A SIMPLE LIFE- Episode 1

hi guys am anamika . currently writting is that you ragini ff . this ff is also based on ragini’s .

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so lets begin

a room is shown . a girl is shown sleeping

girl pov

The sun peeked in my bedroom window, lighting my hair like a fiery halo. I lifted my head from the pillow, my curly hair tumbling down my back like a waterfall. The suns vibrant rays sent a glossy, gold sheen all around the room, blending with the falling leaves of Autumn. The sound of the rhythmic waves tumbling in the surf brought a peaceful hymn to my ears, as I opened my window to engulf the cool breeze. I closed my eyes yet again, the suns waking rays warming my body.
her face is shown she our RAGINI

on the other hand a boy is shown jogging

he is wearing a blue t – shirt and a red tracks he is looking so handsome that any girl will fall for him at any moment . His hair was brown and shined like glistening chocolate. His warm eyes were like smooth raindrops of blue and green swirling together . he has the most heart melting smile in the world .his face is shown he our SANSKAR


ragini pov

i came out from the bathroom and i saw myself in the mirror . OMG i can’t believe myself I could see that its gorgeous, fitted structure would cling to me hardly concealing anything. The sheer fabric glistened in the light, the flecks of gold in the luxurious champagne colour made it look a million of star, doesn t every girl want to look a million of star ?
. i went down my mom came and hugged me and said ragini you look gorgeous .all the best my dear . thank you i replied . because am going to propose him . yes my love sanskar
i don’t care if he rejects me also but my love for him will never change .

pov ends

ragini goes to her boutique. she opens the door and moves in . she goes and starts designing a dress in the computer . suddenly ragini thinks something and she rushes to her phone

ragini: hello sanskar
sanskar:hi ragini
ragini:sanskar i want to meet you
sanskar:ya you can . evening 5 o clock in xyz cafe
ragini:ok sansk(before she could speck he tells)
sanskar:ragini catch you latter am busy right bye take care
ragini smiles and keeps her phone and she moves

a girl come and dashes ragini in the boutique as the girl was having lot of papers in hand .
ragini: naira its the 20 th time am telling you not to dash me (ragini is keeping her in her shoulder ) its paining
naira:srry sweety i will not do it again srry (she keeps her face like a kid)ragini laughs
ragini:oh my sweet naira(she is pulling her cheeks softly) its ok
naira: i heard something
ragini widens her eye :what you heard
naira:my sweety is gono propose today
ragini: omg who said that
naira: it is clearly written in your face . that your are going to propose your romeo
ragini bushes
naira:sweety you look like red tomato
ragini: chup do your work am your boss.where are the other girls

naira: they are on leave . don’t change the topic
ragini winks at her
naira goes and bring a cake
ragini:naira anything special
naira:yes my dear sweety is going to propose. common cut the cake
ragini:naira stop this
naira:sweety this a strick order by you bestie you have to do it
ragini cuts the cake they bothe feed each other naira puts cake on ragini’s face . they both take selfie

the screen freezes with their naira kissing ragini

precap : sanskar rejecting ragini

so the pair are ragsan
naira is from yrkkh

srry for spelling mistakes

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  1. Why all Ragini ff has to be Rag-San ff.Just asking.Coz I have noticed before also that all “Ragini” ffs have Rag-San as couple.

    1. P112111


    2. Aanamikaa

      am srry aim
      but in this ff i thought of pairing with laksh (raglak) but in my promo many readers said that ragsan and they are my regular readers . and my heart is not listening to me so made this as ragsan and i had made some changes in plot

  2. AMkideewani

    Fantastic dear, I love RagSan a lot??????❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????

    1. Aanamikaa

      thank you so much 🙂 <3

  3. superb dr because we love RAGSAN to the core of our heart

    1. Aanamikaa

      thank you so much 🙂 <3

  4. P112111

    Fabulous aanamika????

    1. Aanamikaa

      thank you so much 🙂 <3

    1. Aanamikaa

      thank you so much dear 🙂 <3

  5. Naagin

    Y rejected

  6. amazing

  7. superb sissy thanks for RAGSAN

  8. A12345

    Awesome loved it… Now fata fut give next part?

  9. Lahari

    Superb..thanks for ragsan

  10. awesome dear

  11. Asw

    A different concept amazing keep going

  12. Amazing

  13. Awesome, superb dear

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    nice xx

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