Sita and ram purer than purity itself 4 May an analysis


Sugriv warns Vali but his ego. Ego is a three letter word that destroys a twelve letter word relationship. Sugriv believe Vali is dead seeing bold ooze out and hearing his brothers cry it is a very natural thing except maybe savitri brought back the dead with her love but in this case if he entered the cave his life would go and there was a bigger responsibility of kingdom. Vali must learn one thing from Ramji who never thought the throne as his own and never claimed it for it never belonged to him? He accepted the eventuality with grace
Ram prays for the dead souls but the souls are blessed to be killed by the purushottaman himself. He is really really down to earth and maybe that’s why the earth is his mother in law?? he says they are dead so why enemity now ?
Sita had remarkable patience today. Patience is not silence but it display of her good attitude perhaps she knew what will happen will happen and she was only Rams Siya
The gauri temple meeting where they held mutual respect admiration for each other. Vishnu the bestower of all things and adilakshmi the embodiment of chastity kindness the goddess herself. Love is commitment not emotion but true devotion.❤️❤️❤️
Jayant and shoorpanakha were really lustful and one word to describe them both is
Infatuation and what dies Jayant think
Love can’t be forced on anyone love is fate love is love

And shoorpanakha just imagine if she was Rams wife how would she have reacted for vanvas even imagination is wrong? And she calls it love
Do they know what marriage is
And let’s see ??? if Jayant succeeds just kidding ?If I am not mistake when ram sleeps in Sitas lap Jayant will peck Sita and blood will ooze down waking ram and ram will curse him and as for shoorpanakha it’s well known story

I hated the way shoorpanakha and Jayant eyed ram and Siya just think how divine was their first meeting but the
Universal truth is Ram ke Siya
Siya ke Ram and these people can’t change it they can just make it stronger and deeper
So I guess Sitaharan is postponed

And issues in the cast pls give Sita the old vanvas dress

And I had said I will comment till June 1 but I am stopping permanently now will be available in skr fan site

And maybe will stop analysis too so enjoy this one
Sita behaves rightly to Jayant but what will ram do his stoic silence will surely break tomorrow?

Jai Siya ram???

Credit to: Sanjana

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