Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal meets Mishti

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaan was busy playing with the girls. Mauli points that his phone is ringing, but Ishaan says he is busy right now. Kunal was restless and called Ishaan continuously. Ishaan finally takes the call. Kunal shouts who is he? Ishaan asks why he is shouting so badly. Kunal was irritated that they took his daughter, he was concerned how they could take his daughter, if she is fine or did she eat something? Ishaan gives the phone to Pari to speak to Kunal. Kunal was relieved. Pari scolds Kunal that his phone didn’t connect, if he was asleep? She cries on phone. Kunal apologizes Pari and says he was at a place where there was no network at all. He asks Pari to wipe her tears now, and give the phone to the uncle standing with her. Ishaan takes Pari to her father.
In the restaurant,

Mauli has good time with kids and Ishaan. Mauli gets a call from hospital for emergency. She was concerned for the kids. Ishaan says his hotel business is easy, but Mauli is a doctor and has to look after many people. She should now leave. Pari asks if Mauli wouldn’t meet her father. Kunal had arrived just outside the restaurant. Mauli apologizes as it’s important for her to go right now, they will meet next time for sure. Kunal and Mauli pass each other but Kunal dropped car keys and bends to pick them while Mauli pass him. Both stop sensing strange, they turn around at different timings and couldn’t have a face confrontation. Kunal spots Pari on a table nearby and hurries towards her in relieve. Mishti says Pari’s father is here. Pari runs to hug Kunal. Ishaan stands to meet Kunal. Pari introduces everyone to her Mr. Handsome, her father. She introduces Kunal to Mishti, her friend. Kunal calls Mishti really pretty. Kunal had brought chocolates for both. Kunal thanks Ishaan and apologizes for being offensive on call, he was worried for Pari and its Pari’s first visit to India. Ishaan says that’s completely fine. Mishti asks Kunal to wait and meet her mother, Ishaan explains she had to leave for some urgent task. Kunal takes a leave as he is in a hurry and needs to go to work. Mishti gifts Pari her bangle as a token of gift. Kunal recalls the moment Nandini gifted Mauli her bangle. In the car, Pari tells Kunal that Mishti’s mother is really sweet, and fed her a lot even kheer. Kunal was now jealous, and complains if Pari didn’t miss him. Pari was upset and asks Kunal why there aren’t many people in her family like in Mishti’s. Kunal takes Pari where they visit whenever she miss her mother. They reach the temple. Pari speaks to her mother that she finally found a best friend today and she even had kheer. She says Mishti’s mama is very nice, just like you. Kunal asks Pari to thank God now, as he conveys her conversations to mummy. Pari asks the God to take care of her mama. She and Buddy live together but Mamma live with Him. She opens a pendant in her neck and watch Nandini’s photo in it.

PRECAP: Kunal consoles Pari in front of temple and says their daughter is really brave. Pari says she was really afraid in the camp, then Mishti’s mother took care of her. If her mother was alive, she would have been like Mishti’s mom.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I wonder if there will be another time leap
    And drasthi appears as pari
    They just cancelled a main charachter
    In my opinion it suckes

  2. i really feel bad for Pari. Seeing Mishti having the love of her grandmother and such a large family, it is expected that she will feel bad about staying lonely always and not having any family members. Everyone from Nandini’s side is already dead. I wont mind if mamma and dida accept Pari, in fact i hope they do. The little child is at no fault and should get proper love and upbringing. But Kunal should never be forgiven. He left one of his daughters to be brought up alone, and he is the reason his other daughter too is having a lonely life. He is indirectly responsible for both of his daughters’ pains.
    happy that Mouli is again shown attending emergencies. Doctors’ lives her full of emergencies. even more so when you are a gynecologist and delivering can always be before or after expected date. Ishaan seemed fine with it now, but such heavy responsibility always has an effect on family life. Hopefully Ishaan handles it more maturely than locking himself in the bathroom or always making a face as if Mouli is going on a shopping spree instead of saving two lives

  3. I wish they hadn’t killed off Nandini though. I was tired of Nandini being always the bechari woman. But now, her whole life seems really pathetic. She stupidly let go off her best friend, married an abusive husband for seven years, her parents died, she lost her baby to violent abuse, went through numerous insults, got to the point of suicide, cheated her reunited bbf and had an affair with her husband, got insulted by numerous people again, got cursed and face blackened, then she got married to bff’s husband, had a child and died. Like she spent the majority of her life crying, getting insulted, feeling scared and lonely, dependent on others with no self growth, hurting the only person who truly cared for her self-respect and independence, and then boom – husband, baby, death. I liked those scenes when Nandini got the courage to let go Rajdeep and stand for herself. But all that was forgotten, she played the bechari, innocent, abla nari who is sooooo good because she throws bday parties and then the end. Ugh. Drasthi should have played the character till end instead of leaving mid-way

  4. Upcoming track vil b much more interesting than now where Mauli meets kunal once again nd regains her past life with him nd how kunal betrayed mauli nd his unborn child. Later she decides to marry kinshuk character as kunal may again distract mauli life again. While d wedding preparation’s r gng unfortunately pari drops kunal personal diary(dnt understand y she carries her father’s personal diary along with her books….. ) While returning her diary mauli reads kunal name in it and it goes to 6 years back story(kunal nd Nandini marriage to her daughter upbringing journey, where kunal struggle’s alot in his daughter growth). After reading it Mauli decides to marry kunal nd kunshuk turns negative(bcz of unconditional love towards mishti nd mauli) nd kunal mahan .
    Second expectation:
    Mauli nd kinshuk visits a party nd unfortunately kunal too attends d same party where he sees kinshuk nd mauli dancing together nd thinks mauli too had moved on(literally he is jealous of Mauli life) but bcz of misti he comes to know d exact truth nd he comes back to his mother nd tries to snach dida nd mamma; here d interesting point is kunal dream where Nandini requests kunal to marry mauli nd live happily as pari too needs mothers love. Here kunal secretly turns negative as he is totally jealous of Mauli’s happy life. Here kinshuk turns Mauli saviour always.

  5. The show will still be great if they writers can come up with a good story line to show how Mauli became strong and independent again after Kunal left. I can understand not having Nandini in the show anymore might make it look like the show seems to have lost it’s luster but the show wasn’t just about Nandani. Mauli and Kunal played an important part. Now they should focus on showing how Mauli made it without him and there is someone who loves her more than he ever did. They need some sweet scenes between Mauli and Ishan. This time, Kunal needs to feel the loneliness Mauli felt when he betrayed her. It wasn’t like they were having marital problems when he suddenly fell out of love with her and in love with Nandini. It was almost like an obsession on his part. Any wife would feel like crap for their husband act like that.

  6. Oh well! Here ends the main concept of the show. They killed off Nandini! LOL.
    Now they’ll make Kunal and mauli unite. Same old gheesa pita track like in all the other serials. What a waste.

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Happy Diwali…..
    Story is ok ok, but this time leap will go no where expect fight and fight… Show charm was how relations change, but now its how Mouli and Kunal will unite after Misty and Pari truth…. I hope Mouli unite with Ishan but it will not show will have mix story of kasam, parichay and kuch kuch hota hai…

  8. Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli accepts Pari’s motherhood Kunal Mauli’s union up next

  9. I won’t definitely appreciate if the track is with Kunal and Mauli
    Evil never wins and yes, Kunal is that Evil
    He still has no guilt toward Mauli which is really Pathetic so kindly don’t make them together again if u really wanna give a message to us…

  10. Yes they always show weak woman

  11. Weak woman will be shown kunal kicked Mauli for Nandani nowgrand mother and mother all will ask mauli to accept kunal and Pari and she will do it

  12. yeah nabiha i too agree with u…..i dont want to c kunal again in maulis life….mauli deserves someone better….

  13. I think selfish kunal will emotionally blackmail mouli for nandini daughter sack to reunion and I think mum and dida will help him . poor kind mouli will be forced to do that.But I hope mouli wont let him in her life .Pls writer dont let him back to mouli life he dosnot deserve not even for this lovely little girl .And I
    wonder what the excuse that kunal will give for his dida and mum for not trying to see them once for long six years .What kind of men kunal in the beginning he loved his dida,mum,mouli as the most caring human being on the earth and after one month with nandini he turned to the worst son,grand son and diffidently husband . the writer as always will not clarify the reason and surely true love dont lead to that

  14. How many times will Kunal fall in love and marry? His happiness was cut short due to karma.
    An innocent child has to pay for the parents bad choices and weaknesses.
    Kunal already disrespected and hurt Mauli over and over.
    Now Mauli has a daughter and she needs to teach her daughter good values.
    Kunal also need to teach his daughter good values or else another ungrateful opportunist will be in the show. Kunal needs to teach his daughter loyalty to the person who saved your life which was lacking with Nandini. Both kids are so cute.

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