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Full Episode Updated.

The Episode starts with electricity going off at the engagement venue, just as Shabnam is about to place ring in Raghu’s finger during their engagement. Raghu gives her hand in Pinto’s hand silently and goes. He then makes an appearance on the door as Sid. Shabnam gets scared…..Roshni silently smiles. Shabnam asks Raghu to save her as Sid is there. Electricity comes back. Sid comes back and holds Shabnam’s hand again. Pinto leaves. Shabnam tells him that he has seen Sid there. Roshni says engagement is getting late. Shabnam says no and goes scared. Sid gives kiss to Roshni silently. DD looks surprisingly. Shabnam comes to her room scared and hears Sid’s words that he is back. She then sees him standing in her room. He says your game

is over. Shabnam thinks he can’t come back and is scared. Just then Sid comes as Raghu, and says people are gossiping about her. Shabnam asks him to leave her alone for sometime. Sid as Raghu asks do you think I am not suitable for you, or did you see something? Shabnam gets tensed and goes to washroom. Sid says I will make your air tight….

Roshni, Pinto and Sid are sitting near a road side tea stall. Pinto laughs saying Shabnam’s reaction. Sid says they have to make Shabnam more scared, and asks for their help. He says he will take Shabnam out today. Roshni says can I tell my mom? Sid says no, else DD will have a drama and everyone will know. Roshni says okay, go with that Shabnam on a date. Sid asks are you jealous? Roshni says I have faith on my love and asks him to go. She leaves. Sid is happy.

DD recalls Raghu and Roshni signing at each other and says why I am feeling that…Roshni sees Sid in Raghu and she will not be surprised if she falls in love with him. She says Shabnam and Raghu didn’t get engaged and says it is so stressful….She hears a voice and wonders from where it is coming.

Just then she comes downstairs. Roshni and Sid are romancing in room. Mere Rubaru plays………Shabnam also comes downstairs and wonders where is her Raghu….She sees DD and asks what she is doing in the room. DD says it is her house and asks her to mind her own business. They hear the sound. DD says it might be ghost. Shabnam runs to her room. Roshni and Sid come to the storeroom as Roshni’s mangalsutra is stuck in his clothes. DD sees the store room door open and closes the door. Roshni tells Sid that she likes Raghu and says Sid was a boring type. Sid calls her shameless teasingly and gets intimate. Mere Rubaru plays while Sid loves her….

Simran asks Bunty to sleep in room. Krutika asks him to sleep on bed. Bunty asks her to sleep on bed and says I will sleep on floor. He thinks Krutika is pregnant. Simran is happy and sings song. Raj sees her happy and asks reason for her happiness. Simran says she can’t tell now, and goes to make tea for him. Raj wonders why she is happy. Krutika thinks Simran came to know that her son is alive and asks him to wait for some time till things get back to normal.

DD yells at the servant and tells that Roshni is missing. Shabnam comes. DD asks her to tell where is Roshni and says you have done something to her. Shabnam says she didn’t do anything and asks her to leave her hand. She says she is searching for Raghu and doesn’t know where he went in the morning. Roshni hears them and tries to wake him up. Shabnam tells DD that Roshni might have eloped with Raghu as he is Sid’s lookalike. Nani says Roshni is not like her. Just then they hear some noise coming from storeroom.

Roshni tries to wake him up. Just then DD comes and sees Roshni on floor. Roshni tells her that she was stuck in the store room. DD sees marks on her neck and asks her. Roshni says there were many mosquitoes who bit her. DD asks her to come with her. Shabnam comes to the store room and wonders if Roshni was here, then where was Raghu………….Sid hears her and thinks he is of Roshni.

Shabnam comes to the restaurant. Waiter informs her that Sid has ordered something for her. Shabnam and Sid come face to face. Shabnam gets scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hajira ruksaar

    amazingggg………just waiting for shabnam to get exposed

  2. What!!!! What is this??

    I can’t understand the starting of this episode. I mean how they reach dd’s bedroom from the engagement ceremony of raghu and shabnam??? Very confusing…..
    And most important thing is tashan e ishq were playing between jamai raja.. Please don’t do this any more.

    I think I missed some earlier parts of today’s episode which is not in TellyUpdates also…..

    1. H Hasan

      If any part of Jamai is missed, then it will be added later. It might be with Tashan’s episode.

    2. It’s not even in tashan e ishq… This is not done. I personally checked

      1. H Hasan

        Full episode is updated now. You can check. I meant to say that Jamai’s video links will be posted with Tashan. You can read Tashan and Jamai’s written updates separately in their respective posts. Enjoy reading.

  3. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb episode

  4. This drama needs to end very confusing

  5. Shabnam is having a horrible time… Soon she will be out of sid’s life and everything will be normal… Looking forward for a happy ending..

  6. Wait, is the show going backwards? What happen to the engagement? What happen to Roshni finding out the truth? Confused

  7. Yeah even I am finding the updates of tashan e ishq scenes in jamai raja written updates but I am not getting it from anywhere yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  8. Nice episode….and guys you need to read Saturday episode… There is nothing wrong with today’s episode…it began just were they left off…and I really want to know what is wrong with krutika??? She can’t be pregnant…and did roshni and Sid sleep together(nice)

  9. Hi guys if you want to know what happened bat the engageme just watch the episode online
    I just saw it it was awesome
    They didn’t mentioned bat half of the episode in this
    Actually pinto and sid exchanged there places and the one who was coming was sid itself
    Later they showed that roshni raghu and pinto meet near a tea shop ……….. And roshni says sid that she trusts on her love then she goes and then sid says to pinto that she will kill him with his beuty
    Do watch the ep I missed some parts on this

    1. Thanks afra

  10. Hay.. Afra can you please tell me the link where you seen it online. . . .

  11. LOL this damn serial has become so nonsensical that I have to say these writers just do know what to write again and hence the reason they are coming up with so much shit scripts; is it so difficult for these writers to write proper scripts come on for the umpteenth time give us the viewers what we want and that is good making sense scripts not the shit that is going on right now


  13. I no he didn’t die he have to make shabnam pays for wat she has done

  14. am glad that he finally revealed the truth n roshni will help him woow so nice

  15. ratan pal singh

    Best soap opera..jamai raja

  16. awesome episode…….love u sidni

  17. Episode was really awesome….Cant wait to see that Shabnam being exposed in front of everyone…..

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