Sitara 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitara misses seeing Chanda

Sitara 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A tear falls out of Vrinda’s eyes. Everyone is puzzled. She says I feel as if someone thought of me. Her sisters tell her otherwise.

The eyes of the drawing are painted blue. Sitara too looks at it in shock. These are the same eyes! Rajguru asks her where she has seen those eyes. She shares that she dreams of these eyes in her sleep. I closed my eyes to draw my mother’s photo but I ended up drawing this! She looks at the photo once again and runs out of the room. Rajguru says it is no point talking to Kuldeep now. Something is surely going on in the palace which I am unable to see. I have to solve this puzzle now.

Sitara hugs her Baba. He asks her if something happened. She tells him that she dint want to do it but it somehow happened. He asks her to calm down and tell him everything.

She shares everything. Why did I make those eyes while making Ma’s photo? I drew them instead of drawing Ma’s photo. Why? He tells her that she thinks too much about her dreams and those eyes so she ended up drawing them. I trust you and my upbringing. I am sure you will never take the wrong path. This belief will never let you do anything wrong. Promise me you wont let anyone question my upbringing. She promises him. He asks her to promise him that she wont think of those eyes ever again. She promises him. Kuldeep wonders what Rajguru is up to. Hope Sitara wont find out her truth because of all this. A servant comes to call Sitara as Rani Sa has called her. Sitara leaves.

Kuldeep looks at Mata Rani’s idol. I cannot choose between my duty and my responsibility towards the palace. I cannot turn my face away from my duty or back off from my responsibilities. I have promised Rajguru that I will protect Viraj. What if the long lost secret comes out before Sitara amidst all this?

Nethra and Viraj click selfies. She decides to make a photo album and upload on social media. A phone falls down while they are tlaking. A girl is trying to hold onto the balloons. She finds the phone lying in a stack of flowers and ties the balloons around it. Sitara decides to not think too much. Baba is right. Sitara notices the phone in the girl’s hand. The girl is startled by her voice and lets go of the phone. The phone and balloons hang in the air. Viraj realises his phone is missing. Sitara hits Viraj accidentally while pelting stones at the balloons. She has to jump to catch hold of the phone but falls over a cot on which red chillies are kept. Viraj rushes to her side. She complains that her eyes are burning. I cannot see anything. He tells her to calm down. It will be fine. She sprinkles water over her face with his help. He blows onto her face. She opens her eyes and looks at him. Nethra comes in the balcony once again and looks at them. Viraj asks Sitara if she is fine. Sitara nods. Viraj heads upstairs as Nethra calls him. The kids apologize to Sitara. Sitara says all of us are at fault. I am no Maharani that you are apologizing to me. She recalls that Rani Sa had called her and runs.

Kuldeep comes to meet Rajguru but servant tells him that he is doing puja. He has forbidden anyone to come inside. Kuldeep goes. Rajguru looks at him from the window. I knew you would come but now I will meet you only after I find out the entire truth!

Samrat is drinking. Where is Manoj? Why isn’t he here yet? Manoj pulls a girl. Her face is covered and hands are tied. Samrat calls Manoj who tells him he will come in 2 minutes. He turns while talking to Samrat on phone. The girl runs away in the meantime. Manoj wonders where he should look for Chanda now. Sitara and the girl (Chanda) keep missing each other. Manoj is looking for Chanda. Chanda finds a knife on the table and starts cutting the ropes. She manages to free her hands. Sitara looks at her hands and calls out to her. Chanda turns to look at her (her face is covered with a tape) but lights go off at that very time. Someone pulls Chanda aside just then. Everyone gathers there. Sitara tells her Baba that she saw Chanda. She was right here but she just disappeared. Her head was covered with a dupatta. Viraj asks her if she is sure. Sitara nods but Samrat says she just said that her face was covered. Sitara insists that the girl was wearing the bangle she had gifted Chanda. Samrat and his friend ask her if it was a special bangle. There could be so many similar bangles in the world. Sitara goes quiet. Kuldeep apologizes to everyone on her behalf. Everyone goes except Samrat and his friend. Samrat picks up the ropes.

Kuldeep tells Sitara they cannot blame anyone like that. Sitara insists she saw Chanda only. Wish I could have reached out to her so she had not disappeared. He says I understand she was your friend and you are sad at losing her but this is no ordinary palace. I don’t want you to get into any trouble. She asks him what he means. He tells her not to argue much. I only want you to be safe. He goes. Sitara thinks she understands his concern but is also concerned about her friend. I am sure Chanda was there and she is still there only!

Samrat’s friend rebukes him for being so relaxed. I couldn’t sleep the entire night! Samrat tells him to relax too. His friend (Aryan) tells him to do something about Sitara. Samrat warns him that their truth will only stay with them. Aryan reasons that Sitara wont give up so easily now that she has seen Chanda. Samrat laughs. Our secret will be safe till the time this myth about Kalibaori exists. We will abduct girls while Kalibaori will be blamed. Aryan is still not convinced but Samrat has a plan. Sitara was talking about a bangle. Now that only will help her find a closure.

Sitara is looking for Chanda in the palace when she hears a girl calling for help. She recognizes it to be Chanda’s voice and goes outside looking for her. She finds Chanda’s earring outside south gate.

Precap: Vrinda remarks that I don’t know why I feel as if this girl is going to fall in some trouble. Sitara is walking. She turns and slips into a coffin due to a giant rock. Someone covers it from above. Bury her. She shouts for help but then passes out.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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