Anybody watching So You Think You Can Dance?

I know that not many episodes have aired yet but I’m just not liking it. Perhaps it’s because I love DID so much.

I find myself comparing this show to it and this show seems a bit more serious. DID has a great balance between talent and entertainment. They do emphasis techniques and style but there was also a nice warmth about the show. I also like that all kinds of dancing is welcome on that show but on this show only “serious” dance forms Are allowed.

For example I don’t think a Bollywood or Tollywood or folk arts would be welcome on this show. I understand its based on the format of the western show but it can be adapted to the Indian audience nah? I guess we’ll see what happens. DID is losing momentum as well with the replacement of original judges etc but the host and Dada remains fantastic hehe.

  1. I haven’t watch more than 15 mins and personally I don’t like it… I like one nd only dance + …. remo , dharmesh , shakti , and most entertaining raghav …. and superrr amazing contestants
    So dance + is mixture of talent + entertainment
    Waiting for 2nd season

    1. I agree. I really enjoyed that show too. It had all the right people hehe. I think DID has lost its charm. The first 3 seasons and the first 2 kids versions and the superkids were really awesome. I think the fact that the original judges are no longer involved has a lot to do with its decline. After all almost everyone on Dance + was discovered on DID.

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