I will do my work myself. He asks did I do any mistake that you are not letting me serve you. She says no, you are serving me best, every person should do work themselves, when I m not able to work, I will call you. She pours water in the pot and takes it. He asks her to give the pot. He asks Valmiki to say.

Valmiki asks Sita whats the need to do all this, others can do this work. She says right, but you said Mata’s thoughts and behavior affects the child, I m doing this so that child understands he is Sanyasi’s child, not of a Maharani. She goes. She feels pain and drops the pot. She sits on the ground in pain. Hanuman asks are you fine. The ladies take her inside the hut. Hanuman asks Gurudev will everything be fine. Valmiki says it will be auspicious. Sita gets labor pain. The ladies deliver her child.

Hanuman worries. Valmiki asks him to have patience. Sita screams. She delivers the babies. The lady gives good news to Valmiki that Sita has become mother, she has given birth to twin babies, two children will be playing around in our ashram now.. Valmiki and Hanuman get glad. Hanuman congratulates Ram from heart, as Ram has become father.

Sita sees her children and smiles. She moves the cradle. Muni Valmiki ke angna….plays…………….Lav and Kush grow up. They learn walking. Sita smiles seeing them. Years pass….. Hanuman/Maruti makes the boys sit on his back and gives them a ride. Valmiki teaches them ved puraan. Sita smiles and cries happily.

Sita does tulsi plant puja and prays. A lady asks her about Lav and Kush, they are not seen in ashram today. Sita says they have gone to jungle to get special flowers for puja, they will come on right time. Lav and Kush are shown.

Lav and Kush run in the jungle to get the flowers. They challenge each other to touch Sita’s feet first and both take different ways. Sita waits for them. They shout Mata and come there running. They reach Sita and fall to touch her feet. They both touch feet together and smile. Lav and Kush argue that they have touched feet first. Hanuman says just Mata can say that. They ask Sita. Sita says no one came first or second, you both came together and touched my feet together.

Valmiki says we have send you to get flowers for puja, where are the flowers. Kush gives the flowers. Valmiki says its aarti time, come. Kush asks Lav to come. Lav asks him to wait. Kush says come, I will tell you, we will come back till Mata ends aarti. Lav says Mata says its wrong to go without taking permission. Kush says once we went to have fruits and Mata told us that its not necessary to take permission for small things, we are going for such small thing. Lav says fine, but we will return soon. Kush takes him to the end of the cliff. He says what I want to show you, you will be happy seeing him. Lav asks what is it. Kush says he comes here always, see he is coming our way. A hawk flies to them. Lav and Kush get tensed.

A Rishi tells Valmiki about the Rishis getting kidnapped and asks him to find out who is doing this. Valmiki closes eyes and sees the hawk. Lav and Kush shoot at the hawk. The hawk takes form of a dangerous man. Valmiki tells Rishis about the violent dangerous hawk man.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Luv khush has grown up…

    The kids r too cute.. After growing up also…

    Lakshmila ki bacchi???

    Pls dikhavo jaldi…

    Urmila ko dekhna hai mujhe.. Pls.. .

  2. Preethi12345

    |Registered Member

    omg! todays episode was soooooooo there were tow time leaps.loved the part when sita delivers the baby and plays with them.tomorrow s precap is soo good.waiting for tomorrow

  3. SKR fan

    Pita-Putri scene was so emotional. When Sita said that after giving the children to Ram she will end her life, that was so emotional. And seeing her pulling water from the well was even more painful.
    Badhai Ho Badhai…… Siyaram ke putra Luv-Kush padhaar chuke hain.
    Now Sita’s pain will lessen.
    That song was so cute. Ram’s birth song Dekheyawadh and Sita’s birth song Indra Dev Khush Huye was better. Have you heard Dekheyawadh because it was never played on the show?
    How Shri would have passed these years?
    And didn’t hanuman went to tell this good news to Ayodhya family? And didn’t anybody enquired where he is? Did Luv-Kush never asked about their father? Someone please answer my questions.
    They should show other couples children also.
    Do you all think that will they show Vaikunth Prasthan also since the show will now end in mid-November. I also want the sad ending of Sita going inside earth. They should show their meet in Vaikunth and that would be a better ending.
    The location where they were running was the same where Ram and Hanuman met.
    I thought hanuman stayed in Ayodhya for all this time.
    Well, in a nutshell a new phase began in Siyaram’s life as mother and father.
    Precap- now we will get to see Luv-Kush’s bravery.

  4. karnika

    Sita did not give birth two twins.kush was created from grass(kush) when luv has not returned to ashram at right valmiki created his replica as sita was worrying to buy time to find lav

  5. SKR fan

    Bijay Anand aka Rajarshi Janak tweeted:-
    On the way to #Hyderabad to shoot once again for #SiyaKeRam I always so look forward to the SKR shoot @StarPlus How was last nights episode?

  6. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Wpw a amazing epi…. loved it… wow lav kush grown up… they luk cute… and a interesting precap… siya scenes was just awesome. …

  7. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Vanshu preethi and varshu dearies loved ur ideas very much and really a great thanks for dis….
    And I decided to write a ff about shatrughnan and kirti but it will be only of two or three parts… and another ff about siam separation and siya second vanvas….
    I will tell u guys when I’ll write it..
    pls do support me and cmnt guys…
    and vanshu n skr fan I don’t know how the ff of off screen life of the cast members should be… if anyone can tell clearly I will try to catch a concept and will try my best to write it…

  8. Jayani

    |Registered Member

    I thought that Ram would hav had some feeling about Sita n their sons through some dream like how he he saw Sita in sanyaasini clothes. Wouldn’t every1 know that Sita will giv birth 2 her child by this time? Please reply 2 my questions soon.

    Jai Siya Ram

  9. Jeall

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone!!! This is sweety writing as Jeall. Bcz the name sweety was already registered. I used to write a ragna ff….. hv resumed it now. Also started wid a dehleez ff….. called heartbreak….. its a true life story so please read if u can and give ur cmnts!!!😃😃😃

  10. Anushya

    |Registered Member

    heart touching episode…. loved sita watching her sons growing up… if lav and kush are big today itself what will they show till november? jayani even i thought ram would have a dream…
    loved the links… when will they show kids of other couples

  11. joy

    Nice episode………… Song was beautiful……………… Waiting for Monday……….. Omggggggg too long…………….
    SKR team very fast mood…….. Don’t know what they showing in remaining 40 episode?????
    Any one know????? Plz cmmnt

  12. Nabanita

    But luv was only born to Sita, when he was lost, Kush was made from straw and given a life. He was cloned from luv as Sita went mad with sorrow when luv was lost. The clone was created by Vishwamitra muni

  13. Devi

    The rest of the episodes will be Luv n kush brought up same as Ram. Both his kids will be smart , knowledgeable facing so many problems n fighting same as Ram did. Basically both the children will be grown , spiritually, religious? Same like priest. Both the children will be sent to Ayothia n will singing the the story of Ram n Sita n Ram n the whole family will get to know LUv n kush are his children through the song . Going to be very emotional n Sita will go to earth n ram also go to the sea . Basically end both the story n Luv n kush become king. Same like ram n Lakshamana That is the end of the story !!

  14. Aarthy
    This is the whole story for the next 40 days. Sita will bring up the kids very well teach to respect Rams family n this song will remind the whole life of ram n Sita at the end they both will tell they r ram n sitas children. Going to be very touching n ready to cry . Also both children will be worrier, brave, super n Sita brought them up very well without ram. But still they respect ram n everybody.

  15. Sara

    Luv and Kush were born to SITA .One luv looked like Sita and Kush looked like Ram. Kush became the king of Ayodha and Luv the king of Lavapuri-now lahore.( That’s why Harappa civilization -4700 years ago).
    But in some version it is said Luv was born in the ashram and kush was created by grass . there are lots of interpolations -why worry about interpolated version.
    But be it with divine gift or prasadam whatever – babies are always born through woman till date .
    Like Kunti gave birth but no pregnancy period . Sattayavati got pregnant and gave birth to Sage Vyas but pregnancy was super natural .
    And yes, in uttarkand has many variations in many versions .

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      I think luv became the king of north koshol rajya(which is ayodhya),and kush became the king of south koshol.
      But yea there are so many variations in Uttar khand….

  16. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Omggggg they’re going sooooo fast 😊😊 bt nyc episode n full of leaps..
    @karnika @nabanita dii in valmiki Ramayana is written that sita gave birth to two twins, in adhbhut Ramayana it’s written that Kush was born from kusha grass… So skr is going right 😃 n very fast ☹ so many leaps… Wonder what would happen now…

  17. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Guys sum info…
    ⭐ when sita gave birth to her sons shatrughan was there. He knew abt the birth of the babies.. He even meet sita.
    ⭐ when sita gave birth to luv Kush ram didn’t have a dream, bt he get awake from his sleep (sita delivered the babies I in night). Ram felt that someone very close to him has took birth, bt doesn’t realize that they’re his sons until shatrughan returned after some years…
    Source–valmiki Ramayana 😊😊

  18. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Guys I have submitted on ff.. I think it will get posted today itself pls read it and tell ur views guys.. ur cmnts means a lot to me… and that is on returning of ram to Ayodhya .. if I bored u Iam sooo Sry. But I am sure u all will like my next part..

  19. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member

    a very very very happy birthday to our dearst cutest loveliest sweetest and handsome luv-kush……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may ur mother and father bless u all time ……………

  20. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    But one thing is funy….
    When sita have birth the young ones then maruti is a young boy (shown 14/15 year age)
    And when luv kush are 12 years then Maruti is also look like 14/15 years age😛😀

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      Se ki ‘re!ami ektu pagol achi Janis july mas theke pujor kenakata Kara start kore di tao amr sesh hoy na.sasthir din porjonto amay kichu na kichu kinte dourote hoy…
      Ha ha☺may akhon exam sesh to?ebar jomiye marketing kor bujhli?
      Pujor kolkata asish thakur dekhte?

  21. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member

    @vanshu now i will surely scold u……… u said dat u will keep ur pic in the dp if radha rani function was gud ………. bt u forgot ????

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Hey sweetie ur DP is really really cuteeeee from where u gt pic plz gv link…. I’m soooo sry I frgt abt it 😜 okie I’ll ask my sissie to give me d pic ill set as cvr pic if my browser allowed me.. I’m trying to chng dp also from sooooo long always shows errorrr…anyways thnx fr reminding , ill try nxt week my exam ll b ovr nxt week..

  22. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    @joy bro
    Trp is fully in ekta kapur hand,I have some doubt in this…..
    👉this weak shakti top in the trp,which is not ekta kapoor serial
    👉ekta kapoor so many serial like kuch to hai tere meri darmia aired off because of trp fall
    👉ekta kapoor serial kasam returned kritika Sanger because of trp fall
    👉mahabharat and skr is not an e.k serial but mb is an biggest hit of tv and skr able to make position within 10 serials from many weak.
    But I also don’t understood that Sony tv serial krpkav and EDKV are very popular serial but why they not any trp list?😠
    But ekta kapoor is going downward the time.nowadays when society became so modern than why the need abot nagin,Brahma rakshas type serials?
    But one thing is realy good that like e.k any one can not make the historical love dramas.
    👉and in one more thing I am agree with you.the awards shows are bought by e.k (I think that).because all awards in spa and gold awards only e.k and e.k.
    Sorry the fans of e.k but I only told the positive and negative side of e.k serials😂

  23. joy

    Yes…. I mean this………
    But I love mythological serial not modern crapp faltu drama series……….
    Ekta Kapoor buy telly industry………………

  24. Jayani

    |Registered Member

    I’m not sure if u noticed, they showed Narayan’s idol facing d window! Did u guys notice it? Probably they must hav turned it around becoz he is male person. (I’m not sure I’m just guessing it. Please correct me if I am wrong). N best of luck for those who hav their xams n please pray for me 2.

    Jai Siya Ram

  25. joy

    Siya ka ram following these books
    ((( Valmiki Ramayan……. Adbhut Ramayan…….. Sita by devadatta pattanaik……..)))) so they mix all story………….. So it’s a great advantage for fan… Bcoz we all get to know all books…………
    If anyone miss any episode than go to HOTSTAR and watch it anytime……. Don’t miss………………………

  26. Jayani

    |Registered Member

    I luv all of dps sissys. They r simply adorable. Will pray for those who hav thir xams n for those whose xams r coming.

    Jai Siya Ram

  27. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys I don’t know y my ff is not posting… so I wil post it as a cmnt here.. so can anyone post it as a article on behalf of me??

  28. Rani

    Yes , Luv & kush were both born to Sita but Satrughan was present there to kill lavansur -a demon . Ram sent Satrughan as the demon was troubling Valmiki ‘s ashram people.
    Satrughan blessed luv& Kush without the knowledge that they were his brother’s son as per the Sage Valmiki version.
    About Kush being cloned are interpolated version. There are many and many interpolated versions.
    Kush became the king Ayodha And Luv was the Raja of lavapur -some may sounth part of khosal . Actually all sons of all the FOUR brothers got kingdom .Ram equally divided their Kingdom among all before going for Jal samadhi .
    ABOUt TRP rating -it is biased as Ekta kapoor serial even though rubbish are always on top.
    About Ramayan not in top I think due to LANKA KAND -the meaningless melodrama of Ravan’s side -too many variations were shown

  29. Veena

    Agreed with Rani. Luv & kush both were born to SITA -correctly shown in SKR.
    But Shatrughan was supposed to be there at the Ashram at the time of the birth of Luv & Kush.
    Secondly , about TRP rating – I feel we should not bother . All actors are superb.
    Ekta kapoor serial is always uselss , senseless -I don’t watch the serial -glimpses of those serial in between the ad gaps make me scare .
    And about Trp rating of SKR -it started off very well but loose the track the moment Suparnakha episodes came – variations were too many . Ramayan is known to all.
    Lanka kand was off track -fully off the track. Otherwise actors were superb. Sage Valmiki’s version of Yudha Kand would have been better choice . Like Meghnad and Laxman fighting with sword -NEVER . Ram & Ravan -combat fight _ NEVER.
    And Mahabharat’s TRp rating – I think role of the LORD Krishna was played extremely well. It was him alone .
    Anyway , all the actors of SKR are extremely well. Too good .

  30. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    nice edit , it would have been nice if this scene was true

    team work……

    cute mother-sons moment

    ashish sharma doing pushups

    all the cute moments between sitaluvkush

    lakshmila fans do u remember this scene , where ram smiles seeing lakshmila fight , cute scene indeed

  31. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    @preeti12345 n @padmaja di v don’t gt confirmation mail wen v post ffs…. Maybe yours didn’t get posted.. If its NT posted in 24 hours, pls submit it through contact us page..

  32. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    @preeti12345 n @padmaja di v don’t gt confirmation mail wen v post ffs…. Maybe yours didn’t get posted.. If its NT posted in 24 hours, pls submit it through contact us page.. If they’re posted plsssss give the links.. 😃😃

    • Swastika

      |Registered Member

      Ya di I saw it really awesome We get charged after seeing this all that ram hanuman meet and then ring chudramani that setup Nirman everything just just just awesome

    • Swastika

      |Registered Member

      Hey di my pooja preparations idms almost done excited for mahalaya and Durga pooja … Oh di so tall raavan will be burnt in or area really fantastic
      Jai shri Ram

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      Yea almost done but i forget every time any important thing so I used to rushed the shop on last day.Ha ha☺
      And now excited for mahalaya which is on Friday and DURGAPUJA.

      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        LOL 😁 😆 same here,,. Aisa hi hota hai.. V doo full arrangement still sum thing frgt.. U knw last tym in ram Leela function, they did full arrangements bt frgt writing full script.. Then on d day of execution they hurried up to write the script 😃😆😃😆

  33. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Navratri parva gonna begin soon.. In our area the preparations fr ram-Leela r going on peak.. Really beautiful decorations all around.. This tym on our colony, a ravan of 40-50 ft going to b burnt..

  34. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    Hy everyone episode was just awesome a journey that started from the birth of our Siaram had reached to its next generation .. Wow really wanting to see ram’s state now …. Luv kush had grown up also .. Handsome father cute sons really loved the episode very much ….

    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      me too , we have to wait one more day . post ur asvi ff soon , i am eagerly waiting to see happy moments between asvi in ur ff . i almost checked cas page 4 times, update soon , please

      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        Dear Varshu dii I’ve updated that ff in the mrng itself.. Bt don’t know y telly updates taking animosity wid me, it’s NT posting any of my ffs from 2 days 😭😭😭 I don’t know what n how to do.. Di I’m really really sry 😭😭 I’ve updated all ffs bt no update is getting posted.. It’s irritating me 😠.. So sry di

  35. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    I am here with my poem .. On luv kush birth
    Samay toh nadi ke bhanti behta gaya nirantar
    Kab hogaye hamare chchote Ram Siya badre iska nahi hai koi utter
    Abhi toh dekha that Sita ko jhule mein khelte hue
    Aaj wahi siya apne netron keep taaron ko sula Rahi hai hanste hue
    Mann mein pidra toh hai raghunandan ke wiyog ki
    Parantu yeh maata chchupa legi apne antar mann ka dukh kyonki woh hai janak ki janki
    Jo the raj bhawan ke sujh ke adhikaari
    Aaj woh kar rahe hain Valmiki aashram ko apni kilkaariyon se bhaari
    Itne din pashchaat sita ke mukh pe muskaan aayi hai
    Luv kush ke aagman se jag mein khushiyan chchayi hai
    Parantu jab sochti hoon ki uss samay ram ki kya thi awastha
    Tab mann doob jaata hai gehre shok mein kyonki yehi hai wiwashata
    Khelte woh anandpoorwak apne pita ke saath bhi
    Kintu niyati itni nishthoor hai yeh ka pata tha kabhi
    Maasoom hain woh sunte hain apne pita ke kirti ke gaan Rishi valmiki ke mukh se
    Jaankar bhi nahi jaante ki shri ram kya lagte hain unke
    Sita ki bhi ghor wiwashata hai kaisi
    Kisko sunaati apne antar mann ki pidra aisi
    Ab pratiksha hai kewal uss kshran ki
    Jab milan hoga pita se putron ki
    Kitne pulkit or harshit honge ram
    Dekhke apne or apni sitae ke prem ka parinam
    Jab luv kush ke mukh se sunge ramayan ki katha
    Toh ram ki khushi ka nahi hoga koi pata
    Itne saare sukh dukh ka samanjasya hai yeh anmol kataha
    Kyonki yehi hai ek matra or kewal ek matra Ram Siya ki nirmal,akhnanda or sabse pavitra Prem gaatha
    Jai Siya Ram

  36. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Guys I’m hott angry on telly updates NT posted my next in siya ke ram update from 2 days 😠 😒 😠 😒 😠 😒 😠 😒

  37. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Guys I’m posting NEXT IN SIYA KE RAM 19 (SEASON 2) as comment..
    The epi starts with Janak n Sunaina leaving for Ayodhya. They reach Ayodhya n go in d palace. Urmila n Mandvi shocked knowing their arrival. What’ll we do now?? How’ll we tell pitashri…… They go to Janak n hug him. Sunaina is fully tensed. Where’s Kirti?? Mandvi says maa.. You’ve started forgetting things. She’s in Madhu Puri, with prince Shatrughan. Lakshman and Bharat see Janak n get shocked.. They go to him n seek his blessings. Janak asks where’s ram? Where’s sitaa? Bharat says bhaiyya ram must b in the sabha, I’ll call him. Sunaina says I’ll come. She goes to ram siya’s room n doesn’t find sita there. She thinks she must b with ram perhaps.. Ram gets shocked knowing of Janak’s arrival n goes to meet him. Janak says where is sita. Urmila n Mandvi cry. Sunaina says she isn’t any where in the palace, where is she?? Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra look on., Janak asks ram where is Sita?.? Ram cries 😭 😭 😭.. Urmila says she isn’t here.. Janak says then where is she? Ram sys in… The.. Forest.. Janak gets shocked 😐😐😐., what’s she doing in the forest? Urmila n Mandvi ask them to come n sit.. Sunaina says noooo.. Where’s my daughter?? She recalls the fortune tellers words that sita will have vanvaas. Urmila tells them everything… Sunaina gets shattered. Janak says we always thought you’ll protect our daughter from all evils, bt u proved today raja ram, that v were Wrong, you abandoned our sita jus fr Maryada, you never thought about.. Ram cries and says pitaji I’m responsible fr a fathers sorrow. He takes the sword n gives it to Janak. Cut off my head. Janak throws the sword. Sunaina says it is true that ram isn’t going through less sorrow. Everyone get shocked. Fb shows Sunaina sees in ram’s room… A sheet on the floor, sum earthen utensils n other simple items. Janak tells ram that they should leave.. Ram asks them to wait fr… Janak tells him that he’ll go. He tells Mila n Davi to tk care n goess..
    In the forest sita is crying sitting in a corner.. Luv n Kush come there. She wipes her tears. Luv hugs her. She smiles. They ask her why she’s crying 😢. She sys I’m not crying 😢. Luv asks her too tell the truth. Sita asks which truth?? Kush sys the truth of our birth.. Sita gets shocked n puzzled. What’re you saying?? Luv asks her who their father is., sita gets shocked..
    Precap-Urmila n Mandvi smile seeing four kids playing in the garden. Ram thinks about his kids n cries..
    Pls comment 👇👇😊

  38. joy

    @vanshika plz post your next In Siya ka ram update……….. It’s too long time you not posted…………. Luv kush Yudh with four brother………………..

  39. vaidehi

    @vanshu darling my puja shopping is yet to do…. Only two jeans and two tops are bought….rest all are left bcoz of my never ending exams….. Hope to do it on the day of mahalaya….

    • Swastika

      |Registered Member

      Di kemni achcho amaro kichchu kichchu marketing baaki achche go …KKolkatae poojo dakhaar ichche toh take kintu jeet paarbona … Aamader jamshedpureo khoob bhalo poojo how.. Dp somoy aami nijer dp TE aaamar Durga poojor pic set korbo tumio korbe thik achche .. Love u di

  40. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    When buttering doesn’t work on the wife 😆😆
    Lakshman buttering Urmila calling him great.. C Urmilas answer 😆😆😆
    Urmilas revenge 😆😃
    Time for reunion
    Lakshman and Urmila makes lakshmila
    Pls comment 👇👇👇😊😊😊

  41. Haripriya

    Hi guys. Thank u all for wishing me and I have done my exams well except physics and chemistry.

    All the best for those who have exams and I know u all will rock it.
    Missing u all and luv u all

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