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Siya Ke Ram 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a scene in Ayodhya after 8 years. Dasharath greets Guru Vashisth and says its special day for him, he celebrates this day as its Ram’s birthday, Ram filled happiness in his life. I have become his father and it was my birth as a father too. He asks Kaushalya where is Ram. Ram walks in. They all smile seeing him. Mangala bhavane………….Ram Ram……plays……………

Ram takes Guru’s blessings and greets Lord. They all pray. Ram does the aarti. Everyone smile seeing him. Ram greets everyone. Guru says you have take responsibility of the coming times, you will become representative of all the human kind. Ram takes Dasharath’s blessings. Dasharath asks what shall I bless you, my everything is yours, you are the best and most skilled, no one can be like you.

Ram takes Kaushalya’s blessings. She says I m confused to what to bless you, the way your presence shows happiness in my life, you always feel it and know what you are for me, I m sure your life will be amazing, your love will always be same for everyone. Ram says sure.

He takes Sumitra’s blessings. Sumitra says loving without expecting returns is not easy for everyone, I bless you that your selfless love virtue always stays forever. Ram takes Kaikeyi’s blessings. He calls her Maa… she cries and blesses her. Dasharath says Ram is your most loved son, will you not bless more. Ram says I know her heart, and even Maa understands whats in my heart, this is such relation where words are not needed, right Maa? Kaikeyi nods. Laxman comes there and greets Ram. Ram hugs him.

Laxman says I wish that you always love me. Ram says what will I want as I have a brother like you Laxman, I wish Shatrughan and Bharat were here, Bharat loves me a lot. Dasharath says come, we will celebrate the birthday. Ram says I want to visit village and meet Praja. Dasharath says Praja is here, all Brahman, businessmen… Ram says those who are not present here, the ordinary people of the Rajya, those who did not cross the bhavan line, I want to meet them. Dasharath asks him to go and do anything he wants, as its his birthday today. Ram smiles.

The fight between some Asur/evil attackers and the saints is shown. The sadhus get beaten up badly. The evil group catch hold of the sadhus and tie them up. A man gets saved and runs from there. Asurs make the sadhus their slaves. Ram goes to the village to meet the common people. The evil man talks about the Aryavar, they spent time in preaching to Lord, which has no result. They all laugh wickedly.

Ram meets the old woman and eats kheer by her hands. The injured man comes to them and informs about Asurs beating and capturing sadhus and yatris. Everyone dance around Ram. The man asks Ram to help them. Asurs think to capture Ram and Laxman and take over their Rajya.

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  1. Very short and sweet episode….Luking forward for all 4 sisters entry and other 2 bros too

  2. good episode………….

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